Brugmansia in Australia - February 2012

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Hello Brug friends!
I have been flat out with work and completing some mandatory study. Time to read this energetic and fascinating list is limited - I cannot keep up. So apologies for not reading all I most want to read here.
Also, I miss sending some news from the garden here, "Flora"...
We have new seedlings, some triumphs in the garden and sheer disasters!
Too much to go into, but fun all the same! :)

Chrissy has asked me to open a new thread...
A wee seedling here... My 'Giant' x Chrissy's 'Fire Fighter Angel'...

Please enjoy! I cannot be around to contribute too much, but hope to catch up again with my friends here as soon as I can.

We followed on from this link:

Thumbnail by WayneCarter
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Wayne this is quite a beauty and a good Cross love the color and hope to see it crossed back with a deeper pink/red to see what can come of it

Sydney, Australia

And now the fruits of our work start to reward us, sometimes there are disappointments, but mostly pride and the thrill of creating something so beautiful makes it all worth while, aren't we blessed ?

Wayne congratulations !!! you have the touch. She is adorable !
We were all hanging out for a new Brug and here she is,

I just can't wait to meet the siblings ...culling Brugs in this awful weather is a bit sad, but I suppose you have to, it's been my experience that many get better with a year or two's maturity.

These first seedlings were just dabbling in the beginning, imagine what will happen now we know what we are doing, still learning of course, but we sure know a lot more now than we used to.

The beautiful Brug in this picture opened cream ... Wayne was going to chuck it, luckily he waited because it changed into this delightful pink.

Many thanks for opening the new thread and applause for the lovely picture !

Merino, Australia

Wayne, she is a real beauty. I just love that pink shade. reminds me of the coconut ice I used to love as a kid.
Cograts to both you & Chrissy.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Quote from chrissy100 :

The beautiful Brug in this picture opened cream ... Wayne was going to chuck it, luckily he waited because it changed into this delightful pink.

That is a good reminder, Chrissy.....

Well done Wayne, congrats to you and Chrissy......that's a very pretty flower....and a nice perfume as well, Chrissy said....lovely colour....
I still buy coconut ice, Jean

Clifton Springs, Australia

Here are a couple more of the fasciated Pink is amazing to look at....
On the right hand side of the lower pic, there may be the start of a bud...very hard to tell though.
I hope that it gets to the flowering stage...I thought that I had lost it yesterday, but it was the branch next to it.

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Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

That's really amazing Dianne, I can't wait to see what happens, you should post that picture to BGI for comments, I am sure they would love to see it.

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Thank you - we will wait and see.

barmera, Australia

Thank you Dianne for the cutting from your beauty. Colleen

West of Brisbane, Australia

Can someone point me to a picture of Wayne's Giant? (I have an idea it's a cream/white.) Did Wayne say anything about the perfume of his pink seedling--does it smell a little like FFA? (Is Giant scented?)

Shaun, why have you decided to surface-sow those unpeeled brug seeds?

That Aztec Gold 2009#3 x (OA x BB) seedpod has been harvested and the kernels inside look healthy. Let me know if anyone from this forum (other than Chrissy, who I know about) wants some seeds from it. Also have some knightii and other crosses, if anyone is interested.

barmera, Australia

Hi Cestrum. I'll give some a try for you if you like. It's not possible to grow all the seeds oneself but we sure don't just want to throw them out. I have 2 more Aurea yellow flowers out. They are the cutest little flowers, and the perfume. oh to die for. I have about 10 Arborea X Sanguinea seedlings up and doing well. I have 1 Mango Kornet X Munchausen seedling up. I got some seeds from Alan [Hurstwood] but they're not up yet. I lost a lot of buds when we had that heatwave so am still waiting, waiting. My modem allowed me on but I've just had the new one delivered, so should be right now. Be back later with a pic of the Aurea yellow. Colleen

Sydney, Australia

I will try and link a picture of Giant for you later cestrum , it is a yellow I think.
'Giant' = 'Pink Panther' x noid.
I think Pink Panther definitely carries very interesting Genes and seems to throw all colours.
He said it had a lovely fragrance.

