Brugmansia in Australia - February 2012 -#2

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

We have come from here
Chrissy has asked me to open the next thread with my B.'Ecuador Pink'
so here we are a new thread and a lot more blooms to post

Jean so sorry to hear those little biters hitting you again & again,
I have 1 affected plant B.'Double white' x.aurea i have sprayed it but i find that they are localised to that plant and no other at the moment.
I found that chilli detergent & water works quite fine here, what the detergent dose is strip there coating of and then allows the chilli to hit there nervous system and render them dead well that's what i was told many years ago. I hope you have success with what ever method you employ

Colleen many toddlers you have i have been in the Potting mood today and potted many up about 40-50 pups in a mix of 2 potting soils & Coir-peat brick

Dianne that is a lovely Fat aurea pod you have there hope it treats you well

Chrissy sorry to hear the weather just don't wanna leave your part of town but not all is lost, I'm sure the weather will change soon for you and then you will be swampt with all the breeding & cutting back planting ect><

I have also started a trial of fish in the potting mix, many years ago i heard that the Inca from South America put fish under there Corn to fertilise it while growing, I have used Sardine cut in 3 & used 1 piece per pot i have tyred this in 3 different varieties to see what will happen if any thing, (Gil tells me it will attract the cats but there is no smell from it i think the soil locks it away.) test 2 is to see if the cats do come around that is why i have placed the fish trial pot away from all others, Just in case)


Is there a way you can change your User name on DG??????

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Lovely pics Shaun, does your EP get very much darker as it matures?
Re name change...if you contact DG at the bottom of the page, they are always very helpful and will tell you if it's possible....

Wouldn't "Charlie Carp" do as well?...I'm sure that Gil would be

I have decided that the best way for me to enable all these Brugs to to take cuttings before I remove the non keepers....that way if in later flushes they improve...I still have that's the way to go.

Here are 2 alltime keepers GHA/Macedon and Buck's Fizz.......

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Merino, Australia

Well that was odd.. I had a post here which just disappeared.

Thank you all for the recipes for the mites.
I will try them all over the next few weeks.
I really dont want to cut any of the brugs back just yet in case I get more buds which wont fall off.

Shaun, I will show your lovely pic to my Ecuador Pink. It was a cutting which refused to grow.
After about 4 years I finally have it to 4' high with a Y.

Dianne your yard looks lovely. What a difference having a sheltered place makes to the brugs.
Mine may pack their bags and move to your place if they see that.
I tried Charlie Carp once , but couldnt stand the smell of the stuff.


Sydney, Australia

Yes I agree Jean it stinks for sure, I think it scares the bugs away just by the pong ^_^

Dianne what a beautiful Brug Garden, nothing dainty about mine, it's like a Brug assembly line here as I try to find the perfect white.

We have some clearish sky this morning but storms are predicted,
I wish you could smell these two together this morning, just these two blooms scenting all around the garden. Yes this pink is worth the scent, the colour and the Pink Smitty Genes. Wonderful ! (excuse the rank grass and chewed leaves) scent lingering into the mid morning.

The third picture is Wayne's Seedling still holding onto many buds,
the 4th is tangled tendrils, I hope the tendrils on this Brug can sort itself out. Fingers Crossed !
Oops sorry I think I posted one pic twice *blush * (short term memory loss *lol* ) and tired.

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Sydney, Australia

Ummm it was supposed to be this one 1) ...2) is an Arborea budding up, very pale leaves.

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West of Brisbane, Australia

No time right now but Chrissy when did I send you the Pink Smitty x Dorthea cutting??
Back later

Sydney, Australia

From memory around last Easter or a bit after that, sorry I only have the name, I know that's a bit slack but at the the time. I had many medical dramas here going on. Why is there a problem ?

Sydney, Australia

Shaun I have just been reading about your fish experiment.

