Bromeliads for Novices and Addicts February 2012

Brisbane, Australia

I am so pleased we can now upload up to 5 pics in one post. Will make such a difference, especially with comparison photos able to be in one post.

Question. Is there such a plant as Neoregelia "My Favourite"? I saw one named that on Monday, and it is absolutely stunning! But I can't find anything on the web by that name. And like a dill, I didn't take a pic of it while I was there. I want to start a wish list with pics, and that one is a definite contender.


Bill. Moon Tiger (seedling)
Bill. Sixpence (seedling) very different to the last one I got.
Bill. Champagne Charlie (seedling) also very different to the last one I got.
Bill. Rocky Road (seedling) very different to my red one.

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Brisbane, Australia

Hi, me again

My second attempt at posting with 5 attached photos also disappeared as did my third. It might be timing out as it takes a very long time to upload. I will have to try to downsize the photos as you suggested, Colleen ... but not tonight.

Maybe my earlier posts will turn up at some time in the future and then I will look like a read idiot ... repeating myself again and again.

Anyway, thanks Nev for the ID on the concentrica, thats my neo no. 1. Since I have quite a few without names I identify them by numbers so that I can keep track.

After I took the photos today to put on the forum, I compared them to the photos I had taken of the same broms at time of purchase ... I really have to get them into more light asap. The difference with some of them is quite striking, I knew they were losing colour but had no idea of the degree of change. Seeing them on a daily basis it's less noticeable but comparing photos from when I bought them and now ... a bit depressing really. Please assure me that when they do get into better light they will get their lovely colour back!!!

re the shadecloth ... we tried brooming and brushing and ended up draging out the gurney to clean it up. We are going to replace the old cloth with new but what I am wondering is whether we can do something to stop the lichen (or whatever) from growing on the new stuff ... maybe an occasional spray with fungicide or something ???

Anyway I will have another attempt at uploading just one of my NOID photos and then I had better get off to bed or I'll never get up in the morning

Bye for now, Shirley

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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone,

Colleen – I don’t know how you did that, maybe altered the sizes in the wrong box?

I’d like to draw everyone’s attention to the pic of the little Nidularium in the front left of your picture. For anyone one who’s not familiar with it, the Name is Nidularium campos-portoi and it is a species from Brazil. It is a reasonably small plant which is easy to grow but it is different to most other Nidulariums as the colour just appears on the tips of the leave. It produces pups readily on the end of stolons and these pups are ideal for mounting on trees as they can easily be attached simply by hammering a staple or two over the stolen and into the tree to hold them firmly.

Shirley – Yes, I’ve found that DG sometimes “eats” our posts while we are preparing them or sending them. Those of us that have been caught before usually save our message as we go or in my case I do it on MS Word initially and then cut and paste, it’s then I attach the pic’s. If they get lost I still have the message and can easily try again. So keep trying!

Karen - You’ll definitely have to tell us all how you loaded those four pic’s. It will certainly save us all a lot of time and we’ll all see more pic’s.

As for the plant you ask about; there is one registered as “My Favourite Things” but not just “My Favourite”, but that’s not to say there isn’t one around called “My Favourite”, as not all hybridizers chose to register their plants and there are probably many more hybridizers in this category than there are in the ones who register. Also people often give their NOIDS a “pet name” and that seems to “stick” and get spread around every time the plant is sold or swapped. Sometimes it’s possible to track down the source by working backwards from the person who owned the plant and where they got it from.

Shirley – Brom’s and light; it’s a very topical subject, and yes light does play a very important part in the colour. I have found it is much easier to lose the colour by moving plants to a lower light area than it is to get the colour back by moving them back to a high light area. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s a much slower process. Usually when I re-pot plants I put them on the floor of the vriesea and Guzmania shade house (which is lower light than the others) to let them settle in a bit before they are taken to their permanent home. Sometimes (very often) I get side tracked with another job and they are overlooked and the weeks drag on before I get around to re-locating them and by that time the colour is gone.

I can’t help you with a preventative for the lichen re-growth while the shade cloth is still on the roof except to suggest that maybe regular hosing would prevent it from re-growing. I don’t know if a fungicide will kill it and I think that any specific “killer” you spray to kill the lichen would probably harm the brom’s below as well. There are products to kill and prevent re-growth and you would need to do a search on “Google” to locate them; either that or speak with the horticulturalist at your local nursery or Bunnings, but make sure you tell them that it’s on shade cloth above other plants and question whether or not it would harm these other plants.

That’s about it for now but first a few random pic's I took after the rain.

All the best, Nev.

Vr. Red Chestnut

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shellharbour, Australia

Neo. concentrica x Rosea Striata

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shellharbour, Australia

Neo concentrica x Painted Lady

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shellharbour, Australia

Nidularium NOID

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Vr Hieroglyphica

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barmera, Australia

Hi everyone. Nev you're getting a lovely lot of Vrieseas there now. Are you going to breed with them? Hey Nev you missed the 5pics in one option. After you put the first pic up there'll be another chance to put the next one , then the same for the next 3. I think it's wonderful. All those pics that have just been sitting there waiting in line to be put up will get shown sooner. It is also great for side by side shots to show differences in plants. Well the back garden gets the new watering system today. Tanks will go in and then I pray for rain to fill them. Colleen

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Queensland, Australia

Hi Everyone, wow I had no idea we can upload more than one photo now, yipeee. Pity I don't have new ones to share yet, lol. Have some packages coming this week though, he he he.
Yeah Shirley it's frustrating when the upload doesn't work, and be warned that sometimes your whole post can vanish, we have all had that happen and that is really annoying. Nev always recommends writing your post in something like Microsoft Word and then copying it into here, so if it vanishes in here, you still have it sitting there in your word document.
I get lazy and just write straight into here, then it happens again and I lose a whole post and I kick myself and go back to using word again, lol.
I can't help with that particular ID I'm not good at too many ID's yet and not red spotty ones, lol. There are so many of them. But keep adding them and you might get some named. :)
Nice Bills Karen, well done :)
I got a nice new one yesterday called Neo On Target.
Also last night on Facebook there was a big discussion going on the "anna" series. There are a lot of Anna followed by a number, Neo's out there that apparently did get named. I did a lot of leg work on this months ago to try and find what my Neo Anna 63 is, as I had heard a lot of them did get named. I got no where with my research last time but now a bit of a list is being put together,, I'll cut and paste the doc that has been started from Planet Bromeliad on Facebook.

Catlan Anna series
Anna #1 Mad Max (FCBS/BCR)
Anna #5 = Hyperball (FCBS/BCR)
Anna #10 = Wonder of Wonders (FCBS/BCR)
Sport of #38 = Absolutely Fabulous (FCBS/BCR)
Anna #40 = Hot Gossip (FCBS/BCR)
Anna #63 = Jaws Too

Pedro, (Peter Tristram) also commented that " Hyperball = Heck as far as I remember" and "Neo Milagro, which looks just like Garnish which looks just like Wild Gossip, which = Anna 39 from memory."

