Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
I have moved us again. Thought it may be nice to sit and admire the rhodendrons. Not my garden but I wish it was.

It is a good morning here. Lovely and cool. I could feel the cooler air early this morning when I had to drag the blanket up over me.
So nice to be out in the morning when its like this. I have just been out to check on the babies and also the pots I covered with mesh & shadecloth. Mrs Blackbird has tried to get into them but has gone off in disgust.
I also moved her other favored pots. She had been digging in my pots of new nerines and tossed them out. Luckily I was able to get them back in and with the right labels. The pots will now stay in the greenhouse until they start shooting .
Luckily the birds cant get at the brom pots or they would be all over the place too.
I use the singular Mrs Blackbird, but actually there are quite of few of them out there.
They tend to stay around the house gardens as there is a lot more shelter for them, but they do move to the grapevines and fruit trees when things are ripe.

Hello to all those popping in today and I hope everyone is in good health. I see more rain up north so send a bit here . I'm sure you are all tired of being so wet.

I had better go and put up the signpost again or noone will find us. Have lovely day and enjoy your gardens.

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Merino, Australia

We came from here.



Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Well. the rain left and it was beautiful today, But still have a muddy mule. Got to get some fresh pic. I'm keeping up tho....

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Very pretty place Jean....nice to sit in the garden here.

Jean, we had the same with a Guinea pig, we started with one white that we named Pearl, who was a round as a dinner plate within a couple of weeks and promptly produced, Daisy, Lily and Rhino.....Rhino was a girl but she had a twist of fur on her forehead that looked like a rhino's horn...there was a boy too, but we found a home for him......they were very good pets and lived for a few years....nice memories,

The kids brought home mice over the school holidays once, never again...they increased very quickly and baby mice make me squeamish for some reason...baby birds don't bother me, but baby mice squirm all over each other...yuk.

Glad that you are getting some fine weather Charleen....Charley looks a bit tubby...too much good hay.

Karen, what fabulous photos, is that you in one of them?.....I was taken in by the Lotus pic and forgot to go back and look at the big stinker......they are really great pics.....well done

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Sydney, Australia

I usually like to be bright and happy so I stay away when I don't feel like that.
I have the Blahs today.
Rained and drizzled all night and today, can't do a thing outside ...BLAH ! grumble.

Karen your pictures brightened me up finally, so thankyou, I do hope you are safe up there with the flooding and all, it's a real worry.The Pictures are Awesome !!!!

Muddy long ears ...he would be very muddy here too right now too ! (Hugs big fella).

Dianne I love Guinea Pigs(I used to breed them ) ...mice are cute but incontinent EWE, you see people holding them in their hands, they must not know about that. Did you know they say that there may be a link to the big C (breast) through mice with the same tumours. I don't know how they came to that conclusion but it's sort of scary- something to do with touching the doo doo or wee wee. No I don't like mice as pets, that musty smell is from the urine leakage and don't get me started on rats.
Oops sorry ! don't mean to rave on it must be cabin fever.

Brisbane, Australia

Hi everyone. I am so pleased you looked at the pics, especially after the adventure we had getting to it. I am so pleased I was in a position to see this amazing monster in the flesh. Yes, thats me in the pouring rain trying to look down the inside of the flower trying to avoid climbing up on the crates that are high enough to see inside easily. The smell must have been quite subdued by the pouring rain, but we found it does cling and we still get whiffs of it even after hair wash and shower and change of clothes.

The rain has eased off today but from the news I can see there was so much flooding. Like we need more flooding? Many schools were also closed. The one we passed on our way home had a car in the grounds that was underwater up to the windows. They won't be driving that home, I can tell you.

Maybe I shouldn't have put the lotus in the same message with the link, but to me those lotus look like angels in flight. So incredibly beautiful. Don't know what this is but the Catlans had it growing over their front gate arch (its a creeper).


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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Love the color in that bloom. I love Amorps, I love the pictures...
part of Charley fluff is his winter fur, but he is not thin, at all.

