Covington, LA(Zone 8b)

Is anyone else having a horrible experience with hotmail? I have reset my password, requested security codes, answered my security questions. I continue to be blocked no matter what I do or who I call for support. 2 sites guarentee to fix my problem if I buy either one of 3 tech policies for $50 or $100 or $150.
What a rip off.
Any help out there????

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

None here... sorry. I dang sure wouldn't pay for any tech policies. It sounds as though there is a virus that has gotten into the hotmail account. I'm sure if MS would have thought of it, they'd have been at it first. lol

I've always used hotmail with two separate accounts. I've not run into this, even when I've changed servers. I had noticed the second hotmail account receives virtually no garbage unlike the first one.

I hope you have resolved the issue. Kristi

Covington, LA(Zone 8b)

Thanks for replying. I still haven't gotten back on my acct. It gets me so upset that I have put this issue on the back burner until I am really in the mood to tackle it.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

I think I would set up a new email account elsewhere and reach as many of my contacts as I could to change the email address and leave hotmail behind.

BTW ~ there was an interesting post on this thread
from Splinter1804 about 3/4ths of the way down. Does this sound like what you ran into?


Hi to all you invisible people out there,

I don't know if it's worthwhile writing this or whether anyone will even see it, but here goes anyway.

Firstly I received a phone call from Colleen last night to say she may be off the air for a while as her modem has died and she has to get a new one and she asked me to let you all know that's why she's not communicating with you all.

Now here's a question from me after I first call out in a loud voice HELP!

I received the following Email this morning and as I'm a suspicious person with computers after having been duped a few times I was wondering if any of you have had the same message or is it some sort of scam.

Dear Hotmail Subscriber,

Virus Notification

A DGTFX Virus has been detected in your folders. Your Hotmail account has to be upgraded to our new Secured DGTFX anti-virus 2012 version to prevent damages to our web mail log and to your important files. Click your reply tab, Fill the columns below and send back to us or your email account will be terminated to avoid spread of the virus.

Full Name: ...
User name: ...
Password: ...
Reconfirm Password: ...
Date Of Birth...

Note that your password will be encrypted with 1024-bit RSA keys for your password safety.

All Hotmail User Should Reply Now !!!
Failure to do this will immediately render your Web-email address deactivated from our database.
Thank you for your co-operation.

Warning Code :ID67565434
Hotmail Account Support.
Copyright 2012

Have any of you heard anything about this as I need to know that it's genuine and not some scam that will infect my computer with more bugs. The words that made me suspicious were:

All Hotmail User Should Reply Now !!! . I would have thought the word should have been "Users" (plural) and that's what made me suspicious in the first place.

Thanks in advance

All the best, Nev.

Covington, LA(Zone 8b)

Thanks so much. This may help. I have gotten another email addy--but if this was sent to me, it went to hotmail. I will let you know what happens!!!!!

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Wait ~ that was a scam! Please tread carefully.

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