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I am trying to find information, identifying characteristics, history, on Ipomoea nil. Also, specifically whether the true I. nil (if such exists) is still available, either seeds or plants. The only info I have been able to scrounge around and find suggests that I. nil comes in many different flower colors and combinations thereof, and foliage color ranges and shapes. That kind of surprises me because I have also believed that a genus/species is pretty much a description of one plant with a specific bloom type, foliage type, and other same characteristics. Anything that strays from that description is sometimes then classified as a variation, sub-species, and so on. short of being a cross or cultivar (I am no taxonomist as you can see).

Does I. nil even exist in present day, or has the original species been completely extirpated from its natural habit? If so, what is the description and range/habitat of the original species, and are seeds available on the open market? I did not find any sources for I. nil seeds in a search of the net.

Am I just muddying the waters here?


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That's an excellent question, Susan! I think there might be some elucidation in the "sticky" post... from member bluespiral: "Morning glories are said to be the second-most researched plant on earth (the first is said to be corn), due to their unusual frequency of mutation (changes to the genetic material of an organism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mutations)." And: "Although most MG mutants were destroyed during WWII some were regained from private collections after the war (http://www.shigen.nig.ac.jp/shigen/news/n_letter/2006/newsle... - google Kyushu + morning glory). This writer is not sure, but wonders if others might have since been rebred."

There are also old posts from some very knowledgeable members... You might try using the search function in this forum--if you haven't already. Like I stated earlier, I've learned much from members here. However, there has been some strife in this forum in which I wasn't and would not want to be engaged... trying to be diplomatic, I can't endorse the views of any singular member over another... but there are suggestions to your questions out there in cyberspace.

(Hoping I haven't re-opened any wounded feelings!!!)

Oklahoma City, OK

Nick, so sorry for the late response to your reply. I had hoped, in the intervening time, that other members would contribute to the question(s). I know they are here, because they keep posting on the Winter Blooms thread. Alas, I fear thjs forum may suffer from the plague that other similar forums do - the clique mentality.

When new members post questions, they generally are eager for answers. feedback, and a welcome from other members. When that doesn't happen, it is a signal that a clique exists and you are not invited to join it. Behavior of this nature also discourages members who lurk - "do not come here", we are exclusive, and unless you have an engaved invitation, are not invited.

It's a shame really., The forums that I am most active in make a concerted effort to welcome new posters and answer their questions. You, Nick, are the only member of this forum to do so. Kudos to you. Shame to the rest. My only conclusion is that they have formed their group, they post photos of their beautiful blooming JMGs, banter among themselves, and ignore the new posters.

I thought I left this behind in high school, but after researching "cliques" on the net, I find it to still be a problem among .adults.

Too bad, it seems this forum could use some new blood.


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Okay... I think I erred by posting about the past "strife". I would edit my previous post, deleting the words I typed, but then anyone could make assumptions about what I had posted if they hadn't read it before the editing. So... A big "I'm sorry!" to all. I'd like to move forward and, most importantly, stay on topic...

Susan, if you accept the USDA's information, I. nil (or "whiteedge morning-glory") looks like what's posted on their website: http://plants.usda.gov/java/profile?symbol=IPNI&photoID=ipni_003_avp.tif As with some other plant species, there can be a range of colors to a species' flowers (e.g. Nerium oleander) where flower color isn't considered a criterion for differing individuals to be further segregated taxonomically. Unfortunately, I'm uncertain whether this applies to I. nil.

Oklahoma City, OK

Nick, I wasn't pointing a finger at you. I am just disappointed that others with info have failed to contribute anything in regard to the availability - or not - of I. nil. I apologize for the confusion. You have been more than helpful.

I did a search of the forums and have been searching the net for info regarding nil, as you suggested, but have not found a darned thing. I just thought that with so much expertise on this forum regarding JMGs, that others would be willing to add to the discussion.

I guess you're the Lone Ranger, Nick. LOL!


(Zone 7a)

Hi Susan - wishing you a belated welcome to the mg forum. I can share with you some knowledge about your questions that I have picked up over the years, but the references and links I will list are more to help you continue your research as opposed to specifically backing up anything I say here.

In the sticky index is a link to Dr. Yoneda's website: http://protist.i.hosei.ac.jp/Asagao/Yoneda_DB/E/menu.html . Click on Phylogeny and Genetics, and then click on Wild Strains if Ipomoea nil. The whole page relates to your questions, but especially the bottom link, Place of Origin and dispersion of I. nil.

It has been said that DNA analysis of Ipomoea nil places its origin somewhere in South America. The two references I would recommend that you could pursue via google are Dan(iel) Austin and Kyushu University. If you study the mg sticky, you may come across some dg members that you might also like to google. After you start a search on google, an option for Advanced Search comes up that might expand your research possibilities.

Dany12 wrote many fascinating threads, at least one of which is also in the sticky here - A history how Japan bred Ipomoea nil and guided its mutations - http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1072729/ , and you can research this subject to find other threads not only by Dany but other dg members, as well.

I hope you will reconsider your negative remarks about the very few folks who still post here - I am extremely grateful to them for continuing to share their experiences and photos of their morning glories with the rest of us, and I know that if you were to post on their threads that you would be very much welcomed.

Different folks appreciate flowers in different ways - for some it's mainly the incredible beauty of these flowers and not so much cerebral aspects of them - for others, vice versa.

But I hope you will consider that there are other explanations for why everyone didn't post on this thread. In my case, I have been sick for the last month and have two very much loved family members who are terminally ill. Life happens to all of us and folks come and go through this forum and it is my hope that we can all appreciate the wonderful ideas and photos and experiences and musings and friendships that folks have been generous enough to share over the years and not make negative assumptions about them.

With regard to past strife, everyone here would like to put it behind them - all is forgiven as far as folks presently here are concerned.

It'll be a while before I can come back. Hope I've said something helpful and that you will stay around, join in and share any findings as you research these incredible flowers.


Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Susan, I couldn't answer your question, simply didn't know the answer.
I've been far too occupied worrying over whether my only daughter had colon cancer as her Dr's
suggested. Then they took weeks giving us our results, choosing to just let us worry.
I've spent months fighting for my dis-abled sons soc sec and the battle continues. They would prefer that he just
die so they can stop his payments.
I prefer to just post and enjoy the pics as Karen suggested to relieve my almost unbearable stress.
I don;t know anything about a clique.
I started a b day thread for Tony and only 1 person had responded as of this morning.
How hard could it be to wish someone a Happy Birthday?
I think people are just very busy with their own lives/problems.

Blue, Karen I'm sorry I did not know what was going on with your kin folks, sending prayers your way.


(Ronnie), PA(Zone 6b)

Well said Karen.

I don't think it's fair to judge a group of people as a clique just because no one answered your questions right away. I too am very busy with personal things and like Jackie said just really didn't have an answer to them. The few posters left here are quite friendly and very generous if you ask me!! They keep this forum running!

Karen and Jackie sending you both healing thoughts and peace!

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