Cannas: CANNA ? ( Continued ) # 12

This is where we came from :
So Let's start afresh.
Three out of ten is not a bad start.

I'm going to start of with My Latest Canna.
I have yet to find out what it is.

Thumbnail by ginger749
KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Thanks, Kell!!

Like the canna. I only have one variety. Purple leaves, red flowers. Was a gift from a friend and I've given a ton of them away already. lol

Livermore, CA(Zone 9b)

Ahhh, very pretty! My cannas are not doing as well here.. probably too dry. :(

I need to take more pics.. the backyard was completely dirt & empty when we moved in - and I have filled it up. So now, I am busy moving my mistakes! So glad to see/hear from the old gang - Hey Pepper !

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Livermore, CA(Zone 9b)

and after 2 years of having the mud clump to our feet, we put in a pool.... this is an almost there picture.

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Livermore, CA(Zone 9b)

and on the other side we have a grassy area, and garden and these little guys ! (Olivia in the chicken coop)

I'll take some more up to date pictures, the perspective on these is not so great I realize now.

Thumbnail by Redtootsiepop

What a wonderfull looking Pool Red.

Are the Chooks laying yet ?

Free fertiliser hey ?

I can send you some of my Hores stuff if you like.

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I heard on one of our smaller TV Channels.
There was a Soccer Game somewhere over there in Umerica today.
I also heard they were playing in a Fruit Bowl ?

Gee you guys do strange things. ;o)
On OUR Australia Day we just all go to the Ocean and have a swim in the salt water. (only real bath all year)
Then we go home again and Bake a Roast Lamb. ^_^

Your Soccer players don't even know what a REAL touch down is.
They GOOSE STEP over a line. (weird)


Soooo!! I heard on that same low quality TV program that a BIRD stole the show.

Apparently M.I.A. Stole The Fruit Bowl Half-time Show From Madonna and Nicki Minaj.
She had bought a Bird into the Fruit Bowl with her.
During the half time show she 'Flipping The Bird' out of the cage.

I'm not sure what all this means, but it sounded like everyone was having fun.

Perhaps this should have been posted on the Bird Forum ???

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Livermore, CA(Zone 9b)

ha ha ha -, we did watch the Fruit Bowl!

Yes, the ladies or "chooks" are laying, we have 8 total now, 3 lay brown eggs, 3 lay white, and 2 are Easter Eggers and lay pale green eggs. They love to supply fertilizer, constantly adding more and more. One of the chicks ended up being a rooster, had to give him away - can't have them in the city.

Can't wait for it to warm up so we can swim in the pool again, it is salt water - nicer on the skin. Ooops - gotta run to pick up the kids from school


KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

That goosestep touchdown was funny. The commercials weren't that great this year though.

Have you ever seen an Aussie make a REAL Touch Down ???
They throw themselves over the try line horizontally and the BALL touches the ground first.

Pic #2 is another type of touch down. (painful touch down)

Pic #3 New Zealand winning World Cup Last year.

Thumbnail by ginger749 Thumbnail by ginger749 Thumbnail by ginger749

Did any one notice we can now add up to 5 pictures to each post ?

Now all we need is to be able to add pictures into Old posts. ^_^

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Quote from Redtootsiepop :
ha ha ha -, we did watch the Fruit Bowl!

Can't wait for it to warm up so we can swim in the pool again, it is salt water - nicer on the skin.

What temperature is it there at the moment ?

Livermore, CA(Zone 9b)

wow, skipped a couple of days ! It has been in the 70's here, we're east of San Francisco so usually warmer/drier here. We are expected to drop to 60's and a few days of much needed rain.... we'll see how much we get.

I love the multiple pictures! Cool.

I'm going to try to work on some paths outside today, will take my camera out. Hey Pepper!

day old chicks, and Vincent picking an artichoke last year, when the yard was mud & vegetables (a VERY popular combination, I know!)

Thumbnail by Redtootsiepop Thumbnail by Redtootsiepop

Anyone have an Arbor like this ?

Thumbnail by ginger749
KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I wish I had an arbor like that!! I could plant all kinds of roses and clematis and a few other vines on there!! lol

Can you see what it is growing on this one ?

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Bougie vines?

You got it in one.

Do you know how long this Arbor is ?

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Hard to tell.

Here is a link to it.

It is one kilometre long.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

It's neat looking!!

Is your multiple picture thingy working ?
It says I can add 5 pictures.
But it only gives me one place to put one ????
Another screw up by admin.
I think they need a broom through them.
Then get some YOUNG people in who know the Computer.
These old fogies can't even fix your 'Blue Ribbon'.

How about that Whitney Elizabeth Houston is dead.

This is an aerial view of the Arbor.
It goes from Red Dot to Red Dot.