Sydney, Australia

Happy Australia Day Everyone !
Have good one ^_^ Great Southern Land♫ ♪♥ (,) ♫♪♥

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Sydney, Australia

Australia the beautiful ...waving from Sydney !

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Gorgeous!!! Happy Australia Day, Everyone...

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good grace to a great nation...happy thoughts to you all.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Have a great Australia day all from Clifton Springs.....

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩ ♭ ♪ Happy Australia Day ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩ ♭ ♪

The sun is out here so a lovely day in store. Not too hot .
I hope all those up in the wet are coping and are safe. I would help by taking lots of the water if I could.

Karen, I loved your pics of the amorph. I am glad mine dont grow that large. Arent the spots lovely on the trunks ?
I wouldnt like to be working in that nursery when the plant is flowering.....phew....

Hello Charleen, Charley looks like he is thinking of mischief.
Hello Moon, hope you are not too cold there.

Hello to all popping in. I am off to water again and spray those mite critters.
Have a great day and stay safe. Heres something very Australian to nibble on.... Lamingtons..
Happy day.

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Brisbane, Australia

Happy Australia Day, everyone. Looks like the rain is holding off, for a while anyway. Showers and storms predicted, and at least some Aus Day celebrations have been cancelled. I think people are paranoid when it rains now because of the dreadful flooding that occurs. People still aren't back in their homes from last year's flood damages yet and others have had water through yet again.

Jean, isn't it strange. There are other, smaller versions of the corpse plant, and I believe they smell as bad, but I've never seen any, and the first one I got to see (and probably the last) was the big one. I am looking forward to seeing any pics taken by others of that one. I've heard of one on FB, a video, but am unable to see it. They may not get as many people in to view it as they'd thought simply because of the weather. A bit sad.

Interesting, they said they are not going to let this one go to seed. Once it does that, the plant sends up its leaves, then dies. By not letting it go to seed, it may flower again in a couple of years (better than waiting 15-25 years, whatever it takes). My experience with forced flowering like that is that the second flower is not as big or as well formed as the first. Maybe these are different though. The more mature bulb might produce a world record in size, weight, and height. Be interesting to find out. Apparently this one got close, but not quite a record.

Have a safe day, where ever you are.


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Sydney, Australia

Awful top see Sue's lovely garden flooding :(
I hope she will be ok ...they can't get out of their driveway and the road is also under water.
I know we will all be thinking of her ... she has asked that we do a backwards rain dance for her, in order to send the rain away.

Merino, Australia

Chrissy, I will do a backwards rain dance for Sue . I'll even do it naked..lol

Not outside of course. Dont want to scare the birds.

Karen, I have 2 amorphophallus which grow bigger each year. At present about 18"tall.
They are not the large species in your pics.
This year one has 4 small ones around it. I will have to put them in bigger pots as they sink themselves down.
I also have a snake palm which looks very similar and as it never grew until this year, I forgot I even had it in the fern house.
The only flower I get from these smelly types so far , is my dracunculus.
There are the stapelias too, which also smell. None of these is so bad , I would get rid of them though. You really have to be close to the stapelia s& dracunculus .
They are definitely a talking point in a garden.

Brisbane, Australia

Jean, I had to look up dracunculus, as I've never heard of nor seen one. Shame it smells, as it is so unusual, I really like it. I do have one smelly stapeliad (actually it just finished flowering). Genny Catlan was showing us other amorphallus type plants that she has that are smaller than the A.T. These smelly flowers are so exotic, aren't they.

I too hope Sue can get out of her yard now. Been following her on FB. The pic looks just like the conditions we drove through to get home after seeing the AT in flower. One school had a car in the play ground that was in water up to its windows. Won't be driving that one home. My grand daughter's school closed too yesterday.

Moon, thank you for the links. I have so enjoyed reading up on these plants. That one says there are now up to 5 flowers across the world per year, grown in cultivation. Not many, is it. But not what you'd see growing in surburia. You'd be lynched because of the stench. I heard a story of one man growing one in his bathroom in a block of apartments. If it ever flowers, they will have to excavate the building (and those around it for a kilometer). Apparently the smell has been recorded at 1.6 km from the plant.