This might help some people with the Anna type neos.

My dispute or confusion that I raised with this, is that I have Anna 63 which is supposed to = Jaws Too, but it's not. And someone else put up a photo of there Anna 63 which was much like mine and agreed it's NOT Jaws Too. Also when you go to the BCR site there are 3 photos of Jaws Too, and the first one is apparently WRONG. the first one is the reverse colours. Jaws Too is albomarginated (white on the outer edge of the leaf) and green in the middle, where as the first photo looks more like "Yang" which is the reverse, green on the edge and white in the middle.... more like Anna 63 in my humble opinion.
Phew what a mouthful.

well just tried 4 photos... didn't work, doh!!! Lucky I did copy this post, lol. Or I would of lost it.

Try again... smaller files coming up....

Ok so far we have made it to the preview step.... so First pic is Neo Jaws Too, then Jaws, then Neo Yin and finally Neo Anna 63.
First three all so similar, last one is opposite.

Hope it works when I hit send.....


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Brisbane, Australia

Fantastic pics everyone. This is great to see.

For those having problems uploading their pics, you do need to make them smaller as, for example, my originals are like over 4 megabytes each! This is huge, and even an email would have trouble sending them. As there are so many programs for resizing, I can't help there, but try this before you try anything else.

Right click on your photo, and see what comes up in the box. I have the option in mine to Resize photo, I click on that, then get the option of small, medium or large. Small is the size I use mostly. This is a little extra built into my computer, but you might have it too as part of your program. Its worth a try.


Hi everyone. isn't it good to see so many new ones joining in on this forum. I like DG ... it feels like a more select group of friends rather than the open slather of FB.
Kristi we use a product called rogor to stop grasshoppers and scale. We have enough broms to make it up in a very large commercial sprayer that was given to us by a pest control man when he retired from the business. Hubby fills it about 6 times or more to spray our whole collection. We also keep spray can of it for one off plants we discover with a bit of scale between sprays.

Well we went down to Gold Coast today and found the task we went for was finished by lunchtime so we went to Southport spit for a spot of lunch before returning to Brisbane. We planned to call in on Catlans on way home however. ..... as we passed Seaworld we thought as we had purchased VIP passes which last till end of June and we hadn't used them yet we would call in and stay for an hour or so. We probably spent that long in the shark bay watching the fish, sharks and corals etc. It was amazing. we kept going downstairs to underwater viewing then back up to look down into water then back downstairs again. I got so many photos and videos. We also spent a bit of time in large penguin area. Those guys know how to pose for the pics. Whenever someone held up a camera 3 or 4 of them would move to that section of the window and look strait at the camera. Then there was a bunch of fat ones who just stood on a rocky section and didn't move. We wondered why until one lifted up her tummy to show us her egg. We then realised they all had that pouch which sat on the ground at their feet and obviously were keeping the eggs warm. We kept going back to the polar bear enclosure but they just weren't being cooperative today. Sometimes there would be one out on the rocks but as soon as we got downstairs to view they would go up on the top of the rocks so we would walk back out to top and it would go back inside for a rest. never saw one in the water.
Anyway Johnny suggested we go on the rides. Yes I was amazed at that suggestion too LOL. Anyway first we went on the vikings revenge flume ride. Johnny said if we sat towards the back we wouldn't get splashed by the water. He lied. I was in front of him and we got very wet but it was so much fun. Can't wait to take the grandkids on that one. Then he wanted to go on the Viper rollercoaster. I thought he would change his mind when we got closer but there was no lineup at all so suddenly we were at the gate but they held us back for next group so we watched the previous group go round. There was only 4 of us in line so we had the pick of the seats. We opted not to sit in the very front row and offered that to the young foreign couple behind us. But a lot of them getting off ran round and got straight back on. They told Johnny to take his hat off but he said he nearly lost his teeth instead. They told us to keep our heads pressed back to the head rest but how do you do that when it throws you from side to side (my ears will never forgive me for the bashing on the side of that headrest) then flips you completely upside down not once but several times. Then when it gets back to platform it stops so suddenly that you are thrown forward. It was then I realised I had my eyes shut for most of it so now I have to go again to see what I missed LOL.
Anyway it was such a really lovely day and we can go back again and again with that VIP pass.
Oh and I didn't see any bromeliads growing in their extensive gardens. They looked lovely but lacked that one element.

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sorry next post disappeared along with the 5 pics. That lost pic shows the mother penguins just behind the poser. Those ones on the rocks were the ones with the eggs under their sagging bellies. One was kind enough to pic up her tummy to show us her egg. They obviously love the interaction and attention from the public.

This pic is in the dolphin nursery. They are young dolphins who are learning to throw the ball to the public. Sometimes they got it right and someone could catch the ball and throw it back but sometimes it just hit the rocks and went back in the water. They would launch themselves right up onto the rocks so people could reach down and pat their noses. They were so friendly, spitting or flicking water at us and looking up and making noises like they were talking to us.

Best day ever and we will definatley go back again.


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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone,

I was sitting quietly having a “cuppa” yesterday morning when there was a soft knock on the door. By the time I had got to the door and opened it, there was no one there but there were three cardboard boxes, one of which was very large and quite heavy. Yes, you’ve guessed it, they all contained brom’s which were swaps from some of my forum “brom mates” and had obviously been delivered by my courier lady. These were all swaps I had arranged, but never expected them to all turn up at the same time as they were from three different states.

Well it was a bit like Christmas with these boxes to open and not remembering what I had swapped, but by the time I had unpacked them all, I had a nice assortment of Neoregelias, Nidulariums, Billbergias, and a couple of little Orthophytums; my swaps had turned into quite a nice little collection.

Straight away I gave them “the treatment” which I give all plants as soon as I receive them in the post and it’s probably a tip worth passing on as it was passed on to me a few years back by a prominent brom grower who is often mentioned on these forums. Apparently he’s used it for many years and right back to when he would get orchids through the post and the mail was much slower than it is now.

Some plants arrive in good condition, others arrive a bit knocked around; this is all reflective of the way they were packed in the first place and the way they are handled in transit. No matter what their condition, they are all suffering from a greater or lesser degree of dehydration and in need of a “pick-me-up”.

I provide this in the form of a cup of raw sugar dissolved in a bucket of water. I then stand the plants in a polystyrene broccoli box, pour this mixture into the cups and the bottom of the box. I then give them a good all over spray with the hose and they are left to stand in this for up to 12 hours depending on their condition. It’s surprising just how well this helps them to bounce back; even vrieseas which have been wrapped up and the leaves cramped in unnatural positions will quickly regain their shape again and “spread their wings” so to speak. Give it a try next time you receive plants through the post.

