Screw broken off the door that holds the glass in place.

Bristol, United Kingdom

On the door of my woodburner there are four clips that hold the glass in place and one needed replacing. They are held on by a srew, which is attached to the door, and a nut. Simple I thought and set about unscrewing the nut, but the whole thing has come off the door and there seems to be no way of re attaching the screw, which looks like it was stuck on. The burner is a villager chelsea. Does anyone have any idea what I can do apart from replace the whole door? (Which is going to cost 99 plus VAT). I have thought about drilling and tapping a thread and putting a new screw in, but I'm not sure what the material of the screw should be or whether I could just use an off the shelf screw from a diy store. Any ideas would be helpful.

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

In the US wood stoves were assembled by the lowest grade bolts. Most likely the screw was steel.

According to the operating manual (from here they are welded and the factory can refurbish them. The nuts are brass.

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