I posted this for you but in case you didn't get back there here it is, I have always planted the odd ham bone/Lamb bones or fish bait etc plus cow poo under things like Passionfruit, so it would work on Brugs too.
good luck with it ^_^

It is the same basic principle but in a sort of mini version. You see I think it's the worms that do the job for you IMO and in pots there are no worms to break it down into rich castings.
Here is the link.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Charlie Carp does pong, but it's very good.....and it gets rid of the carp, double

Chrissy, those curly tendrils are gorgeous.....
Jean, how are your Aboreas going....
All of my Sphaeros are growing well, vulsas and Alan's
I have some seedlings coming along that are a LBG x Bergfeurer cross and Angel's Flight x Charleston..these 2 have Y'd, and have buds, so I can't wait 'till they flower.

I am going to take a cutting from Ivoire, grow it on and keep pruning it, to see if I can get it to stay bushy, then let it grow...

Zabaglione is flowering again after I lifted the definitely wants to grow lower, because it keeps growing sideways.....Jean, it's worth the will love the perfume when it flushes..
It will do fine in a pot , I'm sure.....I'll take the cutting from that too, today.

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West of Brisbane, Australia

Quote from chrissy100 :
From memory around last Easter or a bit after that, sorry I only have the name, I know that's a bit slack but at the the time. I had many medical dramas here going on. Why is there a problem ?

No problem! Just didn't have a record of it. Must have been sent with Pink Sweetie and Phanomenal x Superspot, I think, probably from a sucker or side branch because the brug was small then ***and it hasn't grown since***! (Or a piece that got broken off accidentally.) So 9 months to flower. Pretty good when you consider the torrential rain you've been having--this summer sounds like the wet season in the tropics for you. Amazing you have any blooms.

West of Brisbane, Australia

Well done with Ecuador Pink, Shaun: it's looking at its best.
But Jean, I wouldn't feel too bad about your EP not doing well. In the early days when I watered it assiduously and fertilised regularly, it did put on some great flushes. But since then, when I've left it to mother nature to water and fertilised it only once a year or so, it has virtually stopped flowering. I wouldn't think this is one that would grow well for you there, and certainly needs a lot more work than GHA. (Plus it's never had a scent in my garden.) So it's very pretty when it's in full flush but needs a lot of work to get that way.
Shaun, what is your 'double white'? Is it knightii? You can really see the aurea in those blooms. Next step ...? Cross them with some coloured brugs to get an aurea-type pink or yellow? Or, if you have > 1 seedling with this cross, cross them with each other?
Bad news about that pod on (Aztec Gold 2009#3) x (Old Apricot x Butterbomb): the pod withered prematurely and most of the seeds inside are white and clearly unviable. Being suaveolens-style (i.e. small) anyway, I couldn't peel them to check but they seem flat (i.e. empty) inside. Anyway, I sowed them immediately on the off chance that there might be one viable kernel in the pod, but I doubt it.

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West of Brisbane, Australia

Love that egg-shaped pod, Dianne :-) Your white 'apricot versi' is rather pretty, shame you think it flops too much. (But not as much as my Big Floppy Apricots, I'll bet!) I thought you were going to be really single-minded about culling your seedlings ... until you said that you would take cuttings of the disappointing ones before throwing the large rooted/flowering originals away LOL Ideally, I reckon we'd all like to keep every single seedling we've raised!
Now this is the last of Alistair's crosses to flower, no. 13. I really will turf this one out, as I have done with all but one of the other whites from this cross (it's been a little hard to reach and I'm waiting for the humidity to die down before digging it out) but I reckon it's not a patch on my Golden Butter #3--which is both scented (aurea fragrance) and quite waxy. However, having spent almost 4--yes, four (sown May 2008)--years growing it, I'd like to keep its genes, which I'll do via the seedpod you can see on it. I've included a photo of GB#3 for comparison.

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Merino, Australia

I agree with you cestrum, I dont thin EP likes it here much. I'll see if he buds then decide if I'll keep him.

I sprayed every\thing with the flour/milk spray this morning. I'll do them again in a a few days.

I will also look for that Eco oil on Thursday. while shopping.

I see why some of the people had said to strain the flour/milk mix through a piece of muslin etc. It tends to clog the sprayer after a while. I will use an old stocking next time.

