Bromeliads for Novices and Addicts February 2012

Brisbane, Australia

Just popping in to say hello this morning. Colleen, hope those plumbers do their thing and get the water situation sorted out for you. You won't know yourself when its all done.

Nev, I just love that Ae. Bloodstain. Will be off to the post office soon to send off your box. I buy a plant because I love it, not because of its pedigree. My pedigree ain't that good either :). It is great that a noid can win a prize in a show. And it will be great if my secunda does flower soon. I think I've had it nearly a year.


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Brisbane, Australia

Hi all,

thought I had better say hello just to let you know I am still keeping up with your posts, have just been really busy and haven’t had the time to add one myself.

I wish I could say that we have been making progress with the shadehouse restoration but that’s not the case unfortunately … so many other things needing to be done. I often wonder how we ever managed to keep up with everything when we were both working full time as in retirement we just don’t seem to manage nearly as well … I guess these days we tend to put things off till tomorrow (or the next day) when we couldn’t do that before. We both have health issues that slow us down a bit too and the weather has been unkind as well .. so hot and muggy and scattered showers as well, which means downing tools and it’s so very hard to get started again once we stop.

Nev, I never cease to be impressed by photos from your amazing brom collection. Two neos that are on my “must have” list as soon as the shadehouse makeover is a little further advanced are Blake Street Beauty and Gympie Delight ... and there are so many others too.

Anyway, had better get out and make a start before it gets too hot … today is predicted to be the hottest day of the summer … and just as it seemed it was about to cool off.

I have added photos of a couple more of my lovely broms without names ... if anyone can give them one that would be great, thanks.

Bye for now, Shirley

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wow Shirley, I do like that first neo of yours. That is a lovely plant. I would happily swap you a blake street beauty pup for a pup of yours. I also have gympie delight. Your second pic looks like several neo that we have but I think you will need to wait for it to mature to see which one it turns into.

We seem to be discovering aechmeas shooting up flower spikes every day at the moment. Found another couple today. I am only attaching 1 pic this time as I keep losing my posts when attaching more than that. This pic is ae black ice which we discovered last week with a spike coming. It is looking good now.


DG it turned it round again. it is not turned in my album. stupid program

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and this one is ae felicity and if it posts it the next one is a NOID. at first we thought it was pectinata as the ends of the leaves had a bit of a red flush. Then we thought it might be some type of mexicana hybrid. now Johnny thinks it might be a portea. I have posted a pic on fb forums but so far no firm naming. If anyone knows what it is I would love to be able to name it.


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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone,

Well the rain is back again, it “hammered” down all night last night and is still raining this morning. Yesterday was a wasted day, as far as re-potting as I got none of it done. Spent all day travelling back and forth and having more scans and tests. I sometimes wonder if they just dream up all these tests to waste my valuable brom time, as it seems like its just one test after the other lately and still no answers as to how they’re going to fix my problem/s. Any of you who have been on this “medical merry-go-round” understand just what I’m saying. To make matters worse, when we got to the nuclear medicine place yesterday we were told there was an hour’s wait because the injections for the test were late. More bloody time wasted!

Anyway, back to brom’s; everything in the garden is bounding away with all the rain we’ve been having which unfortunately increases the rate at which the re-potting needs to be done and it’s a bit like watching a dog chasing his tail.

Breeindy – Sorry, but I forgot to answer the question in your post of the 18th. Regarding the size of seedlings before you re-pot them. I assume you’re talking about small plants you are growing from seed; in which case I can only say what I do, and I too would be interested to hear what others do as well.

Once they germinate in the container, I let them grow until they have at least five leaves. I find at this stage they probably need to be thinned out a bit as I always seem to sow far too much seed. I prepare some more containers with a similar mix to the one they are growing in and using a pair of splinter forceps, I transplant the largest plants into these other containers allowing about three rows of seven plants (a total of 21 per container). These are now sprayed fortnightly with ½ strength Phostrogen.

When these plants have reached a height of about 2” I then repeat the process and transplant them in smaller groups of 12 into other containers in a mix consisting of equal parts of fine Coco Peat, small size Perlite and chopped up sphagnum moss. To each container of mix I add a level teaspoon of Blood and Bone and mix it through thoroughly. They remain in these containers until they are large enough (usually about 3-4” high) to go into individual 3” pots for which I use just fine (aged) pine bark. I usually put about 1gm of Osmocote around the top of each small pot and that’s all the feeding they get until they are eventually potted into 4 ½ “ pots in my usual bark mix with about 5gm of fertilizer added to the top of the mix.

Let me hasten to emphasise that’s how I do it in my climate which would be much different to the climate in which you are growing your plants, and it’s best if you can get “local knowledge” if possible.

Shirley – You mention about all of the plants you see and like, what I’d suggest to you is you start a “Wish List” like the rest of us have. This is a list of all your “Wants” (along with the name of the person who posted the pic). This is so when the time comes to chase up a particular plant, you have the name of a contact who can tell you where you can get the plant. When your shade house is finished and the chase for plants is on, I’m sure there will be one of us here who can help you out with a swap or a purchase.

I like your two NOIDS, especially the first one which I think is rather unusual with its nice soft colouring which overlays the very faint variegations. Your other plant could be one of many plants (which are collectively called Radial Reds). There is a pretty common one around Queensland called Pin Stripe but the one I think it could be is (a young) Rosea Striata which as well as having the pin stripes sometimes has a bit or random dark spotting. It could be either of these or hybrids from them.

Wendy – You’ve done it again! That is, given me a stiff neck while I’m trying to look at the “sideways” pic of your beautiful Ae Black Ice, it’s a beaut!

Your other plant I think could be Ported Alatisepala (I think that’s how you spell it) See if you can get a pic of an open flower which will make identification easier.

Well that’s it for today; got to get ready to go for more tests (no re-potting today either); so I’ll finish off with a few more pic’s of some of our past show plants (None of which are mine). 1. Tillandsia Tectorum 'Enano', 2. Tillandsia Fuchsii var. Fuchsii 3. Neoregelia 'Bobby Dazzler', 4. Neophytum 'Galactic Warrior' and 5. Quesnelia Arvensis, which even without flowers is still popular due to its nice foliage banding.

All the best, Nev.

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Merino, Australia

Hello all. I have been reading all the posts and looking at the broms with great interest.
Love seeing all the different pics. I do wish but am realistic in knowing I dont have the room and most wouldnt be so beautiful here.
My broms are going mad with pups. I will have to get them off the mums soon .
I find that most seem to put out pups without bothering to flower first.
This year though most of my neos flowered. I like the aechmeas for flowering as you can see the flower above the plants.
The neo flowers all look similar to me . Small and blue.
I am posting a few pics and would like to clarify IDs if possible.
pic 1.....some of my bil Hallelujahs in flower. First time ever.
pic 2.....2 large pups on neo Jewellery Shop
pic 3.....neo the white throat.
pic 4.....aech organensis ??
pic 5....neo Break of Day 2 pups..

