Another morning glory from Chiapas perhaps

victoria, Canada

This rampant vine is used to treat snakebite. Although no flowers were present at the time of the photo, they are reported to be small and blue, resembling morning glory. The interesting thing about this vine is that it emits a strong odor of chlorine. The resin is bitter and numbs the tongue. Does anyone have any idea what this vine could be? Does morning glory have a chlorine smell and taste?

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Zephyrhills, FL

It looks like a morning glory to me. There are many hundreds of species of morning glory. I live in Florida and would absolutely love to have that one.

Elma, WA(Zone 8a)

Hello from the looks of the plant in the pictures I would guess it looks closer to a Dutchmans pipe (Aristolochia) of some kind and not a morning glory. I have grown many of both families and while there are many morning glories not common in the trade so could be this still, it still reminds me more of an Aristolochia in growth type and leaves.

(Zone 7a)

Y'all might like to keep an eye on what folks over in the Plant ID forum might have to say about this plant -

Unless you own stock in Monsanto, I wouldn't plant this one in places where it would have the potential to be invasive, if that should turn out to be the case.

(Zone 7a)

Hi Suzanne,

I heard from the Plant ID forum about this one, and they say they need pics of flower (and sepals) in order to make an ID. Looking forward to your sending some,

(ps - per our dmail, I guess both you and I are behind; I'll check in from time to time and address the other thing when I can)

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