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Tucson, AZ

you know i am always trying to find a way to get these darn plumeria cuttings to root before they shrivel up in our dry heat. haha! well, i think i might have finally come up with something that will work for any cuttings that would benefit from a humid environment. this is version 2 - styrofoam container.

i started out with a home depot bucket and no fan. little fuzzies started growing on the cuttings after a day or so in the humid environment. plus, condensation covered the inside walls of the container. well, i add the fan for some air circulation. the fuzzies went away but the condensation still built up on the inside of the wall where the airflow wasn't that strong. that lead me to styrofoam because of its insulation property. well, i am happy to say that there is no condensation on the inside walls of the chamber.

the nice thing about the fan is that is supplies heat to the chamber. it was 83 and 78% humidity in there this morning w/o any external heat source when the room temp was 69. i keep the humidity up by blowing air across the surface of the water not like it is shown in the pic. just switch the position of the fan and water dish in the pic. also, i mist the cuttings with vitamin B-1. the nice thing is that the cuttings do not stay wet long because of the air flow. however, the air will remain humid.

i make a fresh cutting recently from one of my dormant plumeria which is notorious for die back. not only did the cutting not die back, it produced visible callus w/i two weeks. woo hoo!

it is not the most attractive living room piece but it does the trick. it gets hit by direct sunlight during the day through the sliding glass door.

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Santa Ana, CA(Zone 10b)

Thanks, TP! You may have saved about 80 orchids from perishing. I've been trying everything I could think of to raise the humidity in my makeshift orchid shack (9 x5) until my humidifier arrives. This took 20 min. to raise it from 21% to 50%. It ain't pretty, but it works! The tote is full of potting medium, but the lid holds quite a bit of water.

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Tucson, AZ

that is awesome to hear occarol! yeah, sometimes ugly works, right! haha! imagine that attractive cooler sitting in my living room.

you probably already know this but use distilled water in the humidifier.

has the humidity gone up any more?

Santa Ana, CA(Zone 10b)

It went up to 63% at one end and 61% at the other before I shut it off for the night. I'm only 10 mi. from the coast so we get the marine layer at night. It's often 80+ in the mornings, but drops to the teens as the day wears on.

Tucson, AZ

so, do you open a window or the door at night?

Mulberry, FL

This is great its like when we built our incubator with a light bulb thermostat and the more water you added the more humidity kept the heat with in a few degrees worked well looks like you two have figured out what works for you lol have fun with it

Santa Ana, CA(Zone 10b)

I close the door at night and set a small heater to turn on at 54 degrees for my warm growers. I used to keep those indoors, but I ran out of room. Unfortunately, this winter has been unusaully cold and dry, so the "temp. tolerant" ones that stay out year round are suffering. I think you have had as much, if not more rain than we have this season. We're getting all excited about the pending 1/4 to 1/2 inches of rain! I have inflos on two of my Plumies, one bare and one hasn't lost but a few leaves. My other big one is still shedding leaves. It's been an interesting year for gardening in the South West.

Mulberry, FL

I use propane it has 2 heads fits on propane bottle really cheap to operate and let the electric go off. I have heard to many night mares about this happening and almost total lost rain here is next to nothing also very mild winter here hot and dry next month we usally get no rain for the whole month weathers really changing.

Virginia Beach, VA(Zone 8b)

Great info TP!!!


Tucson, AZ

hi dana. yep! i think that i have finally found something that works for me. woo hoo! it only took 11 years! haha! i just ordered some generic cuttings to test in the chamber. it's a good mix of hard and easy to root plumeria. i think that the propane heater are a good idea. you definitely do not have any surprises like when you get the electric bill. do you have to provide venting?

hi carol. i got excited when i saw rain in the forecast! : ) i have several plumeria out in the yard that i will probably just drag under the patio. i hope your plants pull through. i am waiting for global warming to kick in during winter.

hi laura. thanks! it has been fun coming up with this version of the idea from what is already out there.

Santa Ana, CA(Zone 10b)

HA! Don't get too excited. If you're lucky, some of it will make it that far. It's raining in Long Beach, it's raining in San Diego, but Orange County is mostly being missed, as usual. No measurable amount here, so far. Much ado about scattered showers, again.

Tucson, AZ

bummer! it passed us by and started raining just to the east of us.

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Tucson, AZ

the $4 generics arrived on wednesday. i swear i am not keeping any of them! lol they are for a trial in the humidity chamber. some are hard to root and some are easy. they were cut fresh on monday and then shipped. here they are laying in the humidity chamber in a tray suspended over the fan and water reservoir. 91 and 84% humidity in there right now. hoping to see callus in two weeks. woo hoo! i need to pot up the one in the baggy!

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