What bird is this?

Rockport, TX(Zone 9a)

I was watching another bird and just absent-mindedly snapped a few pics of this bird b/c it was calling. Can't remember the call. I thought it was one of the many red-winged blackbirds around, but it's not. What the heck is it? Some other kind of blackbird? The setting sun may make it appear redder than it was. The stick looks to be about the right color though.

I was on the boardwalk over a reedy marsh - probably brackish water. It was close to the ship channel.

Thumbnail by Elphaba
Rockport, TX(Zone 9a)

Here is the only other pic that I took. He has his head turned away showing the back of his head.

Thumbnail by Elphaba
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Rusty Blackbird


Rockport, TX(Zone 9a)

Thank you! I was just looking at Rusty Blackbirds thinking that must be it although the bill seemed kind of short and sweet -- must be the angle. There aren't too many birds out there with a yellow eye.

Thanks again.

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