404 Millennium Woodfired Cookstove questions

New London, United States

I have been thinking of buying a 404 Millennium Woodfired Cookstove for my house and wanted to get some details on this stove. Can it boil water? What type of temp can you get in the oven and what type of heat does this stove put out. I have a 1000 sq ft house and if we loose power would it be enough to keep up warm in the winter? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks Brian

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

I can't answer the question about that particular wood cook stove but I can about cook stoves in general.

Yes you can boil water on it and the oven should get hot enough enough to bake most things in it. It's a small stove so I don't think it will heat your house. Being small it is going to take small wood. Think along the lines of 12 inch long 2 x 4's and chair leg sized wood. It certainly will heat a kitchen and maybe a living room if it was more or less a continuation of the kitchen. Bedrooms or a bathroom down a hall I don't see it happening. Would it keep a 20 by 50 house from freeing the water if it was say 10 degrees out? Maybe it would if the bathroom was close enough to the kitchen. It's going to take almost continuous feeding wood to it to do that. I'm talking about 30 minutes to an hour on the outside per load of wood.

The trouble with modern houses is that they where built with central heat in mind and not space heaters such as wood. That makes them hard to heat from a single heat source like a wood stove.

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