Mulberry, FL

Hi I bought this from Thomas Hawk on ebay shoed a nice pink flower did not say anything about being varigated I tried to copy his hand writing but its worst than mine lol

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Mulberry, FL

sorry try this again

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Mulberry, FL

sorry for the 2nd post well here it is have not sprayed anything in or by it so its doing it on its own

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Mulberry, FL

OK contacted the seller he says its P. Sanguinolenta pics here show no variegation he didn't mention it either so we will see

Canary Islands. Tene, Spain


I'm afraid seeing the leaf that what you have is a trifasciata or a tricuspidata since the leaf is exactly the same as my tricuspidata.

the flower is white and if you want to check out a pic, check my list, I have it there


Mulberry, FL

This man says in winter not in full son it does this I am going by what he says I want that pink flower

Houston, PA(Zone 6a)

Dana, I did a Google Image search for the P. Sanguinolenta and the leaf looks like yours. If you go here......and scroll down there is a close up on a leaf that has the varigation just like yours
I got some plants from him in the fall, most are still doing good. I also got some cuttings from him and I killed all of them, they were nice when I got them, it was my fault.

I'm glad to see some movement on this forum finally!

Mulberry, FL

Thanks Roxxanne me too wondered if everyone went south lol Yes I too did the same he says hes going to do alot this spring selling I killed a few cuttings some are just harder to root. puri vidai survived proably spelled it wrong fledlermouse is hanging in there. The cuttings that died I really wanted those plants this spring I will just buy plants try to be cheap and ends up costing more in the long run never learn though lol

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