Weatherproof your home-winter

(tish) near Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Well its winter. I've been looking around the house to see what more I can do to keep it warmer for less cost. I would really like anyone else to post some crazy ideas here. I like ... crazy, but it works and its frugal, ideas, ha.

Some of mine are temporary ideas, that this summer, I'll do some caulking...this house is older and the old caulking has dried up, cracked broken off so I needed a quick fix this year. I've stuffed paper in the gaps around the inside of the windows between the sashing and such to stop the cold air flowing into the house. I've covered some of the windows on the inside with bubble wrap (I had read about this being done in greenhouses). It seems to be working, I'm thinking a second layer would be even better. This house has the transit openings above the doors into the bedrooms (they don't close) instead of heat ductwork, the two rooms I'm not using, I've covered those up and put some plastic grocery bags stuffed under the door...gets really cold in there, so that is working well. I noticed today I didn't think to cover the key hole...yep, lot of cold air coming out of that!

need More ideas! need More ideas! Thanks! tish

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