Dianne, I just received my Ivoire, thanks so much ! looks so lusty and full of vigor, I hope it does not mind this awful weather , can't even reach 20C here and raining of course ! My grateful thanks for not just giving up on one of the earlier crosses and doing such a great job with it.
My first crosses were mainly just to see if I could do it, no one was more thrilled than me when they seemed to have worked, I am sure that many were tossed away in favour of overseas crosses (understandable, of course),I know there were treasures in some of those crosses. The funny thing is ... I gave most of my earlier crosses away and only kept a handful.Hopefully there will be treasures out there from all of our earlier efforts. Can't wait to see them as well as the Overseas crosses.

I feel awful not having sent out stuff this week, it's just too wet and slippery out there after just getting over the flu thingy. Apologies to anyone waiting, we have yet a few days of this rainy stuff.

Shaun says he thinks there is some sort of link between Pink Panther and Dwarf Pink and Green so that is very interesting. I can't even try to take a picture today, :(

Colleen now you know why we love the Aurea, aren't they lovely ? who couldn't love those happy sweet little Angels.

Gena I haven't forgotten you ^_^

I will always take seeds,
we might start thinking about a seed bank again ... I will be quite busy until Winter now (lots to do , happy to put donated seeds into the little envelopes with details . What about pooling the seeds from the seasons Harvests, and they can be recorded and put into the packets over Winter (when it's quiet).Then distributing them in August /September. Let's have your thoughts on this and we can talk about it. ^_^ (warm group Brugs).
Those of you who went mad with the pollen and don't know who the pollen donor was, please keep track of the Pod Parent, because half a clue is better than none. Same with the open pollinated. Fallen unknown pods will be noids (unknown cross/names)
The other way is to trade seeds, or just share. It's all good !
Love to be able to send some overseas if allowed, at some point.

I hope the weather is kind in your garden everyone ^_^

Merino, Australia

Cestrum, I kept this pic of Waynes 'Giant 'for ID when mine flowers.
I'd be pleased to grow any seeds you have spare. Whats a few more when you have a hundred growing.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Sydney, Australia

Wayne just posted another picture of that dear little Pink on FB
I hope you can see it. It's lovely.

Sydney, Australia

Thanks for that Jean, saves me asking Wayne about showing his picture :)

West of Brisbane, Australia

Quote from 77sunset :
Cestrum, I kept this pic of Waynes 'Giant 'for ID when mine flowers.
Thanks, Jean. Too many entries came up when I tried to search for 'Giant' and I didn't have time to follow it up then. I'll make a note of Giant and Wayne's pretty pink for my own records.

I'd be pleased to grow any seeds you have spare. Whats a few more when you have a hundred growing.

Oh Jean, you can't possibly mean any seeds I have to spare ! You simply don't have the acreage LOL
But I'll send you a nice selection :-)
And Colleen and Chrissy, probably next week (that most recent pod is still drying).

West of Brisbane, Australia

Quote from chrissy100 :
Thanks for that Jean, saves me asking Wayne about showing his picture :)

Just don't go using Wayne's photo when you sell cuttings from your plant, Jean! LOL
Seriously, there's a difference between use of images between a group of brug maniacs who chat and swap stuff with each other (not legally, but in the sense that no one is going to be pursuing the matter), and my situation as described in the other thread.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a thread just for seeds and cuttings that we have available....then I thought about it and because this is a public forum we would have them all on eBay the next week.......

Then I remembered the trade lists on DG.....we would only have to enter our seeds/cuttings and we wouldn't have to trade them if we didn't know the person..or we didn't want what they had to trade......
It looks quite good.
This page explains the way it's done. they explain everything from how many seed is a fair trade, to sending a stamped addressed envelope for the seeds.
Have a read and see what you all think....

Clifton Springs, Australia

Chrissy, I sent the green cutting as well, because I didn't want to throw it away, it looked so big and healthy.....I don't know if it will take, but I thought if anyone could strike it you
All of the cuttings from Ivoire are from above the hopefully they won't take too long to flower.

Colleen, which Aurea has flowered for you..GHA?

Remember the bi carb is a pic on how it is protecting my bubs.......I haven't had to replace it yet, it just dries out if it gets wet..
Only good on a solid surface of course...or a sheet of plastic....look how holey the ones on the ground are, but the ones on the table, haven't been caterpillars either.

