What's happening in your neck of the woods .. 2012 :-)

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Coming from here


New thread, NEW YEAR ^_^


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Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Whew ..I sure hope the move 'took' .. shouldn't attempt stuff like that so early in the morning ..

Did anyone see the 'meteor shower' last night ? I got up at 3am .. waited for half an hour, saw 2 shooting stars and called it good!!

TBay, and no doubt all of Ontario (and the other Provinces) are slowly becoming cognisant of the fact that hospital CEOs are DRASTICALLY over paid! Our TBRegional CEO gets $349,000./year PLUS, PLUS, PLUS !! I am starting to see where the OCCUPY movement is coming from !!

Anyway ,, hope I didn't confuse ya'll too much with the move .. enjoy your day ... and, once again .. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!



Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Must have taken because I found you. Happy New Year everyone!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Thanks for the move "M"

Spent the night with Darlene, they took life support off at 2:30 and Mike passed on at 2:45pm..transferred telephones to house so am working quietly..

Very cold yesterday and also this morning..glad my car started without a problem.

Not chatty today, think a nap between calls might help


Happy New Year, Everyone!!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Betty, my condolences to both Darlene and YOU.. that's a tough heart wrenching situation to have to go through,

Happy to see that the 'move over' went OK ..

TBay was almost 'TROPICAL' today .. -3C .. I do the RIck Hansen relay this coming Tuesday and am hoping the temps remain that nice.

Take care all ^_^



well, it was 15C here today........

Victoria Harbour, ON

Quite exciting for you "m" ...know Lorna would have loved to do it..I'm sure she will be with you in spirit..

Worked from home today, roads were quite it..gentleman up the street had hus electric street wheelchair set up with dog in harness pulling him up the hill..smart he was wearing his helmet seeng as the dog was getting quite a speed!!

Very tired tonight, should begin bed sleeping but Darlene said she would try to stay at home on her own but would call me if she needed me to come over tonight! Was glad I spent the night with her last night..soooo don't want to go to bed just yet..

Have furnace on full tilt and downstairs and kiving room fireplaces turned in high and still feel chilled..

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Susan .. these temps are just plain 'NOT RIGHT' .. however, that said, since there's nothing we can do to change them, we might as well enjoy them :-)

Dogs had me up at 5:30am this morning and I have remained up .. have a busy day ahead, might as well get a bit of a 'jump start', how come I am NOT jumping LoL

Hope you got some sleep Betty .. can imagine the next few days will be busy.

Enjoy your day everyone



They may be Not Right, but we were "threatened" with a long hard winter, and instead we get These temps..... no complaints here! I know others are having a hard winter..........

Betty - sure hope you get some sleep And rest (two Can be mutually exclusive, y'know!)
Keeping Dar in my thoughts and prayers............

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

What can one say about the weather except 'WOW' .. records being set, snow melting, and the farmers here are in fits about it ..
I'm just enjoying it while it lasts ..

Got the Blackberry Playbook yesterday .. my granddaughter has helped me set it up 'so far' .. will need actual physical help with the rest as I can't seem to grasp verbal clues LoL
Quite the nifty little machine.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.


Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Just me posting from the blackberry playbook. I want to see if it will go through ok. Only took me half an hour to get Daves on the desktop lol!!


Victoria Harbour, ON

You will love is "M". Half the fun is playing

Time for funeral home
Ride is here


Betty - am thinking about you while you help those in need, at the funeral home, and pray that you find peace during this difficult time.......

Victoria Harbour, ON

Thanks Susan, just got in, difficult to say the least..I lost a great friend in Mike..hope I can repay his kindness by now watching over his wife!

Going for bath a maybe pamper myself with a nap!


Glad to hear you're home, safe & sound.......

btw - I'm rather pleased with myself - found a good download site for e-books, and downloaded them to my e-reader!! I also have them in my Adobe Digital Edition for reading on my PC if I wish! :-)

Victoria Harbour, ON

Good girl Susan, will ask Jeff for the site he gets all our books..says he downloads almost the same day they are released..

Yep, tired/tired so calling it a night. Know it's just after six but my body tells me it's well after midnight!


Betty - how is Jeff? Is he feeling better?
btw - I sent you a memory stick, as you asked.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all, imagine, slept in till almost 7:30..getting to be a lazybone.

Bright day outside, cold I think..

Going to an afternoon movie with Ann at 1:30 so I have a few hours to play in the craft room

Coffee is on, enjoy!


wow - 7:30 am............ geeze - how late is that?!?!? LOL Betty - you're a "caution" y'know!! LOL

Dundas,, ON(Zone 5b)

Happy New Year all!

