HELP egg stuck in egg turner

Bridgewater, ME

This is day 7and I am going to candle today,one of the eggs is stuck hard in the egg turner,it must have been cracked and seeped now its stuck,how am I going to get it out without it breaking?Has this happened to anyone before and what did you do?I can take out all the eggs to candle them and then take out the turner and crack the egg to get it out and them clean the turner before I put it back.I don`t want a mess in the incubator.

Los Gatos, CA

Hey~ I had that happen. You do need to get it out before it explodes!
The way you suggested will work and is probably the best. Maybe lay all the eggs in the incubator while you deal with the turner.

I was able to squirt some water onto the part that was stuck and wait a few minutes and it came out. Carefully! It was cracked.

Good Luck!
(What kinds are you hatching?)

Bridgewater, ME

orpingtons.Put water around it and it came loose,hole in it.I candled but not sure,three I know for sure the other are?

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Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

Oh My! Glad you got it out. Its been a week for me too, I better check for "stuck" ones too! I wont candle , just wait and hope for the best! Cant wait to see if my lttle Orpington/Marans make it! Good luck on the rest of your brood Green!!

Bridgewater, ME

Thanks,you to

Salem, OR(Zone 8b)

That happened to me. And uffda, the smell was awful, when I was able to remove it. I used warm water to free it from the egg turner. But it left a hole in the egg. I thought I saw a dead black chick inside----I freaked out. Then I accidentally dropped it down the sink into the disposal. Husband fished it out. The smell was so awful that I still have the memory of that smell in my nose. Horrible. I couldn't eat eggs for a while. Nothing worse than the smell of a rotten egg.

Last year my hatch rate was 15/50 eggs btw. They were all mail order, so that probably contributed to the reduced hatch rate. 8 were hens, 7 were roosters. We now have 6 hens and 1 rooster, which is perfect for our family. (There were 3 fatalities this fall from owls, and I gave away 5 roosters).---leaving us with the 7.

It was so much fun hatching those chicks, that reading this kind of makes me want to do it again. But we really don't need any more.

Bridgewater, ME

Could you hatch and sell?

Salem, OR(Zone 8b)

That's an interesting idea. I could sell hens, that's for sure. Could barely give my roosters away last year, though. Hmmmmm....I just might do that.

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

Sell them before you know, then no guilt...I'm considering it, too, but only because my sneaky little hens keep hiding and returning with their families in tow...

Bridgewater, ME

And you would hate to take away a family member huh?Don`t you wish that chicks would hatch with a sticker on them saying HI,I`M A BOY OR GIRL?LOL

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

Oh yes , the thrill of waiting for the babies to hatch is so exciting! I catch myself just staring into the incu looking for ANYTHING, knowing full well Im not going to see a thing for at least two more weeks! LOL!
HMMMM, hatching to sell!! That would be perfect for a couple more months. Everyone is looking for those cute babies early in the Spring time. Maybe even have time to take a couple of orders. BUT.....once you see those tiny little fuzzies.......well lets just say, Mother Nature kicks in!!!!

Bridgewater, ME

Thats what I am doiing hatching to sell and I will keep the ones I really like.

Richmond, TX

Good plan.

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