Thumbnail by Seachanger
barmera, Australia

It's the Aurea yellow from Shaun, Dianne. No GHA hasn't any buds yet. Looks like the carb soda is coming out. The caterpillars have good fun with my brugs. I'm looking forward to Ivoire flowering here. Thanks Dianne. Colleen

barmera, Australia

Sorry forgot the pic. Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Cestrum, why i surface sow the seeds this way is to control the amount of moisture, i have found that it uses less water then if sown under soil, but that's my opinion, i spray them when i sow them then spray every 3 days till germination i don't find they dry out. where as having the seeds under soil i find that i can get them to wet and they get mouldie or water logged. i don't peel all my seed or many for that matter, but i do soak them in 1% bleach for about 10-15min before sowing, to help fight any disease

Aztec Gold 2009#3 x (OA x BB) i would like to also try some seed for you if that's ok???
I do love germinating seed it's so much fun,

Dianne the seedlings & Saplings are looking so good in the shade house and can see the Bi-carb thanks for the tip, at this point i don't need to concern.

If you really want to get rid of the snails & Slugs start at the perimeter and bait there then in all grass areas as the snails lay there broods at the base of the grass sheath, by doing the perimeter it give you a starting point as it allows you to eradicate the S&S in your yard a lot easier

I hope that helps also

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Colleen the aurea (form) is looking so good & to get a few flowers also even better

I have crossed my aurea (form) X. aurea (Macedon) hoping to see what may come of it fingers crossed

Sydney, Australia

Dianne thanks for the feedback and ideas, I know many gardeners who already use the trade tools. It's great for anyone who likes to trade that way. Go for it.
Same goes for ebay (I don't use it myself).

For me I only feel comfortable with those, I am familiar with.
Anyone who wants bubble packs or airbags and post, I am happy to do this too.
What I have done, is go to the Australian trade list (sticky at the top of the page) and draw a line to start fresh for 2012.

It bogged down with people talking last time, so if we want to make that a success, we must keep the chat out of it.
Strictly lists of wants and haves. This is for those who feel like me, others may not, and that is fine.
I will start posting my list over the next few days, don't forget you can add or subtact to the lists with the edits button.
Don't forget to delete the previous edit as you go or you will have a list of edit thingys too.

Pretty Aurea blooms Colleen.

Merino, Australia

Cestrum, I keep lots of pics in my ID files just until my own plants bloom then I delete the other pic.
I would never use anyones pic as I had that done to me on ebay with my epis.
Took me a couple of emails and a threat to complain to eBay before the person removed my pics. Usually now, if I sell anything , I have my user name over the pic.
I wont be selling any brugs though. Thats just for between us as I can imagine there are plenty out there who would grab a brug and rename it. .

Yes , after I wrote my post, it did sound a bit silly in not specifying which seeds. . Anyway send what you think is suitable and we'll see what comes up.
Pink Sweetie is doing well now after her very doubtful start. Too her a while to decide if she liked it down here.

I mainly only sell irises and epi cuttings, which buy me more plants & potting mix etc.

I am watching my brugs get new growth now after the heat. Hope any buds stay on.

Dianne , I will try your carb soda tip, but I think I may just have too many brugs spread around the place so will just use it on the babies in the greenhouse .

Most of my smaller brugs in pots sit in open wire shelves so a bit hard to put the carb soda around. .

I do have some clear sheets of old plastic film of the type used for xrays. I'll try those and see how we go.

My main pest is sluggies..ugh..

Clifton Springs, Australia

That's a great idea, Chrissy......we need a permanent place to see what is available.....and to be able to show the seeds that we have....
I forgot about the Aussie trade list, as you said it didn't work well last time, it faded away....maybe this time it will work.
I don't have anything to contribute at the moment but as soon as my pods ripen, I may/may not have quite a few...
I will go and have a look at the list.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Yep, it's ready for all those seeds....requests and so on.

