My "Schefflera Gerda " is dying

dresden, Germany


I am a beginner started to keep some nice flowers in my house in Dresden, Germany. I have a "Schefflera Gerda" for some months. But, since a month ago its stem began from its lower end to get dry as you can see in the picture. Its leaves are falling gradully and it needs urgent heal in my idea. I would appreciate so much any helpful comments to revive my Schefflera.

Thanks in advance

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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I would check your watering, these plants don't need a ton of water and overwatering is one of the most common ways to kill house plants.

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I agree with e-crane. Also check for drafts. Drafts of cold air from a door or window, or hot dry drafts from a heating system can cause leaf drop.

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I agree with the others re watering, best to stick your finger into the soil and if it feels dry give some water if wet / damp then leave alone.
Your plant also looks like it is stretching up for light, so when did you place it beside the window, look for draft from window as mentioned, also an idea if you can change the soil the plant is in, gently remove the plant from the pot, gently shake off the soil and maybe even wash the soil off the roots, replace the soil bought from garden center for in-door plants, some soil in bottom of pot, add plant and make sure you gently spread the roots out, add more soil and lightly press down so you get rid of ant air pockets, when your done, water a few days later, never leave the pot sitting in water but let the water drain away then place pot / plant onto saucer. the hot / cold air will have an effect on the plant as said above so keep an eye on it for several weeks till you begin to see new leaves start growing either at the same place as old leaf or at top of plant.
Don't attempt to cut back the plant till you see it growing healthy new shoots.
Hope between us all this helps. Good luck. WeeNel.

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