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Merino, Australia

A few more..
pic 6....neo Majestic Red
pic 7...nidularium fulgens..I love this one
pic 8...neo Red Gold ?? looks like a blanchetiana to me.
pic 9....marked as blanchetiana.. not like any of the blanchetianas I have seen though. It is a nice darkish green with a yellow edge and has no sharp serrated edge. There are a few soft spikes on one leaf.

pic 10...large blanchetiana, around 2' tall at the moment.

Any help with ID is appreciated.
I should know better than to buy from eBay, but most of my broms were bought a few years ago now before I met all you lovely brom addicts.
Some i have from the lovely Sue and a couple from Leisa, which I treasure.

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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone,

Well the last day of three days of tests today, so let’s hope these bloody doctors can now find something they can do to help me walk properly again, so I can really get stuck into all my re-potting.

Apart form Jean, where have all of the other forum members gone?

Jean – Good to see you posting again and you really made a grand entrance with all of the nice pic’s

As for the ID’s of your plants

1. Bill. Hallelujah

2. Probably young Neo. Jewellery Shop (although should be more coloured at that size so perhaps need more light)

3. Neoregelia Nivea, which is a species.

4. Could be Ae. Organensis but without flowers it’s not definite. There are many, many different forms of this one, see the FCBS Photo Index for examples of just a few. As well as that they breed regularly with other Aechmeas and usually the Organensis parent is dominant which results in even more “look alikes”

5. Could be Neo Break of Day but like Neo. Jewellery Shop should have more colour. I hang mine right up high beneath 75% beige shade cloth and I’ll post a pic below for comparison.

6. Sorry I don’t know this one, but it’s nice

7. Nidularium Fulgens, there’s no mistaking that spotted foliage

8. I don’t know what it is but I would say it isn’t Neoregelia Red Gold as it should be much more coloured at this size.

9. Sorry, I can’t help here except to say definitely not Aechmea Blanchetiana, but post a pic again when it flowers. Although the shape says differently, there’s something about its colour that is remotely like a young Billbergia Dorothy Berg grown in low light (See bottom pic on FCBS Photo Index)

10. Could be a yellow Aechmea Blanchetiana, but it needs much more light to bring out the yellow colour. Down here on the South Coast of N.S.W. we grow them right out in the open and still don’t get the great colour that growers in Queensland do.

That's about the best I can do for you Jean, maybe someone else has diferent ideas or can fill in some of the "holes".

That’s about it for today and I’ll finish with a few more random pic’s 1. Neo Break of Day (Grown in high light) 2. Neo Pimiento,
3. Neo. Mon Petite x Neo Tangerine, 4. Tillandsia Bulbosa 5. Neoregelia Guinea (species)

All the best, Nev.

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Merino, Australia

Thank you Nev, I appreciate the info. I really cant put any broms up higher than the bench as my greenhouse is only a cheapie with a very light frame. I will try moving them around a bit more to give those at the back more light.
I had to put a piece of shadecloth over the whole roof area when we had those extremely hot days ( very warm for here anyway )
Some of the neos were burnt on the leaves . I will move them and put the ones that need more light in their place.
I cant put my blanchetianas outside as we do get very cold. Would they stand it in winter ?
I may have to move them anyway as they are growing too large for the greenhouse.
I do have some broms that live out just under shadecloth , which seem to like it. The winter cold has not bothered them at all . Some are neos but most are bils..
I still have my old mother bil. Gerda , living out in the open where she has been for years.
She is covered in weeds but still putting out pups. I have enough of them so just leave her & her brood to do as they like out there.


barmera, Australia

Hi everyone. Well, lots of work to do in the SH again now that the plumber has finished. I'm putting all the beautiful Vrieseas together to try to get a bit of artwork going. lol Some have lost their colours a bit as I have had them in more shade as I've moved everything for the plumber to do his job. Now I have to gradually re-acclimatise them. Lots of work to do. The SH can be watered with rainwater now so I'm sure the broms will love that. Nev I do hope that the doctors can work out a treatment for you after all these tests. Love all the pics especially Neo Pimiento. Don't forget to save that one for me please. Must go and see to the boys. Colleen

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Queensland, Australia

good morning everyone
Nev I hope your tests go well and the Dr's can get things sorted for you. The ol' medical merry-go-round is never fun.

Well the weather has been a bit odd up here, rain then fine then a bit more rain.... just enough to bugger up work for hubby so he's only worked one day this week so far, but it's been good having him around as we had a few things to get done.
So he's home again today and will be put to good use, lol, mowing, and tonnes of potting! LOL.

We have managed to spend a whole lot of money on broms.... more than we could afford.... but they were plants we just couldn't knock back for the price, I'm sure most of you have found yourself in that kind of position before. So we pulled everything together that we could and did it.... yup baked beans on toast for the next week, lol.
So they arrived yesterday by bus instead of post, so we had to make a trip to the 'big smoke' to pick them up. Got home late and unpacked them and sat them into buckets and tubs and anything we could find..... so today is going to be a big potting day.

I'll put some photos up once they are done.

Love all the pics everyone has been putting up, I promise I will have some soon to be put up, oh and Shirley, I too like the one on the left, I wonder what it is.

Ok I have keep moving, sorry it's only a short one, but I'll do anyone post soon with pics :)


Brisbane, Australia

Lovely pics up again today. Love that neo. guinea, and t. bulbosa. Jean, lovely to see so many pics from you too. Colleen, so pleased for you that the plumber has finished.

Hello everyone. Must be storm season, as we've had one 3 days in a row in the evening, and even one in the morning yesterday. Luckily they only side swipe us here, and I am happy to get any rain I can get.

Nev, all the best on your medi-go-round. I start again on Friday, another Monday, and 2 more to be made for next week. I hate the hospital appointments. They book you in at 1pm, and everyone else as well, so its always a long wait, sometimes several hours if an emergency comes in. Then you are just a guinea pig (well, it is a teaching hospital).

On the bright side, it is a lovely cool morning and the birds are singing. Just perfect. I love these mornings when traffic noise is quiet and the sounds of nature fill the air.


Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

I'm still here and tangling with a new computer. Old fashioned enough that I hate my routine turning upside down.

Sorry to all for the excursions to the medical community. Karen, I agree with the appointments set at that time of day. It shoots the whole day. You can't start a large project in the morning and are too tuckered to do anything when you arrive back home.

Nev, I am charmed by that Tillandsia bulbosa, what a delightful plant. Thanks much for sharing all the photos, correctly ID'd. It truly is appreciated.