Colleen – Yes I do have a few nice vrieseas, but I don’t have any intention of breeding with them myself as I only have space for Neoregelias which are my favourites. I’ll sometimes fertilise the vrieseas with pollen that’s sent to me by other growers if I think there’s a possibility of something good being produced, but I’ll share the seed around among my friends and let them take it from there. All I have to do now is study this new “thingy” that will let me post more than one pic at a time and learn how to use it.

Tash – Yes, after having lost a few posts (eaten up by DG and sent into cyber space never to be seen again) I usually now do everything in MS Word first. I know this probably seems like extra work, but when you type as slowly as I do, it's time well spent.

Good luck with trying to sort out the “Anna” dilemma, but I think it’s just so mixed up now with names registered from Australia and others from overseas and plants which have long been circulating with incorrect identities that it’s nearly impossible to sort out.

I think I once told you of my thoughts about the naming process and the way the BCR operates, and nothing has changed, nor will it ever change, because some hybridizers refuse to register plants and just release them with an unregistered name while other growers will continue to give NOIDS their own pet names, (again unregistered). Then there's some of the big professionals who mass produce plants by tissue culture (in their thousands) and flood the country with identical plants with just the same generic name of “Bromeliad” on the label which further adds to the confusion, as this encourages people to give these plants their own name (all different again) as well. Plus you have some nurseries who will even change a correctly registered name to something sounding more attractive to the purchasing public just to make more sales. Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah.

Karen – Thanks for the resizing advice, I’ll give it a try when I finish this, but I don’t hold out much hope, because if something can be stuffed up, I’m usually the one to do it!

Wendy – Yes Rogor, along with a few others are very effective sprays as long as you know what you’re doing and have all the correct protective gear as it is also very toxic to humans and animals. It is a personal choice based on experience and knowledge of the product and adhering strictly to the safety instructions. I recommended Confidor as it’s on the lower end of the toxic scale and does the same job. I went to a recent “workshop” held by Bunnings and one of the topics was insecticides, fungicides and weedicide. The sales rep from each company did his presentation and they all recommended Confidor as the safest for the average gardener, even though not all the companies they represented made it.

Two areas of advice when using any of these “systemic” products; remember “systemic” means it’s absorbed into the plant’s system and very effectively works from the inside against bugs that suck the sap; but it can also be absorbed into your system and poison you if you don’t use the correct protective equipment. The other very important point is to ALWAYS THOROUGHLY READ THE INSTRUCTIONS - ESPECIALLY THE BIT ABOUT SKIN CONTACT OR INGESTION - MOST IMPORTANTLY READ THE RECOMMENDED FIRST AID TREATMENT IN THE EVENT OF ACCIDENTAL CONTAMINATION.

Wendy it sounds like you and Johnny were like a couple of kids again, gee I wish I could have been there too as I loved roller coasters and haven’t been on one since I was at Expo in Brisbane many years ago. That one was probably a bit tame by some of today’s ones but I remember my daughter’s friend was sitting beside me and I still carry the scars of her finger nails on my left arm today. The main thing I wasn’t prepared for was when it finished, it continued past the station and kept going, up, up, up to the top of a pretty high slope and then returned backwards down and around a corner and into the station. I, like everyone else was disoriented and leaning the wrong way when it was going backwards and it was certainly something different. I have fond memories of SeaWorld as well as we went there probably about forty years ago with all of our three kids and had a great day as part the most wonderful holiday we had ever had. It seems like you both had a great day and got some great pic’s as well, thanks for sharing and bringing back some wonderful memories for me.

Well here goes, time to try the new picture thing.

All the best, Nev.

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shellharbour, Australia

Well I'm back and feeling pretty proud of myself, I got it first time!

I did forget to add the names however and you must remember these were all random shots and the plants hadn't been prepared or cleaned so I apologise for the dust and cobwebs on some.

The first pic is of a Billbergia seedling called Bill. Fred Red x Hallelujah; Second is Neoregelia Hannibal Lector, this is one you either love or hate, and I hate the prickly bloody thing! Third is the beautiful Nidularium Madonna and the last one is a group of Vrieseas with hieroglyphica on the left of two of my different (supposedly) Vriesea Red Chestnuts.

Well that's about it, I'll be back again in the morning all going well.

All the best, Nev.

Brisbane, Australia

Good going Nev. The pics look great, and you did it. Must be exciting to get all those broms in one day. I got one parcel yesterday, a mini neo. called Buccaneer. I'm excited getting that one. Do you have Lilliputiana, the miniature neo? I have a tiny pup ready to go if you don't. Its just a single pup, as the plant is still small, and seems to be slow to grow.

Will have to spend some time potting up my billbergias today. I'll run out of pots though. The rest will have to wait until the weekend when I can get some more.

Wendy, I've never been there, but wow it sounds like you had a great time. As for the rides though, I'd probably throw up. Travel sickness has been part of my life since the day I was born, and I don't think those rides would be much fun for me. Must ask Barry if he's ever been. Never thought to before.

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Queensland, Australia

Hi everyone, yaaaa I got two lovely brom boxes today, yipeeeee. Love getting broms in the mail.
Wendy thanks so much for the Painted Delight, it was cheaper than the one I originally had and already has more colour, so I am very happy with it, thanks so much :)
The other box was from a someone in our Facebook brom group and they are just stunning too! Very happy, all arrived in fantastic condition and all are lovely broms.
I have them soaking :)
Wendy it sounds like you and Johnny had a ball, definitely sound like a pair of kids, so glad you had so much fun.
Yup Nev, I'm not about to worry myself with the Anna stuff, anyone who wants to tell me Anna 63 is Jaws Too, I will just look sideways at. LOL
I personally have some very spirited opinions about the whole registry of brom names, can't say I agree with how it's done. Too many plants that look way too similar to me and too many that get added with unknown parentage, which to me is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard. My opinion is probably a hard one and very black and while one, but in my opinion.... no lineage.... no registration! At least a seed parent should be given, I can totally understand the pollen parent being unknown. And yes there are times when the seed parent might be a NOID so it might be truly unknown lineage, but then I still think it shouldn't be registered. You can't register a litter of puppies without all the lineage.... no matter how nice they are! Or perhaps there is a better method allowing for NOID's to be used, as some are stunning, but just plainly saying unknown parentage, should not be allowed in my opinion, it just allows hybridisers to pretend they don't know what it is, or claim to own something they don't, or just not give the lineage for fear of someone trying to copy.
Anyway enough of that, see you got me going Nev, lol.
Well we had a power cut from 4 til 9 last night, bliming heck it was hot and yukky. I went and brought a thermometer today when I went to the post office, and I have it sitting at my desk.... 35 degrees C inside at my desk, blukkkkkkkkk.
Ok I had better go, will post some pics of the newbies later,

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Sounds like y'all have had another fine day. I always admire the photos and a trip to seaworld sounds delightful ~ although I could do without the rides. I almost got dizzy reading Wendys' description! Never could stand that.