Hope everyone, everywhere has safe conditions especially driving. Apparently we are expecting more showers, and possible storms this evening, and I see the clouds are starting to gather again. Then more rain over the weekend.


barmera, Australia

Hi everyone. Just passing through I'll be back later for a cuppa. Colleen

Christchurch, New Zealand

27C here today but meant to change to rain tomorrow.
My garden will be happy if it does.
Shakes seem to have eased for now, the dog is calming down & the cat really can't care less now.
I noticed one of my penstemon cuttings has flowered & is the pink I was hoping for.
I took 4 cuttings, 1 from each plant in the RSA garden as I wasn't sure which was the pink & which was the purple that I gave them.
All 4 struck so I will have two purple to give away, don't need any more of that.
Hubby has booked us into a hotel in Blenheim for Waitangi weekend (5th Feb)
Be nice to get away!
Hope you all had a lovely Australia Day.
cheers - Teresa

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Karen, a friend of mine had 4 of the smaller ones bloom at the same time. He got a notice from the postman that he would not be delivering the mail due to "disgustingly stinky flowers and too many D**N flies" grin. George had to move the pots to the back yard to get his mail again.

If all this rain would spread itself out, everyone would be in better shape instead of half fearing floods and the other half, fires.

Good thoughts to you all...


Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Quite cool again this morning. Hubby says we are in for a few cooler days but no rain in sight.
We had a quiet day yesterday. We dont go out to celebrate Australia Day, just relax at home.
I watered a few plants and picked up some of the pots Mrs Blackbird tossed around. I think she is paying me back for covering her favorite pots to dig in.
I found the group of small pots of cacti that sit in the old shadehouse had been pushed off their block of wood. She hadnt dug in any, just pushed them over the edge.
I bet she was laughing as she watched me picking them up.
I find that birds do have a very distinct set of moods and being mischevious is one of them. Our magpies are forever playing with things.
I cleaned up in the zygo house and had a large tray of empty pots, labels etc . I had put it on the ground near the shed to put away later but the maggies found it. They were picking up pots and carrying them around . Carting off the old labels and in general, just having fun.
Like a group of kids at a fun park.

I have to get out early today and dig some irises before the sun gets any warmer. I sold a lot of the odd ones from my dividing. .
I had to cut some of the epis back too , so sold the cuttings. Pays for more potting mix.

I hope the rain is easing a bit for all those in the affected areas. Its a pity Mother Nature cant get the rain more evenly distributed ..

Teresa, glad to hear the shaking has eased off . Pentsemons are lovely plants. My poor ones are looking very sad & dry, but will pick up later when rained on.

Moon, I can imagine the Posties disgust at the awful smell of those plants...Still, better than a growling dog near the letterbox.

Colleen, your comment on the fish caught by Brandon reminded me of my son 's first fish too. He was so excited. When we took a pic of it , I left his hand out of the pic and made the fish look enormous. I think he still has the pic after about 40 years.

Hello Karen, Chrissy, Anthony and Dianne. hope all is well in your areas.

Hello Charleen. I hope you gave Charley a large cookie form the kitchen.

Better get out as I want to spray early before the wind come sup.
Have great day.
Heres something nice for morning tea. Lovely Chocolate Eclairs.

Happy day

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

I went to my little Greenhouse and unzipped the door and took a deep Brug-ie breathe. Love the smell of them in there. They look pretty good but watered them. Think temps feel like Spring today. I bet summer will be horrid and hot!! But we have been getting some rain .
Here is picture we got of hail the other day. About the size of my thumbnail. It is gone now, all melted....