If I may ask a favor, many of you have commented that you love a specific brom. Would you mind elaborating on your passion for this or that particular plant. Do you love it because of the ease of care, pretty coloration, blooms? I am always curious... Kristi

BTW ~ if and when I ever figure out the pictures on this new computer, I'll try to post a couple of the greenhouse bloomers.

Brisbane, Australia

I Hope your can get your pics up, Kristi. I love broms for different reasons. One might be the colour, another is special shape, or a leaf pattern, or even the flower can be the main attraction.

I got my eBay wins in the mail today. A neo. Gespacho "Jazzy" pup looks very promising, and Neo. Chiquita Linda is a real mini that will hopefully colour up like its parents. I also decided to give that neo. mini Purple Grape a chance. If it colours up, well and good.


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Hi all
Sorry Nev, I wasn't around last night. We've also been to the hospital for a visit, however we had really good news. Before they started Johnny on the new infusion drug his markers were up over 20 (normal is 4). Now this week after 6 infusions his levels are 6 so pretty good result. He asked how long he would be on the infusion and the doc said as long as he wants to keep the rheumatoid arthritis at bay so I guess that means for life. Next week we go back to immunology and we'll see how those levels are. All up I think he is feeling pretty good. Today he finished painting the front fence and it looks really great. Nw he's ecided he wants to paint the inside of the house. WE've even chosen colours and have the brochures here to select the exact tone.

Nev I've been repotting some of our larger seedlings fom you. Like the blanchetiana x ones and today the xportmea. I've also potted up all the alcantarea seedlings into big pots. I'm pleased with what we have and look forward to seeing them have another growth spurt now. They are coming on nicely.

Pic 1. I found out the name of that NOID I posted the other night. It is aechmea macrochlamys ( )

Pic 2. Karen I've also posted a pic of neo aussie ostrich. It came from wildfire nursery which is Cheryl Basic. hope your medical appts go as well as Johnny's and yours too Nev.


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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone,

Well at last all of the tests are finally over and I don’t have to waste any more time at the doctors until next week when I go to get the results. I’ve most of my important email addresses back in my computer and I can now start sorting out plants to complete swaps and orders which I had started with brom friends.

Jean – What state do you live in Jean? When I said about increasing the light I assumed you were in Sunny Queensland, but when you said you get it very cold in winter makes me suspect you live elsewhere.

Getting the maximum amount of light right can sometimes be a juggling act and is certainly a case of trial and error, and sometimes the odd leaf gets burnt along the way, but if you watch any plants new to an area closely you can often see the early signs which warn you to move the plant before a burn occurs and the most common sign is bleaching of the leaf colour. This usually happens gradually, unless of course you move it from a shady spot straight into a sunny spot without gradual acclimatisation which is best started during the winter when the sun is less intense.

You mention your Bill ‘Gerda’, can you post a picture as the pic’s I have seen elsewhere are not real good, and I’m particularly interested in the leaf colour and any banding. It sounds like a very hardy brom and worth considering in a collection, or even including into a breeding programme to instil extra vigour into the seedlings.

As for how Blanchetiana handles the cold, perhaps someone on here that grows them could better advise you.

Colleen – I’m sure your shade house will come along now in leaps and bounds and your plants will respond beautifully to all the work you have put into it. You say you can now water your plants from your tanks which should be great also as I once read where a lot of South Australian water was very alkaline; is this the reason why you installed the tanks or was it a cost factor?

Your first plant in your pic’s interests me, is it a xCanmea and if so do you have a name for it? Don’t worry about the Neo Pimiento, if I could have shown the rear of the name tag you would have seen your name written there so I can’t forget, so you won’t miss out, I promise.

You have a nicely balanced mixture of genera there in your group pic, but I’d be a bit worried about that monkey, he’s thinking about getting up to something!

Also your Nidularium Longiflorum with its “rose like” flower head was probably one of the first to be introduced into collections and is still a very handy and popular plant which will grow and flower when growing in a reasonably well lit position to a place of deep shade, and the flower head seems to last for months with the smallish white flowers in between the red bracts.

I like your vriesea as well, and the centre of the leaves which are darker in colour than the outside leaves makes for a pleasing contrast, what is the name of it and is this its natural colour or is it a Red Chestnut saying, “I want more light”?

Tash – Nice to see you posting again I think I’ll have to have a serious talk to you two about spending all of the budget on brom’s, but then on the other hand if it’s a hobby you both like, I guess it’s better than puffing your money away with smokes or “blowing” it on grog or pokies; and besides there’s nothing wrong with baked beans, I’ve been having half a tin of baked beans with a couple of poached eggs on toast for breakfast for years; it’s a god healthy breakfast.

I have a friend who buys plants from a lady up North somewhere and she always sends his plants down by bus as well, and they always arrive in excellent condition and saves a lot on postage too, but as you say, you have to be able to get to the bus depot to pick them up. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to your photos.

Karen – The little Neo Guinea is a favourite of mine as well, so hardy and easy to grow and it gives such great colour if suspended just beneath the shade cloth. I have three or four seedlings of a Guinea I crossed with itself and they are shaping up with some unusual colouring.

Storms seem to be all over the country at present, as we are even getting them on a regular basis down here as well and in the previous years we never seemed to get any. I wish I could “bottle” what’s in the storm water; it just seems to freshen everything up so beautifully and leaves that wonderful “rain foresty” smell. I agree with you about all these tests being a “pain in the bum”, but then we’re both “still on the right side of the grass” so we have that to be thankful for.

Kristi – I’ve never had the problem of having to come to grips with a “new” computer as any I’ve had have always been "hand-me-downs" and they seem to work at about the same pace that I do so they suit me. Occasionally though when I get a different one, some of the programs I’m used to have been updated and I have to learn to use them all over again which is a bit frustrating sometimes.

Yes the little Til. Bulbosa is a favourite of mine as well, even though I’m not really into Tillies. I think there’s something about the bulbous shape that I find attractive and unusual and also they’re quite inexpensive, I got one at Bunnings a while back for about $4.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll conquer your new computer and we all look forward to then seeing your pic’s.

Karen – Neo Gespachio is a good choice and is a very good grower and pupper which when given good light really gives great colours. Chiquita ‘Linda’ as you say is a true miniature and is a result of Lilliputiana X 'Fireball' and as well all know, they don’t come much smaller than Neo Lilliputiana. I seem to remember that the flowers in this plant were much more prominent than other Neo’s of similar size, but you’ll just have to wait and see, maybe I’m confusing it with something else. Purple Grape is a very nice dark mini although not as small as the previous one. It is another cross using Fireball, but this time it’s crossed with Granada.

Wendy – Great news about Johnny’s treatment; when you get a result like that it makes it all worthwhile, but tell him not to start wearing himself out with work; after all, he must leave a bit of time for relaxation and fishing.

