Passion fruit

Laie, HI

Hi there. Just wondering if anybody has ideas why a passion fruit vine would not be setting fruit. I have plenty of flowers but no fruit. I know our soil is a bit sandy and low in iron so I have been diligent in fertilizing and mulching. This is happening on my orange, soft skin type passion fruit...the type that grows wild in the hills around here....but also on the my friends regular lilikoi. There are a few carpenter bees hanging around. aloha

Fort Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10b)

The only Passiflora I know of which is self-fertilizing is the Passiflora Edulis 'McCain' bought from Logees Greenhouse, USA.
Probably a good idea to find another Passiflora type which is flowering for fertilization of yours. Or alternatively, pluck a flower from a friends vine, rush home and with a paint brush, fertilize your flowers!!!
I have many vines, all in the early growing stage. None have had flowers as yet, so I'm hoping its just a case of 'immaturity'!
My 2 P. E. McCain vines certainly fruited, but neither of them lived for any length of time. Perhaps because they were in pots!!! Who knows! Determined to get the fruit, I've sown umpteen seeds, (mixed types), distributing the vines around the garden. Perhaps I'll be fortunate to find some actually fruit..........eventually!

Keaau, HI

Maybe too hot & dry right now.

This is produce season for lilikoi here now. Unless the plants don't get enough water (rainfall).

Laie, HI

thanks for the recent replies. I actually got a few fruit off my soft passion fruit during the summer so now I know it can do it......Just read recently somewhere that passion fruit likes high nitrogen...........seeing as I use the usual cheap 10:30:10 figuring it will push the fruit, maybe I have been barking up the wrong tree.

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