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barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. I did come back in for my cuppa yesterday but it was very quiet so I just sat in Jean's garden and drank it. It's cool here this morning but I think it will heat up later again. Come on next week for the plumber. It takes ages to get around and water everything. I just seem to finish and I need to start again. We have a dr's appointment this morning just to get a few things checked out . My sister has gone back home again. She goes back to work on Monday. I wish she would retire but she reckons she hasn't got enough money to retire on. How much is enough? She took another couple of broms back. She must be getting quite a collection now. She said they are very expensive in Adelaide. Must get moving. The boys are waiting for their breakfast and I need to have mine too. Be back later. Colleen

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Brisbane, Australia

Good morning everyone. The respite from the rain only lasted one day. Its back again, but not so heavy at the moment. I so want to open my windows and let fresh air in, but only moisture comes in now, making all the soft furnishings and bedding damp. The walls alrady have black mould growing on them. More work to do, and another large bottle or two of vinegar. Mould really doesn't like vinegar.

Haven't been out to check the plants yet. Just waiting for the rain to ease off a bit more. There was a plant coming into flower for the first time, and I want to see if it is out yet. Not sure what it is. Could be a tillandsia, or it could be one of those unusual vrieseas.

Moon, I really have to sympathize with the postman, but glad the problem was solved simply. The smell seems to cling, and hang in the air. I agree with you about the rain spreading itself around evenly. The monsoon season is about on us now, so we can expect the north of Australia to be very wet for a few months. Seems we are getting more than a fair share of it too.

Charleen, we don't often see hail where I live, but every now and then we get some of the smaller stuff fall. I am glad we don't get the golf ball size they get at the coast. My foliage plants wouldn't take it. Sometimes I see ads for hail damaged cars and imagine whole open car sales yards with hail pelted roofs and bonnets.

Teresa, I do hope the shakes stop now. Enough is enough. I watch the earthquake watch page almost daily. Almost 200 earthquakes on it every week, but they include the small (2-3) quakes in America, which take up a lot of that number.

Hi to everyone else. I hope you all have a good day.

A bat plant in flower at the Catlans.........

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

That little boy with the fish, Priceless, so cute.
Karen, love that Batplant bloom.
If there would have been plants in the garden, they wouldn't have any leaves, that hail came peppering down. I wouldn't want to be out in it either. I closed my back door and got pelleted a couple of times. If it were golf balls, it would kill a person I think....
Here it is on the back porch...

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Charleen, on Christmas day in Melbourne, they had golf ball sized hail and thousands of cars were badly damaged......our next door neighbour has to wait until May to have his repaired, there were so many.....being Christmas day, a lot of people who live on the peninsula go back to Melbourne to be with their relatives....

Colleen, lovely pic...how was the pickled Carp?

Moon. I forgot to mention your pic of the beautiful hawk....lovely....we see our local ones overhead, but not that close...
Karen, the Bat Plant that I bought 12 months ago was growing well until one windy day it toppled off the table.....it has since recovered, but hasn't flowered....hopefully next summer.

We had a lovely day yesterday, took mum down to the Geelong waterfront to have a look at all the festivities...mum loves watching the seaplanes and the helicopter, we both like watching the helicopter pilot...I think that I may have mentioned him before...lol
There were thousands of people there and it was a lovely day..the yachts were all there for the regatta
So colourful on the water...

Lovely to have those memories caught by the camera, Jean...nice that your son kept it..
Sounds as though you and Mrs Blackbird are very busy..... :-)

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Merino, Australia

If anyone is looking for me, I'll be laying back on that shady lounge in Diannes yard.....lol

Dianne, tea & scones please. with a nice cuppa of course...


Brisbane, Australia

Chrissy, I do hope you are now feeling much better. Not fair to be sick.

Colleen, the look on your boy's face is priceless, with that fish.

I found out my mysterious plant was a vriesea, so have put it in the bromeliad section. Nice to know these things though.

Dianne, I'd never have seen the bat plant if not pointed out, as just its flower was poking out through the jungle of exotics there.