Dianne my aureas are looking good with a few more buds. They are on the front veranda . I wish the veranda was much bigger so I could fit more brugs there.
Luckily , so far, the cold climate brugs are not affected by the mites except for the sangs which seem to be recovering now.
Alan's and the BGI project ones are all okay . Most are in larger pots now and liking the shadehouse.

Chrissy the seedlings from your ( Star Dancer x) x GHA are growing so much quicker than all the others. Must be the GHA genes .
Love the tendrils on the tangled one.

Shaun, the seeds from that cross with pretty pink mum are doing well. Did you find out if the mum was PP at all ?


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy if my experiment is a success or not i will follow your advice and harvest a few worms to put in each of the pots to help brake down the organic mater .
Dianna i have used Charlie carp before but i'm using fresh fish in this experiment i use about 3 bags of DLifter each spring and autumn and then i also foliar feed them every few weeks or when i can be bothered

Cestrum all i know about this is that it's a double white weather Knightii or some other ""Shrug"", I do have a few seedlings from it and they are 2 year olds now and should be flowering in spring ""Fingers X" i do have 1 that has flowered and very pretty in dead which i called DRC-Starburst because the mouth of the flower just makes it out of the Calyx & opens up.
It is a B.('Double White' x.aurea) X.aurea (form) so i hope that the other 4 seedling do well or come up with a nice color.
I have crossed it with Knightii, EP, aurea(form) and thinking about 'Deep Pink'(Clochester Rd) when it flowers which will be soon

Dianne your yard looks beautiful and full of Brug's, Zabaglione looks stunning (Mine should be blooming soon i hope)

Jean EP i just planted it in the ground after having it in a pot for about 4 years and only had 1-2 blooms ""not Flushes"" since it been ground bound i have just been getting more and more flowers on it, Last year i had probably about 20 flowers this Flush there is like 50+ so if it keeps going this way next year i should get about 100 flowers and a lot of pollen hahahahah

barmera, Australia

Shaun please don't put worms in your pots. They work the soil and it just becomes a quagmire for the plants and they die. The worms are fine in the ground but not in pots. Colleen

West of Brisbane, Australia

Should be interesting when they flower, Shaun. So far as Ecuador Pink is concerned, you're obviously giving it what it needs :-)
Funny about worms. I remember a presenter at one of the gardening talks explaining that worms in pots were bad because they basically destroyed the structure of the soil (I think that's what he said). Anyway, the end result is either soil that is airless or without any nutrients (can't remember which) but I remember him saying that the plant starts to sicken and eventually die despite being given lashings of water and/or fertiliser, which it can no longer absorb. He actually said that all outdoor pots should be placed on some sort of raised structure (e.g. those 'tub' feet) to stop worms getting in them.
Ah, Dianne, that section of your garden looks beautiful. (I'm guessing that the overgrown grass/knee-high weeds are just out of camera view LOL) But that's a BIG seedpod you've got there :-)

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Sydney, Australia

I wouldn't advise putting worms into pots.
Just continue with the experiment to see what happens.
I tried the egg experiment but the cuttings didn't grow any more or less than the other ones. I did have some ant issues to address however. ^_^

I hear the sky rumbling again *Sigh*

barmera, Australia

I'm glad that you agree with me ladies. My son got a Horticultural Degree at the Brisbane University and has always told me to get any worms out of the pots. Oh Chrissy I wish that I could throw a sky-net up and stop the rain for you. Not a drop here and supposed to warm up again for the week. Colleen

Merino, Australia

Well , I had better go out and tell the worms to vacate the pots immediately.
Most of my pots sit on the ground and worms do make their way into them , but I never know unless I am tipping a pot out and find a worm or two.
Usually only one or maybe two, but not even in all the pots. I havent seen any sign of them affecting the plants. Probably not enough to do any harm.
I wouldnt add worms though.
Its impossible for me to have all the pots sitting on something and I like the plant roots getting into the ground too.
Gives them a bit extra boost.
Also helps hold some of my brugs upright if they have anchored them selves.

I guess, like everything, it all depends on the plant, pot, weather etc.

