Begonia wishes for the New Year

Amsterdam, NY(Zone 5a)

What are your top ten must have begonias for the New Year? If you want, you can do 10 in each category = cane, rhizos, etc.... I've started perusing the websites and making my lists.
Last year's babies.

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Rochester, NY(Zone 5b)

Beautiful photo db. I have started looking around too. I was hoping my list would be shorter this year but I don't think it will be!

Rochester, NY(Zone 5b)

From Lauray of Salisbury I am thinking about:
Canes -
Adam Kennaway
Annie Laurie
Debbie Kennaway
Peter Riccobono
Ralph Nelson
Sweet Shirley
Phil Ormes
Pink Wave

Paul Bee
Hatacoa spotted
Charles Jaros

Rochester, NY(Zone 5b)

Some possible canes from Kartuz:
Lady Hoskins
Lady Lenert
Mary Sakamoto
Mini Orange County
Peppermint Sabers
Sherri Rose
Rose Daggers

It's so easy to sit here and wish away for new plants and think of summer while I wait for our first snow storm with up to 15 inches of snow. Sitting in the crosshairs of a warm Lake Erie and warm Lake Ontario!

Amsterdam, NY(Zone 5a)

We are snowless, which means I am going to lose some plants. We're getting into the single digits this week. You know I really will send you cuttings. I left long stems on the canes, but I just fell behind in work and I'm still there. My husband said this is the first he's seen me back to my normal cleaning and organizing self since I hurt my back in 2008 (surgery in 2009). I'm organizing his workshop as a Christmas present. I've been in the basement since Friday and I'm nowhere near done. And the holiday decorations are still up. But it's a long winter...

Taylors (which you can drive to, lucky dog):
Barbara Rose
Early Frost
Master Mark (lost this one in the August monsoons)
Orpha C. Fox
Antique Rose
Sinbad (I'll kill this again, but I have hope...)
Baby Grand

Lauray (I just saw Judy in September and bought bunches, so none from her)

Greg Sytch
Waiting for the list

Victoria's Sign Of The Dove
Waiting for the list - March or so

Vickie Graves
Will get new list in the spring

Michael's Fuchsia Galore
Whatever I can get - he's a difficult man to contact, but what a list!

'Edith Rose'
'Lady Hoskins'
'Lady Lenert'
'Lady Lois'
'Little Alabaster'
'Mrs. Miller'
'Olive Garden'
'Sherri Rose' (lost this one in the August monsoons)
Summerland Sands'
'Toms Fantasy'
'Sands of Arabia'
Begonia hidalgensis
Iochroma 'Princess'
Iochroma 'Royalty'

The big hunt this year is to find Dworkin hybrids. I saw a number on this site and fell in lust;

Sweet Shirley

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Rochester, NY(Zone 5b)

So much for our storm, I think we have 2 inches. I think the weather people are just bored now so they are making stuff up.
I worry a bit too about the garden with the cold and no snow.
You know I have my eye on Texas Tea Slipper and Metallica :) Maybe spring will be early....and dry!
I have to ask about Victoria's Sign Of The Dove. I saw her website last year but I didn't think it was still active. Some of the dates were old but there were several plants I really liked. Have you ordered from her and if so was your order in good condition? Do you contact her for a list of her current plants ? The plants on her site never seem to change.
Vicki Graves - ebay? Sounds familiar to me.
All this begonia talk... I may have to go to Robs Violets for a small fix, spring shipping seems so far away. No canes though.
Are we the only two already planning our spring order?

Amsterdam, NY(Zone 5a)

Apparently the others on the forum are not suffering through subzero wind chills, which turns one's thoughts automatically to spring.
I have never ordered from Victoria's, but I did email last year - after they were out of stock. I wrote last month to ask what she would have available in the spring and she said:

We will have them first week of March.
Take care.
Also other plants not on the website.

Vickie Graves is begonia9868 on ebay. I've bought cuttings and some plants from her. The cuttings are small, but she has plants you can't find anywhere. I got Vivian Hill, Jackie Brookshire, Miss Prissy,... I'll have to post pictures of my nursery tables. I don't understand it, but the rhizos take off much faster than the canes. Of course, the canes hated the non-stop downpours from August to October. And she sells actual rhizos, not leaves.

