Spearmint 'Julep' (Mentha spicata)

Paris, TX

Hello, Lady Ashley, beautiful photo and love Spearmint. I have grown it in the garden for years but have never needed to pot it. If I am to have it now I need to be able to grow in pot. A very knowledgeable friend claims it will never do well in a pot as the roots spread straight out and it will choke itself to death in a pot for any length of time. I probabley will be in this nursing and rehab from now on and sure miss my fresh SM teas. lol. Wondered how long this has been potted? Think I'd like to try it.

Oakland, MD

Sorry fr the delay! I was in the process of moving. It's been in its pot for a couple of years now. Still doing just fine! I fertilize in the spring/summer, and The pot has some soil moist in it, which probably helps it. Never had problems with it choking itself out though. If that were the case, couldnt you always just remove some of it?

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