Anyone have info on a good wood cook stove?

Isabel, KS

Planning to purchase a wood cook stove. Trying to prepare for emergency living,just in case.

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

If I was buying one new then most likely it would be a Pioneer Maid Wood cook stove. I've never owned one but have been around a couple some. They are well built and have a large fire box, which is unusual in a wood cook stove.

As far as used I suspect the various ones I grew up with would be labeled "antique"

Isabel, KS

Thanks, Doug9345, I was looking at pioneer stoves. They seem to have quite a few good reviews.

Topeka, KS

Im curious to hear from anyone who has actually used one...My question is exactly the same as derbyhat so I jumped on this thread :)

Isabel, KS

Howdy, chkyr6, I've not used one either. I also would like to hear from wood cookstove users. Happy to see a Kansas person here!

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