Now for my exciting news (to me, no one at work or home was the least bit interested). Michael Breneman (fuchsia galore) returned my phone call this afternoon and is going to walk me through the available canes this Saturday (literally - I'll have the list from Pedricks and he is going to add to it as he walks through the greenhouse). I can give him my list and he'll ship in the spring. He thinks he still has most of the list on the Pedrick's site, plus more. I think I may have to give up Kartuz this year. But, the convention is in San Diego in August. And I have Southwest tickets. His list on Pedricks;
B. acontifolia
B. maculata alba
Alamo Snow
Alecia Anderson
Alice N
Billie Marie
Carolyn Colman
Cecile Lie
Catherine Too
Chuch Jaros
Cracklin Rose
Cotton Candy
Dark Dreams
Debbie Kenaway
Di Anna
Don England
Don Case
Esther Albertina
Eve Bee
Eddie Sakamoto
Fabulous Tom
Fountain Youth
Green Snowball
Hal Nuss
Hana's Child
Hawaiian Sunset
Irene Nuss
Jumbo Jet
Kent Brandon
Lois Burks
Lady Iris Bird
Maybe Later
Miss Kitty
Miss Liberty
Pink Shasta
Pink Taffeta
Patriot Games
Raspberries for Ronnie
Silver Splash
Silver Mist - shown on Michaels main page
Sophie Cecile
Spring Frost
Texas Pink
Tom Ment - shown above
Tom Thumb
White Lady
White Ice
White Shasta

Dolly from Greg Sytch

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Rochester, NY(Zone 5b)

Wow, I think it's great news! The convention too....someday I will make it there!
How did I miss that Pedricks sells begonias? I was checking them out last year for upright fuchsias and didn't even notice, must have been very late at night. Good thing I have a few months before I can order; I need to narrow down what I "must" have. I have trouble finding pictures of some of the more unusual varieties. I need photos!
Love Dolly, I think I mentioned that the last time you posted its pic.
Which cane is in the window box?
I lost a few canes last fall to the downpours and some came in a little beat up from the constant rains. A few of those have since bitten the dust. I probably should have gotten them in the house sooner.

Amsterdam, NY(Zone 5a)

I have a nice branch of Dolly saved for you. The closer urn is Annie Laurie and the further urn is Josephine. I've been trying to get my pictures on flickr and labeled.
I look for pictures on and descriptions on
I've gotten fuchsias and lavender wands from Pedricks, but the begonias will be from Michael. I might get some impatiens too.

Tampa, FL(Zone 10a)

I think I will drive down to Palm Hammock to see what looks good, probably in early March.

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Tampa, FL(Zone 10a)

I usually buy what is overgrown in it's container, always a good sign for the neglectful gardener (that would be me).

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Rochester, NY(Zone 5b)

Very Nice Dale and very envious of your "zone". I just got off the phone with my aunt and my father who are in Miami and they were complaining that they had to come inside because the were getting's 65 degrees now. I told my aunt it is 15 degrees up here. I could hear her shiver over the phone. Your gardens look beautiful. Very jealous of those who can grow them outside (in the ground) ...maybe some day.

Tampa, FL(Zone 10a)

We pay a heavy price in the summer. If I could afford it I would move to the Big Island (Hawaii) and live at about 1000' - they have perfect weather all year long.

Fairchild gardens has a nice selection of begonia growing in the ground>

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Sarasota, FL(Zone 9b)

I've got a small collection of starts going out in my garden, and have been covering them up when the nights go below 40. Now, it's warming up this week, and can you imagine, I've got flowers coming on several of these little plants. They don't seem to want to flower in the summer heat here, but are just loving this weather with warm days and cool nights.

Here's my B.alba odorata with a nice flower scape. No scent yet, but the flowers aren't open all the way.

Strangely enough, I saw a large planting of this one at the botanical garden in Grand Cayman (where it never gets cold) when we visited there in December. It was in full bloom, big and lush, and smelled lovely.

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Sarasota, FL(Zone 9b)

Here's the pic from Grand Cayman - they're even getting some sun in this location. I was surprised.

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Sarasota, FL(Zone 9b)

Forgot this thread was meant for wish lists - I haven't room for too many more but I already have going:
Alba Odorata
Sophie Cecile
Corallina de Lucerna
Don Miller
Looking Glass
Good 'n Plenty
Torch (maybe) see pic. It's been in the garden for 4 years and suffered a lot but is coming along and blooming now, too.

Dale, any ID on that lovely one with the dark leaves and white flowers you showed above? Looks like a good one for Florida.

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