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lopi revere zero clearance insert issue !

I just bought a used lopi revere insert . This stove is
Replacing a not so efficient buck stove insert. I have
A zero clearance fireplace that I can't find the name
Of anywhere. The lopi is a much smaller stove and
There is around 6 inches of clearance on all sides of
The stove with the lopi installed. My question is there
Anyway I can install this into my zc fireplace and be
Safe ? If not what is my cheapest way out ? Thanks
For your much needed help .

Baceno, Italy

Hello sparkyd,
As long as the integrity of the wood burning Z.C. is still the same as if you were to burn an open fire in it, the revere will be safe to use in that set-up. Now for your concern about the gap around the newer insert (6"), you can get a panel kit that will cover any opening not utilized by the actual insert. This is a link to find a lopi dealer near you they should have the panel part. Also something to think about is a liner for the fireplace it is an expensive up-front cost but well worth it in the long run, helps drafting, effciency, and cleaning. (excuse my grammar and spelling).

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