Ideas for tire swing, when ya don't have a tree?

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

My daughter wants a tire swing, and we have a tree where we are renting right now. But we will be moving to a place that does not have any trees. So I would like to put up something now, that we can take with us and use there. But no tree. So any ideas on how to set one up without spending too much. I read somewhere that you could use a swing set frame, but would it be strong enough? And it might look tacky? I would love to see any pictures of tire swings you may have.

Thank you

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

An old swing frame would be perfect. You could get an old child's swing frame from someone on Freecycle or Freesharing, I'm sure. I see them occasionally on ours. Then you could have multiply tire swings on it so your daughter and her friends could all swing.

And instead of just an ordinary tire swing, you could make a pony tire swing. Then you might paint the swing frame some bright carousel colors or maybe paint it to fit in with your gardens, maybe to look like ivy or something is growing on it.

Here are the instructions for cutting the pony out of the tire:

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