cleaning mini blinds - adding to old post

Pomona, NY

During web search, i came across an old davesgarden thread re: cleaning mini blinds.

It was a very long thread (including many suggestions to detach the blinds for dunking in tub or hosing down, which i'm uncomfortable doing)...
.... yet i saw not one mention of this idea:

i'm not sure if my idea is good or bad, but referring to the following pic as an example:

...I happen to have a [used] china bristle paint brush that's 1/2 the width of the above.
I rinsed the bristles with warm water, and ran a bit of ivory soap along the split-edged bristle-tips.
Then wrung out the bristles (similar to cleaning a paint brush in water, albeit allowing the moistened residue of the ivory soap to remain on the bristle tips).

Then ran the brush down my blinds, with the blinds closed.

I haven't tried applying fabric softener to the bristles, but I'm thinking that if anyone could get hold of wide paintbrushes at bargain price, then set aside one for the soap, and another for the fabric softener, maybe that would be the easiest (even if not so thorough??) method of cleaning blinds??

I also saw this interesting article below which thoroughly compares some popular mini-blind cleaners:

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

It looks like a wallpaper paste brush would work, too. It is wide and looks like the one in your link, except it has no handle.

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