If truth be known, except for the brugs , most of my pots would be too dry for fussy worms.


Sydney, Australia

I agree Jean, the pots on the ground sometimes have the worms come and go, they don't seem to stick around, perhaps they get too warm or too dry, I have suffered one of my pots fill with ants once, The poor Brug looked ill but I couldn't figure out why and put it down to hail shock , I thought I had better take a look and when I picked it up it was too light. The inside was almost empty of it's contents and it was full of ants and eggs in the emptiness. Washed it all thoroughly, ants all running off over the place, replanted an almost dead plant after trimming off the dead looking roots and cutting the trunk to a couple of inches.
It not only grew well but really thrived after all that rough treatment. Why the ants chose that pot I do not know, but it just goes to show how tough these plants are ...if there is any white root left they will live, given the chance.

How did the plants look after the spray ? I hope that works for you.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Consensus states NO WORMS in shaun's experiments
i also love the idea of rooting pots to the ground it dose give them a mega BOOST and then in the winter if you want to shift them it's all kool to do so, I'v been doing this for years and have not lost a plant in the process,

also about over watering pots or wet feet,,, for over 10years i had plants in buckets of water most of the time 1/2 full and checked every day or 2 to keep the water up i found that the plants were all OK with it unless you took the water up to the top of the bucket that the plant would then be submerged in water NOT a GOOD IDEA they weep and take time to recover from the shock of Drowning like we do, it also keeps the plants small and not flower very well at all.

i am now in a position where i can have them in the ground or scattered around as this is family propity not a rental changed the lay out of the garden to suit the brugs also now i want more room hahah like we all dont

Sydney, Australia

I am very relieved to hear the Brugs survive in constant wet. I have no choice in some parts of the garden here. I would imagine so long as some part of the root area is above the water it should be savable.I confess I have been very troubled over all the water as specially when you nip the bud tips out and they pour like a tap.
In the heat no worries, (even though it's been a much cooler Summer) but if this rain continues through the cold, I think I would have to take lots of cuttings just in case.
thanks Shaun :) I hear it again ...rumble rumble !!!

Clifton Springs, Australia

cestrum, I'll have you know that I am still single I removed a single

Tomorrow I will remove another.....had to go out and didn't have time today....
That isn't the biggest seed pod...there is one larger and am I thrilled to bits....I haven't tried to grow them for years and this will be my first success....I don't care what it tastes like as long as it matures.

My garden is way too small to have weeds, I have a husband who gets up at 6 every morning, while I'm asleep, gets everything that he wants to do, done......then turns his attention to the garden....weeds don't stand a
I see what you mean with your GB#3, no comparison.
I may take action over that photo too..... :-)

Well I just tried to pollinate Bruce's Pink with Topsy pollen again.....It didn't work in January, so we'll see...temperature is about the same....
Whatever Ecuador Pink paired up with cestrum, to produce Topsy...definitely wasn't a versi, 'cause Topsy no flopsy....


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

here are a few more pic's of EP

Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan
West of Brisbane, Australia

Shaun, you should find that EP works well as both a pod parent and pollen donor. (From memory, as a pod donor it produces rather small seeds, but a lot of them.) I'm still curious about your 'double white'. Until fairly recently (before the near-ubiquity of ebay ... if you can remember that far back), knightii was pretty much the only double white in Vic. Where did your 'double white' come from?

Dianne, you've gone all poetical :-) But geez, you could rent that industrious husband of yours out for a pretty penny, methinks.
No harm in trying to pollinate, if you've got the blooms. Esp. given the very reasonable temps for Vic in late summer.
BTW, no garden is too small for weeds!

Crazy weather in Sydney; nothing to do but batten down the hatches and wait it out. Then check out the damage tomorrow.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Cestrum i got the plant from a Nursery 2005 and have had it flower many times for me, I do assume that it is 'Knightii' but have know idea
Iv just looked up on there web site and found that this variety is B.'Tantra'
it is registered via IBRUG
but it is conflicting
it states on there web site that it is
(Double White X aurea')
but you go to the IBRUG and it said
unspecified double white B x candida

Link to the Nursery

Now i have a name for it Yeeepppppy

Thumbnail by SolMan
Sydney, Australia

Hi Shaun ...Tantra is here in the Plant files and they check everything before they put the plant in there, so add yours.
Tantra is by Double White (Knightii) x Aurea ... the parents.
Tantra chucks the odd double, so that is what gives the odd confusion sometimes.
So Tantra has doubles in it's genes. It is classified as a Single.