Thanks Wendy and Nev for the answer on the scale spray. I had just finished reading up on it when Nev posted further information. I am sure that is a task when you folks have that many Broms.

I like being able to post a series of photos but it does make it difficult to ID specific photos in the series. Nev, congratulations on sending them without a problem. You mentioned receiving a couple of Orthophytums... do you know which ones?

If no one minds, I'd like to try the series photos with a few Orthophytums I have recently acquired. They are rather plain after looking at the beautiful colors on everyones' Bromeliads.

In order, O. brown turkey ~ O. guerkenii ~ O. copper penny ~ O. Warren Loose ~ O. saxicola

Please say the word if you think any are misnamed. Kristi

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Brisbane, Australia

Great that new plants are adding to our collections. Tash, looking forward to seeing your newbies too. Kristi, I know nothing about Orthophytums, but these look fine to me. First and fourth look sort of furry?

I ran out of pots, as I expected, so am trying to be patient for the weekend so I can get some more. I've got larger pots, but need smaller ones for the billbergias. Still haven't finished dividing some plants either. No excuse there, they need the larger pots.

Feeling a bit out of focus this morning so will come back later when/if my head clears.


shellharbour, Australia

Good morning everyone,

Well the rain's back again, it’s been pouring all night, really bucketing down. It looks like I’ll set myself up in the garage today and get a bit more potting done. I potted up all the new arrivals yesterday and made the long overdue start on the Billbergias.

Karen – I had a problem with travel sickness for many years until a friend who goes out in the ocean fishing told me about AVIL Tablets. They are made as an antihistamine but are a very effective treatment against travel sickness also and since using them, no more problems.

Tash – Seems like a bit of my whinge about the “plant naming “process has rubbed off on you also. I just don’t bother about it anymore. Any seedlings I sell or swap that are unregistered are sold with the formula name and not the name I give them for my own identification. As for other plants, well anyone who has purchased or swapped plants from my list will have seen the following disclaimer:

“All of my plants carry the names which I purchased them under and may not all be correct, as often growers give plants their ‘pet names’ when the true names are unknown. However to minimise confusion if you select a plant where there is doubt about the name being correct, I can take a picture and send it to you so that you know exactly what you are purchasing/swapping”.

I also once bought a thermometer for the shade house so I could keep track of temperatures and work out at just which temperature these plants grow at their best. I think I’ve probably looked at it only once or twice in the five years I’ve has it. I have worked out that if I feel comfortable with the temperature and humidity, so do my plants. If I don’t, the plants don’t either, it’s that simple. Anyway, what can I do about the temperature and humidity anyway? I’m certainly not going to build an expensive temperature controlled green house. Firstly, I couldn’t afford such a luxury and secondly if my plants were growing under those conditions, I couldn’t say I grew them then, the temperature controlled environment grew them for me, so where’s the challenge in that?

Wendy – Your plants arrived here safely and I love the little Orthophytums, especially the variegated one. What were the other two (the same) that also were small but with much thicker foliage, were they Orthophytums also?

Kristi – Thanks for sharing the pic’s of your Orthophytums with us, as for the ones I got from Wendy, one had Orthophytum var on the name which I took to mean “variegated” as it was a variegated plant and the other was a NOID ?, either that or I've lost the tag. I don’t have too many of these, just those ones and saxicola and another I don’t remember the name of at the present.

I saw a pic of one several years ago and I think it is a most attractive plant which I would love to have in my collection, but no one seems to have it. The name is Orthophytum humile and it is a species. I copied a picture out of a magazine once which I’ll attach for everyone to see. If anyone knows where I can get it, please let me know.

Well I’ll go and see if I can find a few more pic’s to post and then go and have breakfast and get an early start on the re-potting. I’ll see you all again tomorrow hopefully. [By the way I left a name out on one of yesterdays pic’s, it was the 4th in the group and it is Neoregelia ‘Midnight Moment’]

All the best, Nev.

First pic is Orthophytum humile, 2nd. Nidularium Ruby Lee, 3rd. Neoregelia ‘Powder Puff’, 4th Neoregelia concentrica x Painted Lady [sport], 5th Vriesea ‘Megan’

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Brisbane, Australia

Hi, just a quick hello to let you know I'm still around. Just been really busy ... mostly appointments and boring stuff and not achieving much at home. I will add a photo of a couple more of my unnamed neos ... if anyone can give them a name that would be great.

I am absolutely in awe of everyone elses brom collections !!!

Bye for now, Shirley

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Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Karen, hoping you are feeling better by now. Interesting comment on the furry Orthophytums. The leaves are textured and look matted. There are a couple of spots on the fourth plants' leaves that are smooth but I have no idea why.

Nev ~ your Orthophytum humile is absolutely lovely and I can see why you have desired it for years. That is one we would all admire. Thanks for sharing the photo.

And again, I am drawn to your fifth photo the Vriesea ~ Megan. Is it a large plant?

Shirley, I agree about being in awe of these amazing collections! Kristi

Hi all.
Just to let you know both Johnny and I have had sore necks and headaches since we went to Seaworld. I don't think our heads were meant to go flying like they did on that rollercoaster. Our kids can't even believe that we went on that viper ride. I can't believe Johnny suggested it let alone went on it. Won't be doing it again that's for sure.

We have a little guest for a sleepover tonight so I must get to bed early in case she is up early in the morning. I'm so tired all the time lately. Must be all the late nights on the computer.

Nev from memory i sent you 2 pieces of orthophytum vagans but one didn't show too much variegation. It might get more as it grows. The other one was in the same pot but I think we wrongly put it there when they were given to us. I will check the name on the other pot for you and post pics tomorrow night. I haven't taken pic of the other ones yet. These pics are of the orthophytums we have pics of.... they are: o nova, o starlight, and o vagans


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Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Oh yes! I hope those colors on your Orthophytums are what I will have to look forward to this summer! I really like that last one. Very pretty. Kristi

shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone,

Well it rained again yesterday and really hammered down again last night, but since I got up this morning it hasn’t rained again, nevertheless it looks like more re-potting today as well.

I don’t think I’ll be much help with the ID’s. I like the first plant and judging by the evidence of concentric rings on the leaves I would almost certainly say it is a concentrica hybrid, but apart from that I couldn’t say. The second one seems to me to have a little bit of Neo Olens about it and judging by the colour, I think if it’s grown in the maximum light it will accept without damage then it should colour up to almost yellow. They’re both nice plants and grown under the correct light conditions should both colour up nicely and perhaps you could post another pic somewhere down the track.
Kristi - My plant of Vriesea ‘Megan’ is only about 16”across which I guess you could say is “large” compared to some plants but it isn’t large when compared to other patterned leaf Vrieseas such as hieroglyphica which will sometimes get to a metre across.

