Boiling water on a Jotul F100 Nordic QT

Ellicott City, MD

My husband and I just had a wood stove installed. It's wonderful--heats up the entire house! (We have a small house, only 714 sq. feet).

However, in addition to having an everyday heat source, we got it in case of power outages--where we live, you can be stranded for days in snow storms. We want to be able to cook basic foods on top of the stove, but so far have been unable to get water boiling no matter what pots we use. The stove easily gets up to 500 degrees F, but any time we put a pot of water on, it just steams. Are we doing something wrong? Any tips would be appreciated!

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

I think with the top surface only getting to 500 degrees F you have to boil water with a lid on the pot and it will take a longer time than you are use to to get a pot of water to boil.

Remember an electric stove the burners can get red hot and on a gas stove you are in direct contact with the flames. On a wood cook stove you push the fire fairly hard to cook on it and you also could remove the "burners" so that the kettle was directly exposed to the fire. Burning hard coal in a cook stove I've had it hot enough for the top surface over the firebox to glow red in the dark.

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