Coleus Cuttings for 2012

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

Has anyone noticed a more rapid growth in their cuttings from this fall?
Mine are charging forth.I usually take cuttings in March but need to now. Hope this is further sighn of early spring.

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Mount Laurel, NJ

Mine are growing way too fast and are already too big and crowded. I guess I started too early, but I have to take cuttiings in Sept. If I wait until Oct, I risk a frost and also the cuttings from late fall don't seem to do as well. But now I have a room full of plants all big enough to be little stock plants! Now would be a good time to take cuttings from all of them, but I am out of room!

This 'sedona' is one of my favorites. It looks best where it can get at least 1/2 day of sun.

Has anyone made use of a portable greenhouse for their coleus? I just bought a real cheap one, but not sure how to use it. I am in zone 6. I wonder if I could make use of it to harden them off in spring withough having to carry them in and out everyday.

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Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

I love sedona and have 4 ordered this year.I tried to get cuttings to grow but they just dont like it here.
I took cuttings in Sept too.I always have taken cuttings then.
It just surprix=sed me when I needed to take more so early in the year.
I usually cut in December and then not until March.

Jupiter, FL

Hi , we have a native oak that is just starting to bloom....... good sign for us to start getting into spring. I am going to place my order for R Dawn this weekend. :)

Mount Laurel, NJ

I find that 'sedona' cuttings need to be kept quite warm. Even so, they are not so attractive, but they will do better than if they get chilled. My basement is as warm as the rest of my house, about 70 deg. I wish it wasn't - don't know why it is, but at least it's good for the coleus. It's cold upstairs by the windows tho. I really do need new windows. Maybe I'll put this greenhouse upstairs by the windows and put my coleus inside and close it. I'm not sure it will be enough light for them tho, even tho it's a South exposure window. This one is 'rustic orange'. It's another one that likes at least 1/2 day of sun.

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Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)


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