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PLEASE HELP ....searching for 8in jointed dolls

Wells, TX(Zone 8b)

My deceased grandmother was an avid crocheter and in the 40 and 50s she crocheted a series of dolls clothing that represeted countries from all over the world along with a complete wedding party using about a size 2 steel crochet hook which translates to tiny stitches! All In all there are over 20 dolls. The dolls them selves are an 8 in jointed plastic doll.The problem is the bodies of the dolls are detereationing due to age. Ive been searching for replacement dolls cause I want to use the bridal party as part of the decorations in my wedding in a few weeks. I cant find any that will work

Does anyone know of any one who might carry them??.. Ive checked the usual starting spots like Michaels and Hobby lobby with no luck. Id much rather spend the money and get china but cant even find any like them.. Im looking for an unclothed 8 in jointed adult doll. Haircolor and eye color dont matter right now

I hope someone might be able to help cause Id really like to use them to honor my grand mother at my wedding in a few weeks

thanks a lot

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