Anyone Ever Purchase From This Company?

Birmingham, AL

I wondered if anyone has ever dealt with this plumeria seller named

They have some nice plumies on their website but the info about their company is very vague with no phone number etc., they only have an e-mail address as the only way to contact and show an address as a P.O. Box in Atlanta which is not your usual location for a plumeria seller.

Having been burned by some other plumeria sellers with no product or bad service in the past I was reluctant to buy from this place without a recommendation
There is nothing listed for them in the watchdog section either

I would love to have a few of their plummies though !!! Thanks in advance

Tucson, AZ

i do not know anything about them.


i have some for sale. contact me offline and i can send some pics. tucsonplumeriaz at yahoo.

Birmingham, AL

OK tucsonplumeriaz
Will do

Long Beach, CA

Just looked at They are pricy. There is a company in Hawaii that sales cutting for $5.00. http://CLICK I have never been dissapointed. Really good size healthy cuttings. I from them on EBay. Check them out and save some $$$$

Mulberry, FL

Hawaii has lots of virus there be careful where you do buy from I buy from Fla. colors you are safe there cheapest is not always best!

Long Beach, CA

Mine did just fine. Lucky I guess. They are doing very well. They got to California with the certificate intake after inspection. But thanks for the heads up.


Melbourne Beach, FL

I have dozens of cuttings available plus rooted, Thai, Hawaiian, etc. and so far everyone has been very happy with their orders. If you would like to contact me by PM I'd be happy to give you a rundown of what is available.

The mac is in the hospital along with all my photos but once it is cured, photos will be available. Also have a large board on Pinterest loaded with a bunch of photos.

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

Dete is probably the best source you could ever have - and the nicest!

Central Valley, CA(Zone 9b)

I'd like to second the piece of paradise information, since I just recd my order from them. Incredibly nice people. When I first opened my box from them, I thought I'd recd someone else's order, there was a second cutting of one I'd ordered, plus a present of the very nicest kind....a beautiful Moragne cultivar! I've just been called back to work after a layoff, so the kindness of these folks was doubly appreciated. And the cuttings were top -notch -fat and multi -tipped beauties. I went to read their web page..I think the funds raised through their sales supports their sons surfing and supplies, a very creative way to do that, IMO.

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