When I go to heaven, I want a place with no cleaning, and gardens that get the morning sun, and great soil to grow lots of exotics, and of course a large pond to grow lotus flowers. Yep, that sounds like heaven to me.


barmera, Australia

Thanks all you Easterners. We just had a lovely shower of rain and wind go through from the East. It's still 35C here but hopefully will cool down a bit now. More rain please. Colleen

Christchurch, New Zealand

talk about famous last words, after saying the shakes had eased we were hit with a 4.6 tonight.
It really shook the lounge but my brother-in-law didn't feel it in the kitchen.
He knew we were having a shake as all the dishes rattled in the cupboards etc.
I have the entire weekend off & the weather is supposed to be good tomorrow so I will get out & play in the garden.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Dianne, it is rare that I get to see one of our hawks that close. This one has been handing around quite a bit. I am hoping he is getting lots of moles and field mice and not too many frogs. Your tiger lilies look so bright and cheery.

I am sure the snowy egret is common in your coastal areas also, but this one has developed a love for my koi and goldfish...one of the cats is determined to catch this one.

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Sorry about the shakes Teresa...almost have to be careful what you say....hope you have a lovely weekend off.

I second the no cleaning and lovely gardens, Karen. Sounds like paradise to me too.

Colleen, so glad you got some rain. Hope you and Jean both get more for your gardens. I think the look of pride on your young one's face must be universal with little boys. My little grandson sent this pic of his really big fish....

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


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barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. Oh yes Moon, They are so proud aren't they? Look at that BIG fish. lol Well we didn't get very much rain but what we did get was lovely and has made everything bright and fresh. It's very humid here this morning and I've had to put the fan on out here. The birds are making a lovley noise this morning and the crickets? John reckons they are frogs, Have been going all night. I don't know if they are frogs because I never see what's making the noise. I hope they are frogs then that will mean that the ones that were born here last year are still here. There's at least 2 fish in the SH pond and several yabbies so they have been all hiding well. Cameren is out there looking several times a day and races back inside for me to go and look. 2 more days and then back for the new year at school. I hope they settle back down quickly this year after the "Mother" incident. You know that I found out that she's only about 5 miles from here. I can't believe that she didn't come to see them for their birthdays. Well the tanks will be here on Monday and the plumber will be here too. Yipee!!! I can't wait. The amount of water that I've put on the garden the past week would fill the Murray I reckon. Everything is sunburnt including a few of the broms. I might have to put sunscreen on them. Be back later. Colleen

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

I do understand your frustration with the "mother", Colleen...my GS's "incubator" did the same thing to him....I guess 5 miles is just too far away for these females to show the "love" they profess to have for the children they bore. (insert many expletives here)

And yes, I thought from Aidan's phone conversation that he had an "eating" size fish....had quite a loving laugh when I saw the picture...but the smile on his face is priceless to me.

I know you are excited that the tanks and the plumber will finally arrive.


Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Back to a very warm morning . Colleen, dont thank me for any rain, I forget what that is....
It must have been a lost cloud from up north.
Still, we are lucky not to be in Perth. My son told me last night they are having temps over 40C for days. Apparently a record even for over there.

Love those 'giant' fish pics. To the young fishermen, they are huge . Who cares what the fish is as long as its something they caught .
Two of my kids would sit all day on the wharf , fishing.
My oldest son still loves his fishing.

Hello Moon. Eating size fish ? Well, to him it would have been ...lol.... I hope his mum cooked it for him.
We see lots of those egrets when ever there is plenty of water laying around after the winter/spring rain , also lots of black swans. ibis and ducks.

Teresa, sorry to hear of even more strong shakes. You will be feeling like a wobbly jelly by now. Hope the cat & Copper are not too upset.

Karen, those bat plants are so eerie looking arent they ? My son in Darwin grows them . Of course up there, they are like weeds.
So are orchids, as he delights in telling me.

Hello Anthony. How are your liliums now ? Must be just about done .
I have been having an argument with Mrs Blackbird over a few of mine. She thinks they look better tossed on the ground. I like them in the pot.
So far we are even, but I am going to cover the pot area with wire so I think I'll be the winner then.
Have to watch the rest of the garden then as she will move somewhere else for mischief.

