recovering heat from a cathedral ceiling?

Oakwood, MO

Hello, I'm new to this forum
I intend to build a new cabin, (900 sf) with a open ceiling, half of which will be loft.
A wood stove will be the prime source of heat
Would it be worthwhile to consider installing a 4-6" round duct to draw heat from the ceiling ridge into a bathroom on the first floor via a small fan (exhaust or 24 vdc)
The run would be concealed in a closet on an interior wall & ceiling about 12-14 ft total length with one elbow. Thanx

Baceno, Italy

Hello Davyd,
From my experience with small duct type fans with the duct, like the one you are talking of, do not seem to move enough heat over the distance it needs to travel back down to the main level for example, because the lack of heated static pressure. My personal opinion a ceiling fan works the best for keeping the rising heat off of vaulted ceilings.

Greenfield, OH(Zone 6a)

I agree with camenitto that a ceiling fan would be your best option. If you were running duct for central forced air heating/cooling system than I would recommend installing a return duct at ceiling level.

Missouri City, TX

Not sure of the brand or availability, but father-in-law bought a small 2x6 plastic seven foot duct with a squirrel cage fan at the bottom that would distribute heat from a single gas register throughout the tiny uninsulated, boxing plank, oil-patch house. Before he bought and installed it, the only time you were warm was when you were directly in front of the burner. It drew the heated air near the ceiling and blew out the bottom - you could feel the air flow across the room.

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