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BroadFork Advice

Warrenton, VA

Hello, I bought a garden magazine and was imediately taken with a photo and description of a "broadfork." Now, I have NEVER seen such an "animal." And I have not heard of it, either, even through my farmer father. I live in Virginia, my vegetable garden has been hand-dug, but there are still rocks amidst the clay soil. Any suggestions? I really want to buy one but as they are $ I need to justify know? thank you so much!

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Here are some Lee Valley reviews.



One more:

Looks like a pretty handy tool for a lot of gardening space. If I had to buy one of these (which I don't), I think I like the look of that Gulland Broadfork at the Modern Homestead site... Just my opinion.


Walkerton, VA(Zone 7a)

Wow! That's a mighty pricey tool. I've used stout spading fork for years with good results. It may not be as fast as a broadfork, but was way less expensive and it's real easy to store. An indispensable garden tool IMHO.

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