Pleased to see the seedlings are growing well for you. I suspected they would do much better up there in the warmth than they do down here. Some of mine are getting a bit of size now also but they just don’ look happy and I sometimes think I can hear them saying, “Send us up North!”, “Send us up North!”, “Send us up North!”.

I never would have guessed the name of your Aechmea in a million years as I’ve never seen one before, but it just goes to show that some of the species are just as beautiful as the hybrids. I’m not familiar with your Neo Aussie Ostrich either, but it is a very attractive variegated plant and in my opinion you can’t have too many variegated plants as they certainly break up the monotony of just greens and reds.

Well it’s time I go now but before I do I must tell you that I came across some great pic’s on taken by Andrew Devonshire of New Zealand.
They were pic’s of the annual show of the BSNZ (Bromeliad Society of New Zealand) and this society also has a very good web site well worth a look at

Andrew has kindly given me permission to share his pictures with all of you who visit this site and for that I’m very grateful as I’m sure you will be also. There are many pictures and it will take quite a few days to show them all, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s something a bit different to the norm and for you fanciers of foliage vrieseas aka Tash and Jason, Wendy and Johnny and Colleen just to mention a few, you will see some quite exquisite new hybrids.

1. Neo. Apricot Nectar x Jewellery Shop. 2. Billbergia Domingos Martins. 3. Vriesea Blondie.
4. Neoregelia ampullacea purpurea x Neoregelia Wee Willy. 5. Neoregelia Bob and Grace

All the best Nev

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Brisbane, Australia

Good morning. Wet outside after some overnight rain, much needed. Got up about 2am to get a drink of water, and found this gross monstrous spider in the kitchen sink. Huge body on it, give me the shivers. I don't know how such big things can get in through the little cracks available to it. Wish I knew where they got in so I could do something about it. I'm afraid I have no compassion for such a gruesome monster inside my house. It had to go. I leave spiders alone outside. They can leave me alone inside. This thing was as big as a mouse.

Wendy, so glad Johnny's results are good, and that something is finally working for him. Thankyou for putting up that pic of neo Ostrich. I will see if I can put that pic on my file, as it is the only pic of that plant I've seen.

Nev, you really are a mine of information, thank you. So glad you are getting things sorted out after your computer problems. Darned spammers can really make a mess of things and they don't care, think they are "clever" for having done so. I really need to slow down my brom collecting, but there is always temptation out there. Some more lovely ones in your last post.

Hope everyone has a nice day.

Merino, Australia

Nev, I just went out to get apic of bil. Gerda for you.
Overcast out there so not good light. I put the first pups in this shadehouse about 2 years ago and they multiply madly.
As you can see from all the white on everything, the magpies love sitting in the tree above the shadehouse.
Half of two sides is open, so plenty of air & light for the plants.
The old mumm ahas long since died out next to the old stump, but I just waded throught he long grass and found pups still growing . Must be one of the hardiest of all the broms. Maybe not beautiful, but probably good to breed for that hardiness.
Originally it came squished in a large pot , half dead and many years old. I tossed all but 2 small pups over next to the tree stump and there it has grown for over 6 years. Old mum has gone but in the pic you can see the remains of each generations base.
The other pics are broms that also live out in the shadehouse. They are growing very large and the winters dont seem to bother them. Most are just noids that I stuck out there so I could put the others in the greenhouse.
I am thinking of putting most of the broms down the back in the fern shadehouse as they do need more room to grow.
Maybe I'll keep a few of the smaller ones in the greenhouse and add more ferns.
If you want any pups from Gerda, let me know.
I'll send some.

All these pics are Gerda. The really green one was when I had the pups down in the old shed.


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Merino, Australia

Forgot the pic of the remains of old mumma Gerda.
the others are the broms in the shadehouse with the later Gerda plants.

More decoration from the magpies. Doesnt seem to bother the plants and out in the wild, I'm sure they would be getting the same treatment from the birds.

pic 1 has a Lucky Stripes and 2 that resemble Mary Brett.

pi 2 is a giant brom that just keeps getting bigger.

pic 3 are mainly all types of bils. Going by their flowers, one is Queens Tears and the others noid bils.

pic 4 is the remains of old mumma Gerda and the latest offspring .

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Merino, Australia

These are pics of the large aechmea, I was told was Mary Brett. I am doubtful as it doesnt look exactly like the pics I have seen.
Certainly grows large though . I have only ever had the one flower from the old mother but the pups get huge. ( very prickly brom )
The giant brom in pic 2 of the previous post is one of the pups.
as are the two in the pic with the Lucky Stripes plant .

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barmera, Australia

Good afternoon everyone. Nev where did you get that Vr. Blondie from? It is gorgeous. Have you got a spare? Nev I only put the tanks in to try to save some money. I already had one in the SH but that has now been put onto the pump and connected to the 2 others. If we ever get any rain to fill them it might save me some money. I hope all your tests have been worthwhile. Wendy so glad that Johnny is responding to his treatment. Karen I hope that your's don't take up too much time either and they're all fine. How is your leg going now. They're a bit slow to heal when you have diabetes so you've done well. Must go and do some more in the SH. Colleen ps. Nev that first pic of my brom with the flower coming is AE. nudicaulis "costa rica" I will take another pic now that the flower is out.

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Brisbane, Australia

Jean, that Gerda looks nice with the bands, even when green. Sure is a good grower. The aechmeas do have some really nice flowers, don't they. I don't like them because of the teeth. My skin is so thin, and I am sure they attack me deliberately

Colleen, thanks for asking. My leg has finally covered itself with skin and scabs and I don't need to bind it up anymore. I think it has done well too considering. The appt. tomorrow is for, finally after 21 months of waiting, a bone doctor re my frozen shoulder, which is still frozen.

Have been down with my broms, bringing in some that are getting too wet for too long. Can't bring them all in but can give some of them a break. Nature is a funny old girl. Too much or too little. My tillandsias are dry, which is good. They love humidity, but too wet and they can rot. I am amazed at the growth my Vr. Bianca has put on. She is looking great at the moment. Haven't got a new pic though. Maybe next time.

I never tire of looking at this crypt. The colours change with the seasons so its always almost looking at a new plant every few months.


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Brisbane, Australia

Hi all,

another quick hello. Love all the vrieseas and Nev, vriesea blondie, WOW! That neo Bob & Grace is a real eye catcher too.

Another day of rain here and apparently lots more to come too. We have had so much lately and I'm a bit over it all. It really makes progress on the shadehouse makeover slow, but we'll get there. I will post some pics of the makeover as soon as there is something worthwhile to show.

Meanwhile, this is my vriesea 'art deco'

Bye for now, Shirley

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Karen your colourful little plant in last pic is called marion oppenheimer. It is a lovely little cutie isn't it?

