need help with ID of these 2 hoya's

Thomson, GA(Zone 8a)

Hello everyone,

I have a DS-70/bilobata in a hanging basket.I just received what I was told was a H. Lacunosa.They seem to look a lot alike.The bilobata is a bigger plant and has bigger leaves that are hairy and tend to kind of turn under slightly at the edges.Some people have told me they think I have the same plant just a big one & a little one.But i do see slight differences in them.

If anyone can give me their opinion on what they think the Id is on both plants I would appreciate it so much.

I am trying to get my collection started and learn all I can,I have decided learning from people who actually grow them is how to get the best information!!!

Thanks, have a great new year

this is the plant i think is a DS-70/Bilobata

Thumbnail by jojoe70
Thomson, GA(Zone 8a)

this is the small plant thought to be maybe H.Lacunosa

Thumbnail by jojoe70

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