Wendy – They’re nice looking little plants but my favourite is the variegated one in the last pic. I never used to like these succulent type brom’s but I must admit they have grown on mw ever since I say a pic of Orth. sucrei in an over-full basket, it was quite spectacular.

Today’s pic’s will be firstly the one of the Orth. Sucrei mentioned above followed by some of the marble throated Neoregelias.

Firstly Neo 'Allan's Marbles', then Neo. 'Marble Pink', next is Neo. 'Pink River' and finally Neo Ice White River'
All the best, Nev.

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Brisbane, Australia

Ooh, I just found you can't remove pics once you've put them in to load even before you upload. Darn. Oh well, Bit of a double up, but here goes.

Some confusion. I had the first one named Ae. Orlandiana, and the small inset ring in in the second pic named Ae. Bert. Now I am wondering if I got the two names mixed up and on the wrong plants. Anyone know?

Overcast here today. Don't know if we'll get any rain though. Supposed to be going down the Coast tomorrow, so it had better be fine then.

Nev, some beautiful neos there. I particularly like Marble Pink. Do the Avil tablets make you sleepy? The ones I used to take knocked me off my feet and the trips were spoiled anyway. Might as well just not go. I'm good in cars now except on mountainous roads that wind and twist. Boats are a no-no.

Wendy, I hope you and Johnny are feeling a lot better this morning. Maybe you need a check up, as prolonged tiredness isn't right.

Hi Shirley and Kristi. And hi to other popping in.


Thumbnail by DawnSong Thumbnail by DawnSong

Hi all. We had a visitor last Sunday during our sale. They came back from holidays in Darwin and brought us a present. Not sure if I mentioned this or not but anyhow I have attached a pic of our present they brought us. Nev and Tash, I included pups in your parcels this week. Hope you found them. Nev I think I forgot to put your note in saying what I had included. SOrry if you were confused. The ananas pups were put in last minute.

Oops I don't have the option for uploading more than one pic. wonder what happened since yesterday?


Thumbnail by perke_patch
Brisbane, Australia

Wow, Wendy, is it normal for ananas to have so many pups at once?

Does anyone have a mini neo Purple Grape? I was wondering if anyone had a pup to spare? Otherwise, can anyone tell me if the pups of this plant are green or yellow (or anything else)? There is one on eBay, but the pup is so green, nothing at all like the mother plant pictured, and which has yellow pups. I'm not being picky, just confused.


Brisbane, Australia

Hello again …

Thanks again for the help with the IDs. Nev, I will try to remember to do as you suggest and post another pic of these broms down the track, but with my poor memory, chances aren’t real good. Thanks for the info on the “treatment” you give plants you receive in the mail. I received a few myself earlier that same day but had already ‘processed’ them before reading your post … next time I will give it a try for sure.

Colleen you mention buying plants from other forum members. Is there a site somewhere where members list plants they have for sale? Most of my recent purchases have been thru eBay … some of them good, others a bit disappointing.

Anyway, we plan to get up early and head off to the market tomorrow morning (if it’s not raining). I have purchased a few broms at the markets but these are often without names. I keep saying I won’t buy a plant without a name but then I see something I like and … another ‘nameless’ beauty !!!

I have moved my broms to another area but I’m not sure it’s a whole lot better than the last spot. I may have to move them out into the gardens till we get the shadehouse sorted.

I will attach “before” and “after” photos of a brom that was one of my favourites but which has lost most of its’ gorgeous colouring. It is another of my NOIDs and quite similar to one of the last lot I attached but with a more upright rosette. If anyone can ID it, that would be great. I did see one on eBay which looked very similar which was named ‘molten edge’.

I’ll sign off for now and get an early night … even though it’s raining at the moment and we probably won’t need to get an early start in the morning … oh well … the best laid plans etc etc.

Cheers, Shirley

PS Karen, I found I could load a second photo over the top of another one and this replaces the original. Love how you have split the photo ... looks great.

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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone,

Well it looks like a fine day (I did say “looks like”), I said the same yesterday but it was raining again by two o’clock.

I hope it doesn’t rain today though as we have the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the founding of The Illawarra Light Railway Museum Society ( and we are presenting the two remaining founding members with a special plaque in appreciation for all the hours they have given over this period.

Karen – I found that when I loaded pictures by mistake I could just highlight the “code” (I don’t know if this is the right term) and just hit the delete button.

Whatever the names of your plants either orlandiana or Bert, I just love the dark “fingernails” on the tip of the leaves. Bert is a hybrid of orlandiana anyway (orlandiana x fosteriana) so that’s why it’s often mistaken for orlandiana; it carries similar markings.

The Avil tablets don’t make me sleepy but they do have that effect on some people. Probably best to just try half a tab and see what the reaction is.

Wendy – Well you’ve now solved that problem and I now know what the other pups were. I don’t know how they’ll grow down her but I’ll give them a go in the warmest spot I can find. Those pineapples are a bit unusual (for us down here anyway), I’ve never seen any that colour before. Is it called Ananas ‘rubra’ do you know?

I hope they haven’t taken that option of loading multiple pic’s away just when we were getting used to it, but I guess I’ll find out in a few minutes anyhow.

Karen – I’m sorry I can’t help you with your question about the pup of Purple Grape. I hadn’t even heard of it until you mentioned it, but when I looked it up, I found it is a hybrid of Neo ‘Fireball x ‘Granada’. I have one that is very similar but it still carries a formula name (‘Fireball x ‘Granada’) so maybe it was named after it was released under formula and mine is in fact Neo. 'Purple Grape' also?

As for the colour, there are three things you need to remember when buying plants from a photo on Ebay or anywhere else:

Firstly the photo may not be a true representation of the plant depending on what stage of its life the pic was taken.

If it is a pup of a coloured plant, it may still be uncoloured and just showing green until it’s mature

The picture can vary a great deal depending on many factors, e.g. The quality of the photo, film type or digital camera, where it was taken, the time of the day, the intensity of the light, the age of the plant etc will all have a vast bearing on the colour of the plant and how it appears in the picture. They say the camera doesn’t lie, but believe me it does, in fact it tells big “Porkies” sometimes!