Thumbnail by ginger749
Houston, PA(Zone 6a)

I think as you add pics it keeps giving you one more spot to add another.

It's too bad about Whitney Houston, what's with these wealthy people? It's never enough. Too bad.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I haven't added pics for a couple months. Nothing new to take pics of right now. So the new feature I haven't tried yet and don't know how well it works.

A friend of mine saw the report on her and asked me to verify if it was true. I googled and reliable sources came up so I'm guessing it is. A shame.

Quote from roxxanne :
I think as you add pics it keeps giving you one more spot to add another.

It's too bad about Whitney Houston, what's with these wealthy people? It's never enough. Too bad.

Thanks Roxxane.
I have tried that but only still get one picture option.

Two days ago I was able to add 5 ?

I know what you mean about wealthy people.
A lot of very famous people have died at 27 YO.

I've more than doubled that so I can't be too famous.
I'm just a legend in my own nightmare. ^_^


Livermore, CA(Zone 9b)

that arbor is beautiful !!

I was met with this out my kitchen window (December I think) .... then looked down to see our kitty doing her job

Thumbnail by Redtootsiepop Thumbnail by Redtootsiepop

Good Guard.
But did she kill it in the end ?

I was quite disappointed to find all this damage yesterday morning.
I found not one Caterpillars at all.
So what was it that did all this damage in less than a day ?

Thumbnail by ginger749
Houston, PA(Zone 6a)

WOW! Someone was hungry! Go out at night with a flashlight if you don't see anything during the day.

So, This is what ate my Cannas.

Thumbnail by ginger749
Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

I'm usually a lurker on the canna list as I only have a couple so far. Just ordered three more, so I should have a better display soon.

Lovely pool and children! Nice start on the landscaping too.

ginger749, when i was moving from Chicago to Texas my your son and I drove down together. We followed a flatbed truck with an All Blacks fan scarf in the back window. We stopped at the same station for gas and the driver told us we were some of the very few people he met in his travels who knew who the All Blacks are! =) Congrats on the big win and I missed the Fruit Bowl as I was watching Downton Abbey instead. Shockingly, DH joined me was he said the commercials weren't up to standard this year.

Hi Terri,
And welcome to our Canna group.
Things are a bit slow at the moment around here.
The more people join in the busier it will get.

As you might have realised my dig at the Fruit Bowl was directed at Red and Pepper, ;o)
Lets see some pictures of your two Cannas if you have any.


Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Well sure! This is my favorite so far, canna Thai One On. I also have Panache and Australia (I just realized I have three). I think that this is the best photo I have right now. I just ordered Ermine, Tama-Tulipa, Thai Rainbow, Musafolia, and Red Stripe from Plant Delights.

Thumbnail by terri_emory

That sure is a beauty Terri,
It looks like a salmon pink colour to me.

Texas is pretty hot and dry is it not ?
Where do you get your water from ?

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Northeast Texas is hot and very humid in the summer. We are not so dry as the western part of Texas, usually between 35" - 40" of rain per year here. We can usually grow some sort of veggies through most of the year.

However, last year we participated unwillingly in a 100 year drought with a record two and a half months of consecutive days with temps of 100 plus degree F and no rain at all. We live out in the boonies but we are lucky enough to have city water and a deep well. If it had not been for the well I would have lost many more plants than I did. I'm pretty sure I lost the canna Australia, indirectly from the drought. Our pasture was so dry and even though we had it mowed short to prevent a brush fire, some #$%@ drove by on the road and flicked a lit cigarette out of the vehicle window. So we had a small fire (we were very lucky, many in our area lost acres and acres of what little grazing was left, not to mention homes and trees, to brush fires). Our neighbor saw it happen and quickly rushed over with his bulldozer and contained the fire. Not before one bed of canna Australia w/some roses got scorched. Oddly I thought the canna would come back and I would lose the roses. But it seems you can keep Teasing Georgia and Snow goose down and they came back with quite a bit of watering. I'm fairly new to Texas and am hoping for a better gardening year this year.

What are the weather conditions in your area?

As you may or may not have heard.
Queensland has just had 2 of the worst Flooding years in what they call a once in a hundred year flood ?
It has been on the News all over the world for more than a month.
My House and Studio were never threatened.
But 4 acres of my front paddocks were inundated.

I like it that way.
It brings silt down from the Mountains around me.

This is My Front Gate looking back up towards My Studio.

Thumbnail by ginger749
Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Wow! When not flooded I bet that is a beautiful view! I think I have seen the news reports on the floods.

And I do remember there were extensive brush fires withing the past year in Australia as well. The first year we moved here to Texas we had the floods. So we seem to have gotten the entire gamut of weather we are hoping Texas has to offer in the past five years.

And Thai One On is described as salmon pink.

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