Indoor vs Outdoor Vermicomposting

Helena, MT

I recently posted something similar to this in another vermiculture forum. I kept seeing comments about composting horse manure as if it were an indoor process. I may be way off base here, but I would never compost manure of any kind indoors. Although my outdoor manure compost bins receive garden and kitchen scraps from time to time, I do not regularly feed these to my outdoor bins. So I was becoming confused with some of the comments people were making as to weather these were indoor or outdoor bins.

I use the spent media from my indoor bins for germination and potting mixes, and the composted manures are used in potting up mixes and holes dug for transplanted crops. For the first time I included 25% composted cow manure in starting some onion seeds indoors. I have never done this before, but I thought I would give it a shot.

There are a number of similarities between indoor and outdoor vermicomposting, however I think it's important to clarify which method we are talking about to avoid confusion especially with people just starting the process.

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