Dead Hive of Two Total- what to do with the honey?

Leesburg, VA

I started beekeeping in April 2011- I have two hives and one is now completely dead. I'm heartbroken but I learned from it. From what I've seen in the hive and researched I feel confident that the cluster died from starvation despite having a full super of honey above what do I do with it all? My other hive is fine and also has a full super to take them through the winter. Should I:

A) Give as much as can fit to the existing colony and harvest the rest.
B) Give to the existing and save the rest in the combs for a new nuc in the spring. - I feel like it will keep if I bring it inside a humidity controlled storage room...
C) Harvest it.
D) Some combo of the above.

Help. I know I need to do something with it. The lower level/brooding comb is so brittle- should I keep that for a new spring nuc? I don't even know if they'd want it so I'm hoping someone out there has dealt with this situation and has sage advice for me! Thanks very much.

Needville, TX(Zone 9a)

I would consider keeping 3 or 4 frames to give to a split you can make in the spring. I would store it in the freezer, as if anything has laid eggs in it they won't survive. It will be so much better to feed the split actually honey, instead of just sugar water.

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