West of Brisbane, Australia

OK, Dianne, I've bought more bicarb of soda and will begin sprinkling in earnest around the seedlings :-)
Will post seeds out next week, just a small selection as I know everyone has their hands full and no point in sowing 20 of one cross when there are so many crosses out there. Although I'm wondering what you southern gardeners are thinking--if it were me, I'd pretty much be growing only the cold-climate ones as they're such a novelty! BTW Shaun, you are not five years behind: 2 years perhaps for the warm-clime brugs (being the average time for these to flower from seed). But when it comes to the cold-climate brugs, you're up there with the best of them as the only people to have been growing these until the past--what, 6 months?--are Alistair and (maybe?) Lucas.

barmera, Australia

Hey don't forget Dianne and Jean and me, Cestrum. We're trying too. Colleen

West of Brisbane, Australia

That's what I mean by the best of them LOL

Clifton Springs, Australia

Don't forget cestrum, it's an unbroken line of bicarb.....

Colleen, your RFP is a mother to be....I thought that the pollen from Angioletto had not taken, because I couldn't find the flower again....I only put a bread tie on it and then I couldn't find it...Ray was watering today and found it.....
Chrissie, has Angioletto been a parent?.....In my garden, it is a pollen parent to OA, PP, GHA, RFP, Topsy and if it grows, it's very slow, a pod parent to PP......
This pollinating business is fun....I remember when cestrum has told us, that she is on a dusting kick, now I know why she does

barmera, Australia

Please save me a few seeds Dianne. I think RFP is a beauty and crossed with Angioletto we can't but win. Colleen

Clifton Springs, Australia

Naturally, Colleen...just keep your fingers crossed it's about one month old...

barmera, Australia

Everything crossed Dianne. lol Colleen

West of Brisbane, Australia

One batch of those white/cream seeds that had to be sown immediately or thrown away is starting to germinate.
Must remember to sprinkle the bicarb of soda around them tonight, as it's at this stage when I typically lose so many of them.

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Clifton Springs, Australia

They are growing super quickly, cestrum....and they look to be coming up all over the tray.

West of Brisbane, Australia

Quote from cestrum_SEQ :

That Aztec Gold 2009#3 x (OA x BB) seedpod has been harvested and the kernels inside look healthy. Let me know if anyone from this forum (other than Chrissy, who I know about) wants some seeds from it. Also have some knightii and other crosses, if anyone is interested.

I've just been out watering and the pod with the above label caught my eye. When I realised that *that* pod had NOT been harvested--it's still green and attached to the brug! The pod I most recently harvested was knightii x (OA x BB)--Shaun, did you want this knightii cross? I'll post a message when the Aztec Gold 2009#3 x (OA x BB) seedpod is harvested.

Sydney, Australia

Well there is some Sun out there least for now.
The weather forecast says tomorrow it won't rain, I am hoping the grounds will dry out a bit.
The Brugs are starting to reach for the sky, unfortunately I see cell damage in the calyx of some of the seedlings about to bloom.
That is only happening in some I didn't get to nip off the tip of. Grass is up to the waist :( can't mow because it would bog down.
All in all Summer here in my garden is a Washout ! in the Brug department.
The bad news is a wet Autumn too.
So long as Winter isn't wet too, because then there will be rot problems to deal with.

Those white seeds do germinate if you can see the little dark shadow inside, so long as they are planted pretty quickly.
Nice crosses coming through everyone well done. ^_^

I am hoping for some good ones (crosses) in autumn, but will need a bit of luck to do that if this big wet continues.
I hope everyone is having a nice weekend break.

Clifton Springs, Australia

I nipped out the tip of some buds the other day after it had been raining followed by a very hot day, and the water did indeed pour easy for a bud to be stewed, thanks for the tip....Chrissy..

I have been aerial layering the Brugs that I want for pots, normally by lifting a sliver of the cambium layer,only this time, I ringbarked the stem to try another way....and I have good sized roots in 3 weeks...I don't know if it's the weather or because of the ringbark..but I was pleased with the result.
Not a great pic but you can see the long white roots....I will leave it for a another week.
It's Clementine by the way...

Thumbnail by Seachanger
West of Brisbane, Australia

At this time of year it's hard to tell what is due to technique and what to climate, but that's an excellent result either way--do you know if Clementine is hard to strike?

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