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Hamilton, OH

hello all- new to the forum.

I just wanted to mention that you can get free shredded leaves to use as mulch or compost from several places around the Cincinnati area for free. I live in a newer subdivision, so there aren't really any leaves to collect, so i have been purchasing standard hardwood mulch up until this point (this adds up $$$).. but no more!

I started with Glendale... if you aren't a resident, you do need a "permit" from their city building to collect it from the composting site, but it's free. I have gotten a few free truckloads from their site. It is mainly pure leaf mold. Black and crumbly. So if you need to amend you soil, this is great stuff. They didn't seem to have many freshly collected leaves though to use as a mulch.

Wyoming and Mason also have facilities, but it sounded like they only give it back out in the spring time to residents first and then to non-residents after that.

The best place i have found is Sycamore township's site, they have huge mountains of "this years leaves", "last year's leaves" and "two year old leaves". So they have it all. It's free as well to anyone, resident and non-resident.

I am sure there are more around town as well if you searched. Since there is a chance of the leaves having minor oil residue, i am not planning on using it on my veggie beds though. It you take a peek into the leaves (before we got our recent cold snap) there was a ton of worms going to town in the mulch too.

I have been able to mulch all of my perennial beds this fall (keeping it away from plant crowns) and filled my leaf bin.. all for free

The end

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Thanks! I always seem to find out about things like 2 weeks after it's over. I may have to have a guide dog show me where Sycamore township's site is, but it sounds like it would be worth it!

Hamilton, OH

The sycamore one is open all year.... and easy to find with google maps. It's not far off of cross county highway

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Nevermore, are you new to Hamilton or just new to Dave's Garden?

Hamilton, OH

just new to this compost forum... not cincy/hamilton

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Nevermore THANKS for the tip!
Sorry to take so long to find this Thread.


Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

We are having a get together on May 26th, near Felicity, if you are interested in coming. There are threads here in this forum or you can email one of us for details. Look for the RU or Roundup threads.

Lots of fun, food and plants. No one is a stranger at these get togethers. :)

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