Mason jars

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frillylily, you asked for it, here it is. Although, I did post a pic of the one on the left about 19 pics down on Nov 3

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Here is something I have made a bunch of.

You will need 20 string X-mas lights (clear or asst. colors)
Chunky Potpourri
Some seasonal silk flowers or asst.Christmas-themed items for decorating the top.
Glue Gun
Ribbon for bow.
Scraps of Christmas fabric, cut into strips to cover the open top with. Lids are not used.

To do:

--Try to intermingle the lights with the Potpourri so that the lights are near the outside
of the jar. A wood dowel helps here to poke around with, or handle of a wood spoon.

--Stuff jar as full as you can then put the fabric strips across the top and leave tails hanging down.
I make a "grid" out of the strips --glued together. Make sure you leave the cord outside to plug in!

--You can scent the Potpourri if you like using your favorite oil.
The idea here is that, when the lights are plugged in, the warmth of them releases the fragrance.
To refresh--use a bamboo skewer, dipped into the oil, and poke around through the top.

--Glue satin (or other) ribbon tightly around the top of the jar, securing the electric cord under it.
Attach bow.

You can do your own thing here....Makes a nice gift. Can be used as a nightlight. or just to look at.


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You are so clever! I love those mason jars decorated and filled with goodies!

Southern California, CA

Nice ideas.

Englewood, FL

I saw in a Lowes magazine where someone used Mason jars to make miniature terrariums using what looked like tiny imitation plants.

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