convoluolus vine(minature morning glory)

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

I saw pkt. of convoluolus(not sure if I have it spelled correctly)but it is considered a mini morning glory vine and supposed to grow less than 2 ft. tall. I have always loved morning glory but they take up trailing roots and are hard to get rid of once planted. Has anybody ever grown this mini MG in a large pot out on a patio or deck with a small trellis like structure for it to climb on? Almost bought a pkt. of those seeds yesterday but thought I'd better ask some experienced gardeners first. I live in a gated, Sr. Citizens community, so being planted in a large pot would be ideal.

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

I grow all my morning glory in containers. I never EVER put vines in the ground .. too scared they'll get away from me.

How I do it is put a smaller pot in a larger pot with a cage made of cattle paneling. In winter I clean off all the dead stuff, lift out the old small pot and just plop in another small pot. Works really well!

Here is a picture of last years.

Thumbnail by Xeramtheum
Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

Here is a close up.

Thumbnail by Xeramtheum
Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Do you have the Latin name for the exact Convolvulus species you were thinking of planting? Some of them are noxious weeds so if there's any lawn, etc anywhere near that the seeds could get into it could cause problems.

Lake Toxaway, NC(Zone 7a)

I have convuvolus. It is a mounding moring glory. The perfect cross between the need for those beautiful blooms and the ability to control it. I recommend it.

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