Finally I would say that although buying pups is the least expensive way to buy plants, it does have its risks if you’re buying from someone you don’t know or haven’t dealt with before. Pups often look very similar when they’re young and usually are always green in colour and nothing like the plant they are supposed to be. I had a look at the pic’s on Ebay and I can certainly understand your confusion as the pup advertised is very different in colour to the one shown on the plant. The explanation may be that the pup on the purple coloured plant has been grown in strong light and the other pup is from a plant grown in low light or shade. The other thing is does any of your friends know the seller or have dealt with them before. I know that on “Face book”, Tash published a list of "preferred" brom sellers who were known and trusted, and if you’re reading this Tash, maybe you could post the list here as well please.

Shirley – As for buying plants from other members, yes there are other members from this site who sell and swap plants. It’s just a matter of asking for anyone who does to send you their list, (and hopefully it won’t be like mine and never up to date).

I know that Wendy, Sue and I sell plants by mail and possibly Tash and Jen also, so maybe this is another job for Tash now the kids are back to school, and she could compile a list for us all to use?

Sorry, I can’t ID your plant for you, but Neo ‘Molten Edge’ was a hybrid bred by Bob Larnach of Wyee NSW and does look very similar. I love the colour of the one on the left, which I assume is the plant on the right before you moved it to a new location? There are two main reasons why your plant could have lost its colour; firstly you have moved it to a more shady area than where it was previously grown or secondly, you have fertilized it with a “high nitrogen fertilizer”.

Finally, as mail order has been mentioned, I thought you may be interested in a short article I once wrote about brom’s and postage: (I hope it doesn’t overload DG and make it “self destruct”)

N.Wood 2008

When collecting bromeliads most of us usually acquire them in either of the two most common ways; we swap them with other growers or buy them from the society’s sales tables, other local growers, markets, local nurseries or stores such as K Mart, Bunnings, Big W etc.

The problem with this is, eventually everyone finishes up with the similar types of plants, quite apart from the fact that plants purchased at the larger stores are usually unnamed.

There comes a stage when there is nothing different around to add to your collection and we then look to other avenues to purchase/swap something different.

As there are no specialist bromeliad nurseries in our local area this search takes us to mail order suppliers some distance from home and quite often interstate. They may be nurseries, they may be other growers who sell/swap plants or they may be on line sellers such as Ebay or similar.

Before placing an order always try and establish what sort of reputation the seller has. Are they well known? Do they have a good percentage rating for satisfaction if on line sellers? Do they come recommended by a friend who has previously dealt with them? Are they recommended by a particular bromeliad society?

Once we decide who we will purchase the plants from we need to know how we will get them. Unless we want to physically drive there to get our plants we usually have to rely on mail order and delivery by post or courier.

Most mail order nurseries are usually experienced in how to pack plants for posting, however due to the length of time in the package or the temperature (hot or cold) during the period they are wrapped up; when the plants arrive they will usually be suffering from a lesser or greater degree of stress.

To quickly alleviate this you need to be able provide the new plants with the correct treatment when you get them.

It also helps when initially ordering the plants to send some delivery instructions with your order. (These can be given to the courier) e.g. “If not at home leave on the porch beside the wall on the right”. The reason for this is that the wall on the left may get full afternoon sun and if they’re left there they will cook. These little instructions all help to minimise plant stress.

Pick them up if at the (Post Office) ASAP and follow the recommendations in step A

Step A
Unpacking plants:

1. Open box as soon as it arrives.

2. Be careful not to lose any loose notes or name tags which may have become detached and be in the box.

3. Carefully un-wrap plants being careful not to lose name tags which may have just been tucked between leaves.

**4. Bare-rooted plants will sometimes appear wrinkled and mis-shaped when first unpacked (like a butterfly when it first comes out of its cocoon) this is because they have been confined in an unnatural position and lost some of their fluid content due to dehydration. (No opportunity to absorb moisture from circulating air) This often happens no matter how carefully they were packed especially with softer leaved plants which suffer the most.

5. First, lay plants on a flat surface in the shade and give a good gentle hosing to completely wet the plants.

6. Take a cup of raw sugar and dissolve it in a bucket of tap water

7. Give plant/s a good dunking to ensure the leaves have been saturated with this liquid and that the well in the centre of the plant is full of the liquid also. Then stand upright in the bucket all day or even over night, occasionally re-dunking the whole plant again a couple of times throughout the day.

8. The next day, carefully examine the plants for insects or signs of disease and if apparent treat as required. If clean, then plant, pot or mount them and give a thorough watering and place in a shady location.

9. As a really good "pick-me-up" give a good drenching of “Seasol” following the mixing instructions for "stressed plants" or "transplanting"

10 Keep in the shade for a few days until plants have regained their original shape and then gradually acclimatise them to your conditions. (Not too much bright light at first)

When you’re selling or swapping plants and they have to be sent by post or courier, the way you initially prepare them for the trip will have a large impact of the condition in which they arrive at their destination.

To afford them the best chance of arriving in good condition, follow the recommendations in Step B.

Step B
Packing plants:

1. When preparing for post, I usually give the plants a good watering three days before removing them from the pot. Remove from the pot, clean and thoroughly wash the plants out the day before posting. Leave any bits of bark attached to the roots if it won't wash free. Allow to air dry overnight and whatever you do, don’t wrap wet plants!!! This will accentuate any damage caused by extreme heat or cold during transit as will wrapping them in plastic.

2. Wrap a little bit of foil around the root section or if it's an un-rooted pup, around the base where the cut was made. (This helps prevent dehydration if the plants are held up in transit). This rarely happens and I find if I send or receive plants by normal postage they are usually here in three or four days, even from far north Queensland.

3. When wrapping, don't use plastic wraps, use only sufficient newspaper to hold the plant firmly in position (one or two sheets) as too much will also drag moisture from the plant. If there are different size plants to be packed, protect the small ones in a cardboard cylinder. Depending on the size of the plant you can use the centre from a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll or Post Office tubes of different sizes.

4. Gently but firmly wrap plant so that the leaves are confined and don't spread too much, but not so firmly that they are folded or creased. ** See unpacking. 4.-10.

5. Tape name tag securely on the outside of the wrapped plant.

6. Use a box that is just large enough to contain the plant/s if possible, too large a box will allow the plant/s to move around and if handled roughly may result in damage. A box that is too large will also increase postage/freight charges, remember your postage/freight charges are based on the size of the box as well as weight.

7. Fill empty spaces with styro-foam packing biscuits or crumpled up newspaper to prevent plants from moving around in transit.

8. Seal box well so that it cannot pop open and lose the plants. Air holes are not really necessary but if they are already in the box they will do no harm.

9. Clearly mark the address on the top of the box and check that it is correct.

10. Clearly mark the sender's address on the side of the box (in smaller text).

11. Mark box on two sides to indicate it contains live plants the words "LIVE PLANTS" are sufficient.

12. Usually, post on Mondays only; as this will prevent unnecessary stop-overs in mail exchanges over weekends.


Now some pic's: These are all my seedlings. The first is a xNiduregelia x ?, 2nd Neo Concentrica x [Charm x Craker Jack] 3rd Another Neo. Concentrica x [Charm x Cracker Jack], 4th Neo. Painted Lady (sport) x Ferny Grove, 5th Neo. (Charm x Cracker Jack) x Self

All the best, Nev.

