any bumble bees enthusiasts there??

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

didnt find a thread on here goes..
last yr it seemed like the bees just werent around..bumble bees that is..
reading from some here ..and much to make a BB home/container..
im going to put out 4 or 5 soon...
i hope some BB find what ive made attractive and want to make them their home..and
my plants get the benifit as well
im going to use #10 cans.. and place them all around the property..
??? anyone else do same.. or make other version ..anyone with some yrs of experiece
with atttracting BB ???
much thanks.. hope i can get some BB to make their homes here !!! :)

Frankfort, KY(Zone 6a)

Bumble bees are interesting, I starting two honey bee hives this spring, will get the starter bee April.
A thing I ran into a couple years ago was a Bumble bee nest in the droppings from my rabbits.
I was cleaning out under the cages and under the composting poo and hay was a nest.
It was distorted by my digging, had I known it was there I would have let it alone.
I found this site and I will put out a couple of nest and see what happen.
Keep in touch with your actions.


Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

thanks rentman..ive had similar experience with my bagged up rabbit pooo.. wonder if its the heat
created from as it composts..or they are just rabbit poo fans..??? LOL
im hoping that if i create suitable homes they will set up here and help polinate my tomatoes and
squash.. :)
ive had honey hives before.. just dont think i want to right now.. its great fun though for sure !!!
thanks for the reference...

Land O' Lakes, FL(Zone 9b)

I wish more people were into bumblebees. They are just so neat to watch! I'm glad they don't make much honey, though. I don't think I'd want a whole nest of 'em to deal with when collecting :-P


I started with bees two years ago and love doing it. Dealing with a hive is relatively easy when getting the honey. Since I only have two hives, I don't bother with using a smoker (I would if I had more than 2 hives). I just use a spray bottle with water and peppermint and everyone keeps their cool :)

Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

menkes ~ Do you have honeybees or bumblebees? If you have bumblebees, what did you use for a hive?

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

good ? evelyn.. from my limited research so thinking of trying
#10 cans.. lining them with cardboard against the inside walls..
plans were on BB website..
?? anyone else try this???
reading..i see that "likelyhood" of bb actually making home in my
offerings is very low..
is that others experiences??
bb website findings say as low as less than 10 % offered bb hives are
taken up and habitated..
if i play soft mozart music ..think that would attract more???
lol kidding.. :)
i am going to make a syrup though..and spray on my borage,lavender,rock cress plants
hopefully to give the queens a good start in early spring for food..
?? anyone else do same???
much thanks.. hope more join in...

Frankfort, KY(Zone 6a)

I have an old clay pot 10" dia. I plan to sink it 1/2 way into the dirt, in back of the green house.
I saw plans for it on the link above (I think)
When I get around to , (soon I hope) I will post some photo. Now is the time to get them out.
The queen BB fly when it's still cold, looking for a place to nest, where as Honey Bee do not.
My last project is posted in the 'Vermicomposting Forum'

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

thanks rentman.. i read that queen BB get out early in season looking for place to nest..
i better get mine made up and out.. im going to put out 5 ..and see how many..if any.. get takers
hope some do.. would like more BB in the gardens.. :)
i'll check out your vermiculture post..
thanks all

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