Nev those NZ broms are beautiful aren't they. Wish we could go over there and just bring back a box full but alas quaranteen fees make it impossible to do and seed wouldn't produce the same plants. We'll just have to create our own.

Speaking of creating our own, how do you like the little man I created today? We have named him Brian (don't laugh Jen) He has a tillandsia tricolour on his head and a karwinskiana in his watering can. He looked pretty plain when I brought him home from bunnings yesterday so I gave him some bling. It was too wet to be outside anyway first up this morning. I'm trying to decide whether to go back to bunnings to get some more. Maybe they would sell well for mothers day gifts? what do you all think? I could bling up some more and put some tillandsias in them and I'm sure they would be popular.

Must be off to bed now.

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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone,

Well after all my email dramas I went to get on the internet yesterday afternoon and I got a message to say the connection couldn’t be made. I thought “here we go again”. After three or four tries I gave up and turned the computer off thinking I’d have to take it to my computer doctor. It wasn’t til later when we were watching the news that I heard that Telstra had caused a lot of inconvenience to a lot of people and businesses after they went off the air for about thirty minutes in the afternoon. I went back into the office and turned on the computer again and tried to get on the internet and “hey presto”, It worked. Thinking back, if I hadn’t seen the news I would have had to pay the computer bloke for at least a “service fee” $60, so it pays to watch the news doesn’t it?

Great to see so many people posting again, the forum’s becoming what it’s supposed to be again.

Karen – You know what brom growers say ...”there’s always room for one more”

Jean - Thanks for the history and pics of your Billbergia ‘Gerda’. I would certainly love a pup and I’ll send you a message with my postal details and we’ll decide on a suitable swap.

Sorry I can’t help you much with the ?Aechmea Mary Brett, I don’t have it in my collection but the inflorescence does look very similar to the one on the FCBS. Mary Brett is a hybrid from Ae. Recurvata crossed with Ae. Caudata but unfortunately the records don’t say which Caudata it was. If the Ae. Caudata used as a parent was Ae. Caudata ‘Eipperi’, that could explain why it’s a large plant as ‘Eipperi’ is pretty large as well. I have a clump which is about three feet high and it may have passed this onto the seedlings.

Colleen – Unfortunately the Vr Blondie isn’t mine. All of those pic’s were from the BSNZ Annual Show as I mentioned, and believe me there’s even better ones to come yet. I never recognised your plant as Ae Nudicaulis ‘Costa Rica’ I thought it looked like a xCanmea; looking at it again it’s probably the fact that the pic was taken looking down on the plant, that threw me off the track.

Your last pic looks like Bill. Pyramidalis which is an old favourite often found in many gardens and often treated as “out of fashion” and “common”, but when you see it flowering en masse it’s really a sight to behold. Allan Ladd who is a North Coast hybridizer has used it in his breeding programme and has produced similar shaped plants only with burgundy coloured foliage which are quite attractive, and I was fortunate enough to acquire two or three of these seedlings.

Karen – If you are getting heaps of rain and you’re concerned the plants you can’t move under cover are staying too wet, just turn the pots on their sides until the rain stops. That’s a beautifully coloured little Cryptanthus, what is its name?

Shirley – I see another nice vriesea has been added to your collection; Art Deco is a cross between ‘Red Chestnut’ and Gigantea and grown in just the right amount of light the foliage will turn quite a nice light yellow/green. We’re all eagerly awaiting pic’s of your make over as it’s always interesting to see what ingenious ideas other people can come up with.

Wendy – I like “Brian”, there’s no doubt about it, you certainly have a creative flair. I think some little Ae Benrathii plants would look good sticking out of “Brian’s head” as well.

Well that’s about it for this morning and I’ll finish off firstly with a couple of pic’s of the Bill. Pyramidalis seedlings I mentioned in my response to Colleen which I’ll follow with some more of Andrew’s pic’s of the NZBS Annual Show.

All the best, Nev.

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shellharbour, Australia

Sorry I forgot to add the names to the previous pictures.

1. Is a group of the Bil. Pyramidalis seedlings I mentioned in my response to Colleen this morning (Bill. Pyramidalis x Bill. ‘Windigig Special’) 2. Is more of the same, but note the beautiful banding on the underside of the leaves.
3. Neoregelia ‘Cheers’, 4. Neoregelia ‘Chili Verde’, 5. Neoregelia ‘Felix’ x Neoregeila ‘Lilliputiana’.

The pic’s below are: 1. Neoregelia Green Fireball, 2. Neoregelia ‘Julia’, 3. Neoregelia ‘Painted Delight’, 4. Vriesea ‘Blackcurrent Sundae’ and 5. Vriesea ‘Summer Fever’

All the best, Nev.

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Brisbane, Australia

Good morning all. Wet here and getting wetter. My hospital appointment today, which means a lot of walking through the rain if it doesn't clear up by lunch time. Can only hope.

Wendy, thank you for the name of the little crypt. We saw those "Brians" at Bunnings last time we were there. Looks neat "dressed up" with the plants.

Nev, Wendy has named the pink cryptanthus - marion oppenheimer. I'll put that on file before I forget. Love all your pics, and the last 2 vrieseas are gorgeous. I always tell myself I can't get any more vrieseas as they tend to grow too big and I can't give them the right conditions to thrive in. Its hard though when I see such beauties. And I will try putting the plants that are in the rain on their sides and hope they'll be OK.

Shirley, I see you are in Brisbane and getting rained on too. I am getting a couple of pots starting to get smelly, and am daily emptying them so they can fill again with fresh rain water. So far no rot, but will keep up the daily ritual until it fines up again.

Here is vriesea Bianca. For whatever reason, she has grown like crazy lately and I am wondering just how big this one gets. Also Kiwi Sunset is starting to colour up again after losing all her colour when under the trees. It is also getting very big though not as large as Kiwi Cream (not pictured).


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Brisbane, Australia


I am beginning to think it will NEVER stop. So much work to be done here and so keen to get in and do it but frustrated by all this damn rain.

Colleen, I do wish I could send it down your way.

I guess, thinking back a few years (quite a few) January and February were always wet months … it just didn’t happen for a lot of years ... and it’s a real pain in the butt now that it seems to have returned to the old weather pattern of years ago. Let’s just blame it on global warming !!

Karen, hope you didn't get too wet getting to the hospital, it's rained non stop here this arvo. Also hope your broms wilI be OK. I still have mine under cover … awaiting their new “home” that could be a long time coming. They do get a bit of early morning sun at the moment so that’s gotta be good. I love your vrieseas, especially the Kiwi Sunset … beautiful.

Nev, thanks for the info on Art Deco. Turning the pots on their sides when they are getting too wet sounds like a great idea … I’ll have to try to remember that one. As for the pics of the makeover … it’s just not happening. Once we get a bit of fine weather and catch up with the mowing, we should be able to make some headway.

