Well supply line leak? Help Please!!!

Colchester, CT

Hi All,
I have a question. Yesterday I noticed that around my well there was a lot of water on the ground. My first thought was that the pipe either cracked or has a leak. I started to dig to see if I could find the culprit. Here in CT the zoning states that the pipe should be around 48 inches deep. I dug to that amount, but still didnít hit the pipe so I need to go deeper. When I run the water in the house, I can see a small fountain not far from the well casing. The weird thing is when I turn off the water the fountain stops. I left it for a few hours and all of the water was gone. (Seeped into the soil because the ground is not frozen) I then turned the water on inside and the hole started to fill up again. I was told if there was a crack or hole in the pipe that the water would constantly flow. I was told that the feed line going to the house is always charged. I also do not have any water flow drop or air coming from the faucets when I turn them on. I was told that you would have these issues if there was a cracked pipe. I called to plumbers and was told that it would be around 1200.00 to fix this. I am a handy person and can fix just about anything. Does anyone have any suggestions? If it just a cracked or broken pipe I could fix this.

Thank you.,

Greenfield, OH(Zone 6a)

I'm guessing you have a submersible pump and not a jet pump. First, you could remove the well cap and use a tape measure to measure how deep the pitless adapter is (this will also show you where the pipe leaves the well casing).
My first guess is that its a crack that doesn't fully drain the pipe (this may explain why you have no air in the lines). Also, your pipe may not always be "charged" if someone installed a check valve between the pressure switch and the well which is common to prevent water leaking back in old systems. The check valve will hold pressure against the pressure switch until you turn on a faucet.
The bad news is that you will have to dig it up to determine what the leak is and what material the pipe is made of. Here in the midwest, it could be anything from modern plastic to copper and even the occasional galvanized pipe.
Good luck

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