Have just had the most unsettling experience with some bug, flu or something that's kept me down since right after Christmas. Things would seem to be getting better and I'd think I'd be up the next day and then wham! I'd be right flat again. On antibiotics now with a chest x-ray on order. And I am so far behind at work I don't think I'll catch up until Easter!

Betty and Vi-Ann, thanks for the responses re cooking the cranberries. I do remember now that aluminum was the culprit.

Carol, loved the photos. I'm so glad you feel able to share your journey with us all.

Coffee break over, got to get back to work. Take care all and keep warm . . .

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Marilyn, see you are thinking spring lol..yikes, so many have had the flu and been down for several weeks..some of our hospitals were closed to visitors that's how bad it got.. hope you are now on the mend. Normally I do not get the 'flu' shot but this year Dr. felt I should, perhaps he was right in urging me to do so. Continue with meds and do please continue to rest a bit or you will be right back feeling unwell.

Susan...it is a big deal for me to sleep in until 7:30am..to me, feels like noon!

First day back at work has passed fairly quickly, keep wanting to telephone Darlene but I told her I'd let her call me at home or work so if she is sleeping I'll not wake her.

OMG this morning was sewing, could smell a foul smell, yep, one of the kitties pee'd in my sewing box..out goes all the thread..costly to replace I'll tell you...shaking my head..not good lol at least it wasn't on the quilt I'm making..decided to put it in a plastic tote bag just incase..

So what are you all up to? weather? didn't even wear a jacket this a.m., cold but I don't seem to feel it..not our standard winter weather..my boys sure aren't liking it BUT my snowplow man is...

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

I want to shout 'IS IT SPRING'? Temps of +4C .. snow melting, winds from the south, and this is expected to continue .. am in the RICK HANSEN Relay tomorrow and the same weather is expected !!! Will have pics for sure.

Have had several health care facilities closed for a few days because of a gastric bug, and, one respiratory one .. hope you feel better Marilyn ..

Went to the doc today .. as expected, I have a return of 'Trochanteric bursitis' .. to make it short and not too sweet, it's a PAIN in the butt (and hip) but, ice, massage and drugs seem to be working .. it'll get a test run tomorrow fer sure !! Or, shall I say a TEST WALK ..

Oooooooooo .. Betty, nothing worse than cat urine on material .. it will be costly to replace the items fer sure ..

Stay well all



I'm thankful I didn't have an accident on the way to work.........
We haven't had much snow this year, but it dumped "Big Time" this morning, and I did a "180" on the "off-ramp" from one major road to another. Suddenly I was facing the car behind me! I managed to back up and turn myself around, and the person behind/in front of me waited until I was facing the right way before coming too close!
I overshot my next turn off, and got a little past where I needed to turn, but got myself to work safely and with minutes to spare before I started work. I'd left extra early because of the snow and slippery conditions I'd heard about on the radio.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Looks like winter out there this morning although there is not much in my part of town, expect the streets were slippery, lots of ice still on the sides. The wind is cold though and I am not going to walk the dogs.

ASR has a fund raiser at an agility show this coming weekend so those of us who sew( 3) have been busy making beds - we had lots of small and medium but no large and they sell well at this show. I keep all the fabric in my basement, Joan and I cut out lots of fabric early in December, then I cut out the polyfill and trim and pin them and they are ready to sew. They are pretty simple beds, I am always checking out fleece to find neat patterns, not that the dogs care but the owners do, and put denim or corduroy on the reverse. There is a small group who really like the old style camo patterns so a couple of years ago I found some at an online fabric store in US and bought 10 meters - almost used up, half the price I would pay here if I could find it. I also always look for colored denim which is hard to find, better sometimes to look for heavy cord. The polyfill is also expensive since I buy the heaviest and double it so I don't buy it except when it goes on a 50% off sale. Used to happen every month, not so frequent now, I was out Jan 2 to get some. The beds on the left in the pic are ready to sew, not sure if I will get them done by the weekend but we will have lots. I put an extra board in the kitchen table and set up there, nicer than sewing in the basement!

Thumbnail by fancyvan

Carol - you have quite the assembly line there! Good for you!
Have you ever tried old blankets for the liner/batting? Well washed ones should be fine, wouldn't you think? Could probably get some from Sally-Ann.........

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

I like the polyfill better - because of the loft, and although it does flatten with time as soon as the bed is washed it pops up again.