Anyway, that’s about it for today. ‘AVE A GOOD WEEKEND


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Hi all
Nev I do like those pyramidalis hybrids especially the red colour and banding and the colour of the infloresence is different too. Makes a nice change from the plain green plant with those vibrant red infloresences climbing the palm trees.

Nev I'll give Jen a little marian openheimer to take down to you. Hope it grows for you. I now have 2 pots of it getting quite full so can spare 1 or 2 for you.

I have lost a few plants to centre rot now. seems to be the ones sitting on the ground as they don't have the air flow like the ones on the shelves or in the totems. When I discover the centres getting loose I always bring them in under the verandah, keep the centre dry and only spray the plant with mist every 3 or 4 days. If it is a plant that I really want pups from I wll try to screwdriver it to encourage pups before the rot goes too far. I have done that today to one of my larger tillandsia gigantea x absolutely fabulous. If I lose it I will have to buy another one from Allan Pythian in Maroochydore as that is where I got it from.

We have little guests having a sleepover this weekend while mum and dad pack up and move and clean so I better get to bed now in case we have an early start tomorrow.
Pic is a lovely nidularium madonna which is flowering at the moment.

Night all

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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone,

Well here it is, the weekend already; I managed to get the back grass cut yesterday while there was a two day lull in the rain which leaves me all day today free to get on with the re-potting.

Karen – It seems like I’m in the same boat as you with the foliage Vrieseas as I can’t get any more either due to space restraints so I’ll just have to be content with the plain leaf ones that don’t take up so much room. I guess at least these do have nice long lasting flowers and can be taken inside for a bit of colour, so it saves buying flowers. I think that’s what I like about brom’s the best; There’s a brom for all purposes, inside, outside, sun, shade, garden , pots on rock or in trees or mounted on other things, they’re really fabulous plants!

Shirley – What I said about laying the pots on their sides during periods of extended rain when you think they may be getting water-logged also goes with an added precaution. Often during these periods the plants are growing rapidly and if left on the same side for too long, they will start to turn and grow up toward the light; so each week it’s a good idea to rotate them so the side that is uppermost becomes the lower side. I had a pot of Billbergia Red Raven which was knocked over on the bench by a stray cat and went unnoticed for about a month. When I stood it up, it fell over again as it had started to grow at right angles to the original growth.

Wendy – I was just looking at those Bill. Pyramidalis hybrids yesterday and I should have some pups for sale in the not too distant future; so anyone wanting one, just message me as it will be "first in first served" as they will be in short supply and I’m pretty sure Allan has none left either. It just goes to show how a beautiful plant can be created from a very ordinary and common parent, that’s what makes hybridizing so interesting; you never know for sure what you will get.

As for the Marian Openheimer, thanks for the kind offer, but I have never had any success with Crypts. I would still like a little piece of it though as I have a lovely old friend who grows them and has just come out of hospital after having a nasty melanoma cut out of her leg and is feeling pretty “down” at the moment and I’d like to give it to her to help cheer her up. Crypts. don’t seem to do well down here, and consequently are hard to get but she seems to do really well with them and when we ask her the secret, she just says, “well I live on my own with no company and I often talk to them”. I tried this but it didn’t work for me; but then I said, “if you buggers don’t grow you’re going in the bin” and probably upset them!

That’s a nice Nid. Madonna Wendy. It’s a great plant and as I’ve said on many previous occasions, a much underrated genera which should be in more collections. I have a couple of different forms, one of which is the palest of delicate pinks and a beautiful flower, but unfortunately doesn’t pup as regularly as the other form.

Before I get into the re-potting of Billbergias once more, I have to get some belated orders (thanks to email stuff-ups!) cleaned up and prepared to pack and mail out on Monday. After this my day is free "Brom Time".

I’ll finish with a few more pic’s of the BSNZ Annual Show that Andrew Devonshire kindly gave me permission to use and start with four he unfortunately didn’t get the names of and the final one is Vriesea 'Chestnut Snow'

All the best, Nev.

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Brisbane, Australia

Lovely vr's Nev. Gotta love that pink and burgundy stripe one.

Shirley, I ended up cancelling the hospital appointment. It was too wet to go sloshing my way to the bus stop, then up the hill to the hospital in the rain, especially with this chest infection. I rebooked for next month. A nuisance, but hopefully the rain will have cleared by then.

February/March used to be our wet season in the old days, but with such a prolonged drought we have forgotten what it was like. Roads always flooded, mould always grew. We forgot that the drought is abnormal, not the wet season.

Wendy, sorry to learn you are having problems with plant rot too. I hope you don't lose any real good ones. Actually, I haven't found any rot here, yet, but some bad smells, so I emptied and flushed those and left them to dry out. Haven't checked them all yet though.

A small break in the rain, and the ants have gone crazy. Just looking through the window here I can see them swarming all over the fence.

OK, done rambling. Off and away to face the day.

Queensland, Australia

Hi Everyone,
yup it's the weekend and it's raining here today, well showering on and off, would actually be nice if it hangs around today as it's been so hot here, so to have a nice cool rainy day would be nice. Don't want it hanging around for weeks, but for a day or two would be nice :)

Well love all the pics that have been posted as usual, gee there are some nice ones around. I'm trying to work out what we can clear out that we don't really want/need, as space is just so limited and yeah we're having trouble fitting things around already. I am hating having things dumped in deep shade in the garden. We went through a bad time in December of a lot of broms being burnt to a crisp so had to take some drastic measures as most of you know. We had to put up extra shade cloth over existing gardens that are under palms already, just to stop the sun that was managing to get through gaps in palms. This definitely stopped the burning issues we were having which was of great relief, but..... now we are seeing the opposite effect and not liking that either! Now they are green, lost their colour and some have in fact sprouted some awful long strappy leaves out the top ruining that lovely shape they previously had, doh!!!! Not happy to see some of our lovely broms now looking grren yuk and strappy!
So it just makes me feel... I don't know.... a bit over it! LOL. I mean as in...... just annoyed with stupid Summer in the north, too hot for pretty much everyone brom you can think of, a few cope, but not that many, so everything needs to be under cloth, then in another month or so, it needs to come back out and will be fine again until about Nov/Dec. Just makes it hard. I wish we had some huge shade house and they all lived in there, but we don't and can't do that.
So what do you do.... downsize to what you can fit.... or just keep juggling?? I guess juggling for now and trying to work out a better way of getting through next summer without ending up with strappy broms. Loss of colour I can handle.... fact of life up here.... you have to over protect them in summer and you get colour back once summer is gone.... but the strappy part... no not liking that. I had a nice Neo kautskyii that was starting to colour up months ago.... now it's green and has three ugly long leaves hanging out the top, pffftttt. Lucky my other kautskyii stayed in the brom house, not the garden and didn't suffer the same fate.

