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San Jose, CA

Angel wing n Gadiolus

Can't post my picture yet

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Still can't post my picture yet eventhough I have read FAQ
I can't find the "browse" button yet but instead it an "image" button, why?

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Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

In the space where you type your message, or rather below it, should be the word image and to the right and below of that, the word browse, in a faint box. So you type a message (I think you have to say SOMETHING to get it to work) and then click browse. Then you're browsing around inside your computer's saved files, and you pick one (usually a jpg) and click on it or open it and then it should open in a thumbnail image below your text. I'm going to do this now to make sure my description is accurate.

OK, actually, as soon as I clicked on the image in my HD, it brought me back out to this page, no thumbnail image, just a sttring of computer stuff is in the window. Good luck!

Thumbnail by carrielamont
San Jose, CA

Thank you arrielamont, I'm still struggling to find the "Browse" button because every where I look I only see "Preview" "Send" & "Image" with fainted box said "Choose file" button. I try to type a message in the message box, then click the "Image" button but nothing happens. Again thank you.

Still can't post picture yet

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

So where it says "choose file" choose a picture or an image from inside your computer.

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