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north coast nsw, Australia

Got a new Ae. Orlandiana 'pink form' and the last pic is a pup from my original one. I swapped the mother for the pink form.

Thumbnail by breeindy Thumbnail by breeindy Thumbnail by breeindy
north coast nsw, Australia

heres my Vriesea' full sun

Thumbnail by breeindy Thumbnail by breeindy Thumbnail by breeindy
Brisbane, Australia

Hi all,

OK ... second attempt … my first attempt at this post disappeared. I have now resized my photos and will try again.

Nev, thanks for the article on broms and postage and for the info on neo ‘molten edge’. Yes, the one on the left is the same one on the right, before moving it into too much shade.

Breeindy, I love your vrieseas … but I thought they needed to be in a shady spot. Looks like I had better plan on moving my vrieseas as well as the neos. I know most of the alcantareas like full sun and I have learned (by mistake) that neos like very good light. So am I right in thinking that guzmanias and nidulariums need more shade.

Anyway, we managed to get up early and head off to the market. There were less stallholders than normally and according to a couple of them, less buyers too. It was sooo HOT, I can understand sensible people staying away.

I bought a very pretty nidularium leprosa with a couple of nice pups (pic no 1), and a little fella, sold only as ‘some type of bromeliad’ which I am hoping someone can ID for me (pic no 2) as well as a nice alcantarea imperialis in a 10” pot which I thought was a steal at $15.00 (pics 3 and 4 – sorry about the inclusion of the toes). I almost bought an alcantarea extensa of similar size for the same price but had already purchased a few succulents and far exceeded the plant budget for the week.

It seems I am not over my “succulentitis” after all ... thought I had it under control after contracting “bromeliaditis”. The combination of the two will certainly cause a serious case of budget deficit-itis, not to mention bank strain.

I had better go now and find something to do in a nice cool spot. If any of these names incorrect, please let me know.

Thanks, Shirley

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barmera, Australia

Hi everyone. It's great to see all the pics. They all look lovely together. I have a few of my own to put up. Nev, your a wealth of information. Love it. Shirley, maybe you can D-mail Wendy and see if she's close enough for you to visit her to have a look at what she has for sale. Lots I know. I also know that Nev has lots too so maybe D-mail him for his list and pics. You won't look back if you do. I am a good example of that, lol. Here's some pis. Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris Thumbnail by ctmorris Thumbnail by ctmorris

lost my message and pics. I'm going to bed.

Shirley if you are ever down Wellington Point way you will be welcome to call in and see our collection.


Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Lovely pictures ~ Colleen I really like the looks of the hanging bromeliads on that last picture. Delightful jungle...

Nev Once again to have you share your knowledge and experience is appreciated. I would never have imagined using sugar to boost a plant. Thanks so much. I've received some broms that were poorly packed. I think I need to send those sellers a link to this thread.

Shirley ~ your ‘some type of bromeliad’ which I am hoping someone can ID for me (pic no 2) is an Orthophytum but I wouldn't presume to know which one. I have a soft spot for them as I too like succulents and they are similar. Yes, they are a brom. Great score on your plants too.

I just love the Vrieseas and Aechmea plants and Breeindys' photos reaffirm that feeling. Those are gorgeous!

Karen ~ I agree with Nevs' imformation on deleting photos if needed. Once the photo is sent tho, it is there to stay even if you delete your whole post.

Thanks all, I'm enjoying the brom talk and views. Off to check the greenhouse, we got down below freezing last nite outside. Kristi

shellharbour, Australia

Good morning everyone,

Well we had a nice day yesterday with sunshine all day until about four o’clock when the rain started again, but it wasn’t for long and I’m hopeful we’ll get a good day again today so I can get some more plants sorted out and re-potted.

Breeindy – That’s a nice collection of colour you’ve posted there. I especially like the nice dark Vriesea ospinae gruberi in the centre of the bottom row. I never knew there were so many different forms of this plant until it came up as a topic on one of the forums and people started posting their pic’s, quite an eye opener. Have a look at this site; you won’t be disappointed.

Shirley – That’s a pretty good mixed collection you got at the markets. As I’ve said many times before I think Nidulariums are a much underrated plant and one with many uses and which has a good flower life. I agree with Kristi about the ID of the little plant in the second pic. I think it’s a pup from an Orthophytum or to be more specific, Orthophytum 'Warren Loose'. It looks nothing like the pic’s on the FCBS or BCR as they are flowering plants, but have a look at the site below as it shows them in all of the different stages of growth from pup to flowering:

As for the Alcantarea, well what can I say; they are some of the most spectacular plants in the brom world with their impressive tall inflorescences which sometime grow to four metres high. You certainly got a good buy with this one, as a plant of that size for $15 is very much under priced from what I’ve seen of the prices around here. I only have a couple of these and although I’d love to have more, I just don’t have the space to grow them.

Colleen – Good to see you’ve managed to drag yourself out of that tea room to talk to us again. It’s always good to see the changing face of your garden, especially the “wall of brom’s” on your mesh in the last pic. I like the effect with the “Elephant Ears” (at least that’s what we call it here), it really makes a statement and a great contrast with the other plants. I tried a similar thing near my frog pond. I had to relocate an old variegated orange coloured Canna and I put it in a pot temporarily and sat it on the edge of the frog pond. Somehow it got accidently moved so the base of the pot was in water and boy did it take off. It’s now about five feet high and in full flower and it too is making a “statement”. I see by your last sentence that you have a lazy “c” on your keyboard, Ha Ha, I haven’t tried that on brom’s!

Wendy – Yes I can understand your frustration, I’ve been there and done that also, but no more problems since I’ve been doing the typing in MS Word first and then cutting and pasting. I can certainly understand why you were “pissed off” and went to bed.

Kristi – Regarding the removal of unwanted pic’s, there is also another way to remove pic’s. I have had pic’s removed a couple of times when I had already posted them. The reason was because DG was incorrectly showing them as copyrighted to me when they were actually someone else pic’s which I hadn’t give them credit for. I just contacted the administrator and asked for them to be removed and explained why, and they were taken off.

I'm posting five pic’s of different brom’s from my collection this morning; 1st. is one of the front gardens with Ae recurvatas in flower with some Ae. bromeliifolia albobracteata at the rear, 2nd is an Ae. recurvata x bromeliifolia, 3rd is Vr. Splendriet following a very cold winter which shocked it into flowering the best it ever has, 4th is Vr. 'Angela', and "oldie"but still a very popular plant and finally, Aechmea Pectinata; It's quite a large plant but really looks great when it decides to flower and colour up. This is the result of growing in an area covered by 75% shade cloth which provides pretty "low light". I had previously been told to grow it in the open as it would take all the sun it could get, but it just got smaller and smaller and never flowered, so in desperation I moved it to this location and finally got a flower.