We are planting some tree ferns and we are hoping ... for starters they survive.... (going to be hard to get them started at this time of year) and then hopefully they will be big enough by next summer to provide nice shade without us having to try and tie up shade cloth here there and everywhere, lol.

Anyway enough of my sulking this morning, lol.

I'll add some pics of our newbies.... some have sustained a bit of damage in transit or had old damage as some are not young broms.
multiple uploads usually don't work for me... but here goes...
1 Aechmea mexicana variegata
2 Aechmea Samurai
3 Neo Gold Medal - which is actually the variegated form of Neo First Prize, so some of you may know it as that
4 Neo marmorata variegata, although probably looks more albo to me??
5 Neo Persian Carpet

See if they all work?


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Brisbane, Australia

Nice ones Tash. That Persian Carpet is gorgeous.

I got some of my more colourful minis out today for a group pic. There was a blast of sunshine for a short time, so took advantage of it.

Tillandsia cyanea, first flower on this plume. Love it!!!!

And neo. Jewellry shop I think is going past its prime now as it is getting 2 pups.


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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone,

Well here we are again, Sunday, “the day of rest” I don’t think, still a thousand things to do.

Karen – Bad luck you had to cancel the hospital appointment for another month and hopefully you’ll have better weather next time. Keep your eye on the mail about mid next week.

As for your mini’s, they're only babies yet, but they still show that "Mini Charm". Just wait till you have the pots full and then send another pic so we can see the difference.

Your Till. Cyanea looks beautiful, and one you always know is in flower long before you see it, as it has such a beautiful perfume which is best enjoyed in the early morning or evening. Unfortunately it doesn’t do well for me and as much as I’ve tried, it just survives and never looks anything special.

Remember your ‘Jewellery Shop’ is now under a bit of stress with two new pups on the way and drawing their nourishment from their mother, so to compensate for this, give mum a little bit of extra feeding, remember, you must look after your Mums.

Tash – Yes it’s hard when you have a climate like yours and have to constantly adapt your culture to the changing weather extremes. Fortunately I don’t have the extremes of weather that you people up North do, but then you don’t have to contend with the cold damage in winter time like I do either........ To each his own!

Also thinking about your plants getting sunburnt; have you tried putting them out where there's good light in the cooler weather and letting them gradually get used to the sun ? You may still get some bleaching and burning, but I've read where each consecutive generation of pups builds up more resistance each season until they are no longer cooked by the sun. (Excepting heatwaves of course) I haven't tried it but I've read about it a few times now. They say it works in a similar way to when you grow a "touchy" plant from seed and the seedlings can tolerate more of the weather extremes than the mother could.

Unfortunately, you had to do the big change over to the new growing conditions at the worse time of the year and the plants didn’t get a chance to properly acclimatise, but that’s all past now and it’s full steam ahead for a much better time from here on in.

Tree ferns are great companion plants for brom’s as they look so good together, but as you say, it’s not the best time of the year during the heat to plant them; I find that in my area, if I cut off the fronds and just leave the centre new ones which are still curled up, water well each day especially in the top where the new fronds are growing, they usually respond OK.

They’re great pic’s of some very nice plants Tash. Of course being a Neo man, my favourite is the Neo marmorata variegata; I’ve never seen that one before. Was it from a new seedling or was it a sport, do you know anything about its history?

Well time for an early breakfast and then face another day. I'll finish with more NZ pic’s to give you something to look at; firstly four group shots and finally Neo 'Wild Tiger' and I’ll be back tomorrow all going well.

All the best, Nev.

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barmera, Australia

Hi all. Have had another very hot day. The AC went on when I got up this morning at 6.00am. It is really overcast now and not too bad. But the question is, "Is there any rain in them thar clouds?" I hope so. Nev here's the pic of the "Costa Rica" flower now that it is out. Not too much going on here today. Sorry to hear about the rot in the broms. Hope you all find a cure. [hope I don't get it] I wish I had some room to try some tree ferns. I think they're lovely. I think you have to watch our sun with them but I think that they would probably be okay in the SH. They are very expensive here though. Well i hope everyone has had a lovely day. I'll see you all tomorrow. Colleen

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Nev if you have a spare pup of that pyramidalis hybrid I would love to buy or swap one,thanks.

Tash we have a few frangipani trees in large tubs that we pull out whenever we need a bit of shade for plants which are not coping with the sun. In winter when they are just sticks they are hidden up the back. we only bring them out when they start shooting and get them used to the sun ready to be used. This seems to work well for us here. We even have a really lovely deep pink one which everyone loves but the whites grow faster so are much bigger.

Colleen that costa rica looks lovely in flower. We have so many aechmeas flowering at the moment. it seems to be the time of the year for them. Some impressive pups on some of them too. We just have to have time to pot them up. Emily did some potting with me this morning. Nev we potted up 3 of your seedlings of calichroma x blanchetiana. Emily did one while I did 2 of them. She does a good job too. She found a branch which had fallen off the pride of india and insisted she had to pot it up too so we will see if it grows now. I also pulled 3 small crows nests out of a pot and was going to bin them but she insisted they had to be potted also. so now she has a nice little collection growing. She is moving up to other side of Toowoomba with her mum and sister tomorrow or next day and I am going to miss her so much although mum says she will bring them down often to see their dad. Anyway Emily is having several sleepovers with me while mum & dad clean up the old house they are leaving.

Must be off to bed now so I can be up early with Emily.

Night, Wendy

Pic 1 is tim plowman x lieboniana. Pic 2 is a billbergia we named fruit salad. (I must try to register it)

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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone,

Well here it is Monday morning and I can finally get some plants boxed and posted which have been held up ever since the details were locked up in my blocked Hotmail account. Anyway, I have a new account now with a new provider and anyone who still has my old email address, just send me a D-Mail and I’ll send you the new one.

Colleen – Next time it rains again here (and it’s looking that way this morning), I’ll see what I can do about sending a bit down you way to fill your tanks.

Ae Nudicaulis are always very eye catching when they are in flower and even when not in flower, once they have grown for a few years in a pot, they make very interesting plants with the pups growing out in all different angles and directions, quite sculptural. I didn’t realise until I read a recent post on a forum that there are literally hundreds and hundreds of different ones with foliage colour ranging in colour from green with or without banding, to shades of pink right through to a silvery/grey colour again with and without banding, and what’s more they all do magnificently when mounted on a suitable tree with nice rough bark as long as it doesn’t shed any bark.

As for tree ferns, I have the common one along with Bird’s Nest Ferns popping up all over the yard and they seem very easy to grow up here, so maybe I can send you a few down to see if they will grow for you.

