Where do you play with clay?

Union Grove, WI(Zone 5b)

I'm always looking for ideas on how to set up or improve my little mini studio space and love taking a peak into how/where outers play with clay. On the Ceramicartsdaily.com website they have a lot of articles and videos of potters and their studios. Hoping some of you might be willing to talk about or post pictures of their clay space. What do you like best about your space? What would you change if you could? etc.

So let me start:

I'm lucky enough to have some space in my home that is dedicated to playing with clay, I use a small corner of my basement as my studio.. I do all my throwing, handbuilding and glazing in that space. Of course I wish it were bigger and that there were windows! But mostly I wish it were closer to the kiln which is in one of our garages...so I have to bring all my work upstairs, thru the breezway, thru the attached garage and accross the lot to the ' work' garage where the kiln is.

My little studio has a little walk in closet where I can store my clay and all sorts of supplies, love that. I have a wheel, a slab roller and an extruder (which I recenly purchased used from a friend). We have a septic system so while there's running water and a sink in the laundry area I use buckets of water when working and to clean my tools...which I drag upstairs and outside to dispose of. It's not too bad when the weather is nice but not fun in the cold Wisconsin winters!

Here is a picture of my small studio. Can't wait to hear about yours!

Thumbnail by ItsMeChrissy
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