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Hi All
Cyber , hope your bug is leaving you. Like the Ice plants, I grew some from seed last year they were more red but I loved them.
Carol looks like your beds are coming along. Good luck on getting more done for the cause.
Susan glad it was only a little ride this am, that ice can be tricky.
Betty, that darn cat, why do they pick other box's!!
"M" I wish a good hip day for tomorrow, enjoy your walk.

Our weather took a turn for colder today. small skiff of snow and a blustery wind. I want some snow so that my perennials will be covered for the really cold days that will come.
Was thinking it 's almost time to get my stored geraniums out to plant up. I think I will start them at the end of January this year. Then it will be on to the Canna's in my neighbors basement. Ohhh spring where are you?
Alberta Ann


Ann - it's 16k to work and then back again.
Right now the wind is "kicking up" and blowing snow all over everywhere.
I hear this is coming from Edmonton?! so I hope you're doing alright......

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Jeeze Susan .. quite the hair raising ride to work for you .. so happy you weren't injured ..

Carol, as always, I stare at the pics of the beds and pick the one I like .. PLAID one for me LoL They all look so cozy ^_^

We will get our BLAST of cold after a day of +6C, in the next few days, from the west .. knew it wouldn't last ..

The walk was too totally amazing .. I could go on and on about it, but will just post a few pics .. I am so happy I participated .. and .. my hip went south on me AFTER I got home .. whew !!!!

Take care all


First pic .. the 'group of runners/walkers from our little burg .. clue .. I have WHITE hair LoL

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Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Wind is howling like a banshee, business next door had a worker on the roof. We heard a big crash and ran outside to find his ladder on the ground but he was still safely on the roof! It's a good job that we looked he would have been cold for a bit.
The temp has dropped and there is a skiff of snow .....this is winter .....right? We are fine here just blown away at times.

Alberta Ann

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

This one is my passing of the over one pound silver weighted Rick Hansen medal to an Elite athelete who WHEELED 12 miles to the next stop !! Amazing peoplw in this world ..


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siiiiiiiigh - well, here I sit at the office.
Guess I was more distracted by my near-car-accident this morning than I thought - I left the keys in the car and the battery's dead.
Good thing one of the engineers is staying late in a meeting and he has booster cables. It's been 3/4 of an hour and the car won't start yet. Likely to be here for another 3/4 of an hour yet.
Between chatting online and my e-reader, I've got stuff to do, but it's already pitch-dark and I have a church board meeting at 7pm.

Ann - so glad you heard the crash, and that the worker was safe! Good that you were there to put the ladder back up so he could get warm on lower ground.....

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Marilyn- do you mean the yellow plaid on top of the right hand pile? It has brown denim on the back.

I like that one too. I also have a red plaid which will have green denim on the back.

I could make you a couple if you give me an approximate size.

I don't have any more of the yellow plaid( hope I can get some more in the fall) but I do have some finished - they are about 24x24, 22x27 and 28x28 they will be $30 each plus shipping. If that color is what you wanted and size is suitable you need to let me know ASAP as they will go out for sale on the weekend. I also have some of the green/black plaid that are about 24x24

I have lots of the red plaid and still some of the green and black.

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Great photo'"M"! Who would have thought you would have such good weather..as I climbed into bed and switched stations I heard newsman say, storm advisory, think it is in your neck of the woods!

Carol, what a tremendous amount of work..I so see why the sell out! Not sure all Fabriclands have same sale?? Got their adv. call tonight saying there is a 50% members sale this Saturday only...seeing as the kittie pee,d in my thread box, might be a good time to restock

Alberta Ann thank goodness the ground is frozen, you sound so anxious to be gardening I'm sure you would be outdoors planting..lol

Susan, hope you are mobile..great that co worker stayed to help out

Oops, furry wants out! Gab in a bit!


Betty - he stayed 1 hour (yes they had a meeting, but don't think it would have lasted that long if I hadn't "needed" them to).
He's an angel!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Is your weather better? Hear there is a front coming in from Tennessee that migh give us havoc by tomorrow night!


Betty - I got an adv call from Fabricland, too. I think they must have the same sales, cuz they give a 1-800 # to call, not local........

Victoria Harbour, ON

Would be a good time to shop..Susan got your pkg today..will get the stick to Jeff so he can download books for you..


Yaaaaaay that you finally got my pkg!
I sent a quilt square to the US and they haven't gotten it yet.... promised in 5 days...... that was Wed night. It's now 5 days......

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