All the best, Nev.

Thumbnail by splinter1804 Thumbnail by splinter1804 Thumbnail by splinter1804 Thumbnail by splinter1804 Thumbnail by splinter1804
north coast nsw, Australia

Thanks nev for that link! Love that recurvata garden and i love Vr. splendens, its one of my favourites.
Family portrait...hehe!

Thumbnail by breeindy
Brisbane, Australia

Oh, the pictures here are a feast for the brom-eyes. Thanks to all for sharing.

No news today. I have a vriesea Angela that I got last year while in full glorious colour. I don't know what conditions it grew under with its previous owner, but I put it out under the trees where it got dappled light. But it lost all its beautiful colour, as you can see in the pic. It should have had enough light, but obviously not. What a difference though. Will the colour ever come back into this one if I can find the right place to put it? Or will I have to wait now for it to pup


Thumbnail by DawnSong
Queensland, Australia

Hi Everyone, the photos that get shared in here are just awesome. Kristi, what a lovely bunch of Orthophytums, I only have one or maybe two that were given to me by a friend.
Oh Wendy, sorry to hear the fun day at the park ended up taking a toll, always a shame when the effects hi t the next day, it’s like doing some big exercise and then feeling every bit of it the next morning, lol. But still have had a super fun time at Seaworld and I’m sure it’s something laugh about and remember for years…. I hope the aches and pains have long gone now 
I am loving all these photos, why is it I never seem to see the same one twice off anyone, lol. You all have so many beautiful broms. Shirley that NOID of yours that is now very green looks somewhat like a new one I just acquired called Neo Kay Jay, it’s probably not that one, I am not much help with ID’s as yet, I’m still quite new myself, but it does look similar to me. Love those fingernails as they call them. Often a give away of what the breeding is. Don’t worry it will regain colour once it’s in good light and any fert you have given it is used up. A lot of mine as also very green at this time of year. Some people get their best colour in Summer, but I think for a lot of us, and definitely me, I get way better colour in Winter where the broms can grow with far less protection from the sun. I have to protect mine from burn in Summer, which takes away their colour sadly.
Wendy thanks so much for the little pineapples, I think we have the same sort growing that have finally taken off after not doing much for a long time, but I am going to grow yours too just in case they aren’t the same, they are so cute and little and my little son loves carrying them around and has kind of claimed them as his “pretty’s” as he calls them, lol. Thanks heaps.
Yes buying off ebay can be a big trap, I have had some crappy dealings on there and that’s what brought about the list I compiled in our Bromeliad Buy Swap Sell Group on Facebook. It is basically a list of ebay seller names who are all members of the group and who we would regard as more trusted. I am Not one to bag sellers, but there is one seller in particular whose plants Always catch my eye and hubby is worse he’ll call me to the room to come and have a look, then I see the seller and go…. Photoshop…. No thanks. I don’t think it’s actually photoshop she does, but I think perhaps she hits the auto correct button on the photos when loading into ebay and it over tweaks them to a very unrealistic colours. A good thing to look for, which I was told about, Is to look at the background colouring, if the background looks odd, ie too purple or the wrong colour, it’s a safe guess that the whole photo has been adjusted to make the plant look better than it really is.
Sorry I started this ages ago, having one of them days today.
Bree love those Vrieseas, yummo.
Oh Shirley you made me life about your “succulentitis” and “bromeliaditis” and the resulting budget deficit-it is. Yup I must agree, the ol plants no how to make a good hole in the pocket at times, even when you think you are being good, lol.
Oh I keep meaning to ask have you worked out what Dmail is and how to access it etc? It took me sometime to work it out, lol.
Nev love your knowledge and photos, what would we do without you?
Well I must say, I love our little forum here.
I put a post on my own facebook wall last night and those of you who know me on there have probably seen it. I am still having problems with rot in our new brom house and I don't know if it's a fault with the brom house, or just our heat or ??? But I had some great replies and have some things to try. I know people get high heat down, but heat is different depending where you live. I also had a nice long phone call from a brom friend that lives about a bit further south than me but still in this northern region and they told me they have had stuff burn in the last few weeks that have never burned in all their brom growing years. They too have suffered rot and are not enjoying it.
Our heat has been extreme, and when you put you fingers in the cups of the brom, the water is hot. They have also advised me to start giving them a good drink around lunch time to cool the cup water down and try to lower the plants temp. on Facebook I have also been advised to tip them all out, wash them out, allow to dry and do my fungicide spray again while they are dry, and then water later, but to give the fungicide a good chance to get around the cup and brom without all the water. All good advice and since it is soooooo hot again today, I think I'll do the good drink idea soon, and then the flushing and spraying later today when it starts to cool off a bit as I don't want them sitting dry in the heat of the day.
My biggest fear, is that we have something going on in a bad way in the brom house. None of my broms in the gardens have had any rot, it's all in the brom house and all in one area. I want to get it sorted as if it goes through the ones it's starting on... all my toothy big neos, then I think I'd just about give up. If it decides to hit my expensive Vrieseas I do think I will give up!!!
We live a quiet life on a tight budget and are raising kids on only hubby's income, so when we do manage to acquire an expensive brom that we have wanted for a while, we treat it as a treasured possession as we often know we could not afford to replace it. So to have the top of the line ones cark it, would probably be more than we could take, or me at least. Hubby has that more male attitude of oh well.... it's ok, but for me, (the fmaily budgeter) it breaks my heart and I can help but see the dollars we have lost or wasted that could of been used elsewhere.
And then when I posted my frustration on Facebook on my own wall not in a public group, in the hope of some help and advice from my many brom obsessed friends.... I ended up with more stress because of a certain person typical usual callous comments. But the rest of the comments were most helpful and I am so glad I have so many friends who are willing to offer advice.
Well as promised the last time I was here, i will put up a couple of photos of some newbies I just brought.
First is Neo On Target
Second Neo Kay Jay
Third Neo Darkest Hour pup


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Queensland, Australia

Great photo Bree, love those group shots!
Karen the colour will come back, just needs more light, a lot of mine lose colour through summer, and come winter will colour up heaps better because they can take more light/sun in winter to really bring the colour out.
Here are the other two pics i wanted to upload, it wouldn't do 5 for me, I even shrunk the files.... not enough though maybe, lol.

First pic... Neo Painted Delight pup, big thanks to Wendy
Second pic ... my little man with his "pretty" Thanks again to Wendy

Have a good day everyone,

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