Hello Chrissy, hope you are feeling much better and a bit drier too.

Hello Dianne, glad you enjoyed the day out with your Mum. No, you cant take that pilot home either. ...lol

Hello Charleen, glad you only had small hail. Hope Charley & friends got out of it.
Not nice having little icy bits tossed on you.

Have to move from here to get more watering done. I want to feed all the brugs again.

Have a great weekend. We are at the end of the first month of the year already. It will be Easter before we know it, then down hill to next Christmas.

Enjoy this treat with a nice morning cuppa. Pumpkin Spice Cake.
Happy day

( look for the recipes for the delicious cakes on taste.com & joyofbaking,com)

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Good morning all on this lovely morning....
Kettle is on Jean...cups are out..
Love the spice cake.

Colleen, glad that your tanks are finally arriving...my tank only has 60cms in it.....we could certainly do with some rain.

Moon..."incubator".......how apt...... :-)

My Crepe Myrtles are flowering beautifully now that they are 3yrs old.....I need one more though..
When I look back at the garden from across the street....the planting is lopsided....so I will check out Bunnings this morning...

I am so glad to be able to tell you all that I am a mother...to a little watermelon.....
With this hot/cold weather, I didn't think they would grow....but here is the living proof.
It's only about 10cms in circumference, but it's growing...yippee.

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Brisbane, Australia

Dianne, congratulations. What a beautiful little baby! I used to try to grow things here, but my broccoli were the size of peas, and my neighbour grew a watermelon the size of an orange.

Moon, it is lovely to see your bird pics and compare the types of birds we all have in our areas. The white egret always draws my attention. We also have one that is white with orangey/beige markings that follow the horses around. Unfortunately I have seen places where the ibis is taking over and destroying their habitat.

Jean, I remember as kids we would go fishing off the jetty. They only thing we ever caught were those fish that blow up, but we loved our fishing. Strangely enough, my daughter has inherited the passion too, yet we never went fishing when they were young as we weren't near water.

Chrissy, hope you are feeling much better by now.

Teresa, I guess Nature is still shaking her fist at the human race. I do hope she settles down soon. The earthquake map is looking rather scary at times. Enjoy your garden.

Moon, another delightful fishermans face. Love pics like that.

Charleen, a question. Do the mules go undercover when it hails? And has your muddy mule had a bath yet?

Barry will be down later, about lunch time, then we have some running about to do. Seem to spend my life waiting, waiting.........


Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Karen, Sometimes when it's raining they stand out in the rain=Bath. ☺
I bet they headed to the carport where we put the hay to be dry. It is sitting under the carport to keep dry but they (probably Charley) have one rolled off. He gets up onto the trailer. The big goofball!!! I noticed when I feed him this afternoon, they all have a new coat of muddy sand.
Maybe it keeps him warm in winter, cool in summer.
He also had a bite of cornbread, he loved it!!!
They will get their feet trimmed in March, they will get brushed down good and trimmed up including their manes. I'll chop them back...

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good Morning to you all.

Lovely spice cake Jean...just perfect with my cinnamon coffee. Mrs.Blackbird is surely crafty critter. I thought you might enjoy this short clip of one making a tool to use to get at some food....incredibly smart bird.


Congrats on the baby melon Dianne. keep us posted on how it grows. Ah yes, incubator is polite and so very apropos...her behaviour has certainly expanded my vocabulary.

Teresa, sorry you are getting more shakes.

Chrissy...good thoughts for good health and good weather.

Karen, we were really taken aback upon our first encounter with the Ibis in Australia. Here they are seen only in zoos...there, they tried to sit at the table with us...grin We also have a small egret called the Cattle egret . The common nickname for them is cowbirds, but we call them "Tractor Birds"...when the farmers are out cutting hay the little egrets follow right behind them snapping up insects...sometimes there will be dozens in the field and they do a funny dance with the tractors.


and yes, that was a smile of pure joy on Aidan's little face. His little brother Ethan extracted as much joy just getting to hold the fishing pole.Grin

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