Wendy – There is already one order in for a pup off the Billbergia Pyramidalis seedling, and I don’t know how many are on the mother for sure (I think only two) and I always keep one for myself. But I have three of these seedlings (all similar) and no doubt there are probably other pups as well, so I’ll get back to you after I have a look.

Speaking of Frangipani trees, did you know that Tillandsias and other small brom’s grow well when mounted on these trees. I haven’t done any myself but I have friends who have and one bloke in particular has a Till. Cyanea growing beautifully on one (even though we are told that Cyanea should always be grown in a pot)

It’s great to see the “littlies” being interested in gardening isn’t it? I remember when my two sons were around five or so and were one day eating some water melon. I told them if they planted the seed they could grow some more and I’ve never seen anyone move so fast as down to the side garden they went with the plate dotted with watermelon seeds. A short time later they came back quite proud of the fact the seeds had been planted and wanted to know if there would be water melons ready to eat “next week”! Anyway when they had to wait for a few days before the seed came up and saw how slow it was they seemed to lose interest until eventually quite some time later the vines flowered and small fruit started to form.

Anyway, fast forward to when the two melons eventually ripened and had been eaten and Dad was left to dig out the old vines and clean up the garden. While doing so, the fork struck something; it was the plate the watermelon seeds had been on, the boys had planted the plate and all. My wife had to apologise to them both because when she found she was a plate short they were blamed for breaking it and not owning up.

Wendy, what do you call Crow’s Nests? Are they the same as we call Bird’s Nest Ferns down here?

Time for a few more pic’s now starting with No's.1, 2 and 3 which I unfortunately don't have names for, but No 4 is Neoregelia 'Rainbow' and No. 5 is Neoregelia 'Skotak's Tiger'

All the best, Nev.

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Brisbane, Australia

Good morning eveyrone. Sunshine! Yes! Probably also means heat too, but things might dry out a bit which would be good at this time.

Nev, thank you for all your comments, and I will take them in hand and follow through. Yes, the perfume on the cynea is lovely, and now there are 2 flowers out on it - double the perfume. It is different, not like anything I've smelled before, but lovely. Those NZ garden pics are gorgeous, as is Wild Tiger.

Colleen, that's lovely colour in that Costa Rica flower. Very striking.

Wendy, that Fruit Salad bill is gorgeous. Enjoy your time with Emily. Seems a shame my grandies have grown up. I miss the child's play. Now its all coy teens.

Nev, a nice lot of pics there, again. I seem to have a weakness for the minis, as I am drawn every time. There are so many, all different. I just love them.

Well, the birds are getting stroppy. I leave them out to fly about for exercise in the mornings and evenings, but they reach a stage where they want to go out and socialise with the wild birds. They let me know by getting noisy and destructive. So I'd better go rescue whatever it is they are attacking.


Queensland, Australia

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the shade ideas, Wendy I like that Frangipani idea, we have two in big pots that are getting some size and shape to them now and next summer.... I think they will be of a good size to become portable umbrellas, lol. I like that idea :)
Yup Nev we'll be trying to acclimatise them in Winter, but we did that last year too, had a lot of broms in full sun, like our Tigers, Macho, Kautskyi's etc and they loved Winter's sun, coloured up beautifully and were handling summer ok-ish.... we had put up a piece of shade cloth over them just to take the worst of that nasty sun off them and then once December came.... all over red rover.... burnt to the know what.
Now I know people up here who do have certain broms in full sun, and they do sustain burn and they don't care, but I do. I hate to see beautiful Tigers burnt and curled. Even our blanchies that are supposed to handle full sun... yes have coped..... they are still in full sun.... but have bleached and have bits of burn. But they are too big to move.
But our plan is..... that in about another month maybe two, we can take our topper down in the brom house and all cloth around the yard, and let everything harden up and colour up and then when Summer gets close.... yes up with the brom house topper again, but hopefully no cloth around the yard this time. Hopefully the Tree ferns we are planting might have established and acclimatised, and yes the Frangipani mobile shade, lol. Also if we need to add cloth anywhere, we are hoping to use a lower percentage, maybe 30 or 50% as it's under palm trees and it's just where the sun manages to find a clear gap where things get charred.

Nev this is what I have been able to find on the Neoregelia marmorata variegata...... It is an article from the BSI journal from Chester Skotak himself..... Quote.... "Some of the variegated bromeliads I have are quite rare and unusual. I have a Neoregelia marmorata variegata, which came as a sport after many generations of the regular green form. Although this plant took many years to bring it to its present refinement, I feel it is a perfectly balanced variegated bromeliad now and can be improved no further."
Here is a link to the whole article if you'd like to read it

We were quite lucky to get our fingers on this one, we had to consult friend about it's value as we had no idea nor had we heard of one ourselves, but did seem to recollect seeing a baby one in their collection. We rang them and were told, yes grab it, as theirs cost them $80 for a small pup and then someone else we also know up here, they paid $120 for their one last year. So we were quite shocked at how much they go for, and until finding the above link this morning, I had no idea why it was so expensive.... but now seeing it's basically a Chester Skotak brom.... perhaps that says it all?
It doesn't look a whole lot at the moment, but I'm looking forward to growing the pups up and seeing how they grow and how big they get compared to the standard marmorata.

ok well I had better send, I had this 3/4 written this morning when the power went out! I am so over power cuts where we live, it happens way too often and for too long each time. We have decided to try to save up and buy a generator as it really seriously has become a joke. Went out at just before 8am and came on just after 1pm.
so I probably missed some of what I wrote earlier, but something is better than nothing :)

Hi Tash, when we first bought out motor home we also got a generator in case we wanted to camp in the bush. FAT CHANCE hahahaha. anyhow we lugged that big thing around the first year and only used it once when we stopped in the pine forest for a break from driving. we used it to boil the electric kettle. how's that for roughing it??? anyhow last year when we went south we decided not to carry the extra weight and left it at home. We'll probably never use it again.

Emily is sleeping over again. We took her home today to help with the cleaning the yard but I hate to say it.... her mother was not very nice to her After that I wouldn't leave her there and I fear for her when she moves to other side of Toowoomba while Chris stays here to go to work. I don't think her mother will cope with 2 young kids alone. If I had clothes here for Rylee I would have picked her up and brought her home too I was so disgusted. After so many days away from mum all Em wanted was mum's attention but she got more attention than was necessary for the situation. Johnny made sure both Chris & Jess knew how he felt about it and sent Chris to rescue Emily so we could take her away. I really do have reservations about her safety. Maybe I am over reacting but I don't think so. Sorry I just had to vent that

I'm off to bed early again. It is tiring looking after young ones. Never a moment to sit and rest. We made chocolate wobbles today for desert after tea. Apparently it is a cross between jelly and mouse. Tastes OK too.

Anyway night all
Chat again tomorrow.

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