Packing and safely moving miniature gardens.

Santa Monica, CA

Has anyone in this forum tried to ship a miniature garden (designed in a pot), or safely move designs for a show? I always have a problem with stones, etc, moving around and escaping the pots. I notice that in our local garden store there are small succulent garden arrangements that arrive at the store with the rocks/sand/stones of the arrangement held in place by a glue/substance that dissolves when the plants are watered. I'm looking for something like that to help me transport gardens. Rumor has it that this is a watered-down Elmer's glue - but I don't know. Any ideas?

(Bev) Wytheville, VA(Zone 6a)

I was curious about the same thing! I haven't heard of the glue cover. The only means I could come up with would most likely damage the plants and accessories. I received a bonsai for Christmas that was shipped with the pot wrapped with a cling wrap across the base of the tree (helping to cover and stabilize the pot contents). There were cardboard boxes to secure the pot and the rest of the box was fill with packing peanuts around the plant. The little guy was perfectly healthy but it took a while to retrieve and unwrap it from the box, then add the pebble mulch.

I hope someone responds with a good solution, too!

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Wiggins, MS(Zone 8b)

I suggest you call Janit or Steve at and ask what they recommend. I don't know if they can help but it wouldn't hurt to ask. Their number is 206-352-0494. You may prefer to use the contact option on their website and ask the question that way. Good luck.

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