Morning Glories for 2012

Oklahoma City, OK

Hi everyone! I am new to the forum, having gasped, moaned, and drooled over your photos of JMGs, decided to purchase seeds to grow both in pots and ground this year.

If anyone has grown any of these varieties and has an opinion or suggestions on growing, I would appreciate your advice, input. All of my seed was purchased from EmmaGrace. who is such a gracious and knowledeable JMG lover.

My growing environment during summer is extreme heat sometimes coupled with high humidity, sometimes not.

I know MGs like poor soil, generally speaking. Some one suggested I just dig up soil from the yard for the potted plants, but I am reluctant to do that. I am going to pick up bagged soil or mix that has no added fertilizers or growth stimulants, such as Baccto, for pot culture. I think that will work best.

Seeds I have include:

Blue-Purple Blizzard
Gray Morning Mist
Kanoko Red Speckled
Kikyo Double Purple Picotee (have grown Double Blue Picotee and blooms were sparse, but OMG so gorgeous)
Storm Shadows
Almost Midnight
Dusky Mauve Silk Rose
Chocolate (grown this before and still love it)
Purple Dragon
Cocoa Chocolate
Plum Delight

I think 12 will do it, plus I have a few others that were thrown in like Jamie Lynn, for one.

Your experience, and "field notes" would help a lot. Thank you so much.


Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

Hi, Susan! This past year was my first year to grow JMGs only in containers, so I still have learning to do. But, being your neighbor (about 200 miles south of you), I understand the climate issues since Dallas [I'm just north of] broke its record for 100+ days and worst single-year drought. The smartest thing I think I did was to invest in a small drip irrigation kit and a programmable water timer... money is a huge concern for many, and I am definitely one who has to "pinch pennies"! When it was 108 outside and I was immobilized by back spasms, it was comforting to know my plants were going to get watered!

I'd be glad to share some more experiences that might help, but I'm pressed for time now. There are much more experienced growers than I here in this forum that helped me so much... I'd bet they'll do the same for you!

Best wishes,

Oklahoma City, OK

Nick, appreciate your input. OKC set a record for number of 100+ degree days also - by a long shot!!!! We will be hard pressed to beat that in the future, altho I understand we may be in for another drought this 2012. Oh, beat me with a stick and put me out of my misery. As I age, it gets harder to tolerate the heat, sigh........

I really don't mind watering my pptted plants at all. It's very relaxing, and I get the opportunity to check them out, too. Watering is one of my greatest pleasures in gardening. I have a chemical-free wildlife garden as well, and by leisurely caring for my garden the old-fashioned way, I can really absorb everything and experience the joys of my butterflies, moths, birds, and other critters, and inhale the beauty of it all.

Everything else can go to h*** in a hand basket, but in my garden is beauty and serenity beyond it all.

I can relate to lumbar spasms for sure. I had a laminectomy in 2004 for severe central and bilateral stenosis. It is beginning to rear its ugly head again and I am just now on the down side of a lumbar strain with spasms from 2 weeks ago. I am probably looking at another surgery in the next couple years. I've been caring for my 18-month old GD and that doesn't sooth my back much either. But I can't resist her cuteness and I think I might hurt more if I didn't get to enjoy her as much as I do. She is learning about bugs already from Nanna.

Hope you are feeling better from your spasms. They are just no fun at all.


P.S. I lived in North Dallas for 2 years and LOVED it!

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