Dianne if the temperatures are dropping go for your life. Great time to do crosses, remember early morning or night just before the bloom unfurls all the way on the mother plant. put something over the donor ( mozzy net or something) to stop the critters getting in messing with the pollen grains until they fluff or remove the boy bits and allow to dry and fluff inside somewhere. Of course that sounds like a lot of trouble but it gets you the cross you choose.
The sticky pad on the mother that accepted the pollen is only sticky for a short few hours, any time after it drys up won't work.
Heat is the enemy of pollination so remember done in the shady part of the plant.
Good luck.

Clifton Springs, Australia

I remembered that I saved this post, when Judy gave me my Tantra....have a look at Alistair's Shaun.......

West of Brisbane, Australia

Great minds think alike, Dianne ... I saved this post from Alistair too:

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Thanks Guys it defently is 'TANTRA

Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan
West of Brisbane, Australia

So, if Tantra is carrying the genes for yellow then crossing it with another yellow should give you a good chance of producing some single yellow seedlings. And crossing it with a double yellow (FFA or Clementine) might give you a chance of producing some double yellows, I would think. Hmmm, enticing possibilities ...

Here is Pink Sweetie. I didn't notice anything unusual (in the first photo) until I took another look and realised (second and third photos) that there was a bloom from the first pink of Alistair's cross. Not a patch on the second pink (aka Pink Sweetie) and it has barely flowered--has nothing like the large flushes of its sibling--but I can't quite get myself to throw it out. It was after all my first pink seedling.

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Merino, Australia

Chrissy, I did the milk & flour spray and now have brugs with a white powdery dusting on them. Wont hurt because it will soon wear off. I get marks on the leaves of plants from the calcium in our water which dont seem to bother anything.
I will spray again on Friday and also buy some more oil. I will see if I can find Eco oil or just use the White Oil.
Not having the right ingredients in the cupboard for my witches brew, I just used ordinary powdered milk & plain flour.
That Tantra is a very pretty girl.
Mine is doing well Dianne.


Sydney, Australia

Nothing much to report here,
Yes Tantra is beautiful and what a bonus that it carries double and yellow genes.

I hope that spray works for you Jean,

I left out a space on my second shot in the name, but you know what I mean,
The twisted tendrils are still twisted on number three and finally I found E.Pink bloomed, one lonely bloom trashed and fallen off (the whole little branch)from the storm poor little thing's very fuzzy isn't it.
It's awfully wet, mud, long wet grass and dripping spider webs, slip sliding in my Crocs UGH !

Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Sydney, Australia

Could someone tell me if E.Pink is a small bloom please? it was a bit of a surprise to see the size, quite petite ...I thought E.Pink would be longer and larger. I was wondering if the bloom has been affected by the weather or is that the normal size.

West of Brisbane, Australia

I wouldn't call it small, but then I didn't think that FFA was a small bloom until someone called it that LOL
Anyway, hope this helps.

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Sydney, Australia

Thanks, it is quite petite compared to say Pink Panther, this one anyway. Thankyou this came from you. I have never had E.Pink bloom for me even after a couple of different pieces in different conditions, this one was planted in full sun as apposed to semi shade, the one in the shade grows ok but does not bloom yet, while this one (fully exposed to the elements as you can see) has bloomed and seems to be suddenly coming to life despite the the weather. Maybe it loves the rain. ^_^

West of Brisbane, Australia

Gosh, that must have been a while--a couple of years?--ago. Warmth, water and food: that's what EP needs to flower well. As I've said often, in my garden at least it needs a lot of TLC to induce those flushes.
BTW, while I was outside last night I smelt another freshly opened bloom from the FFA cutting growing in a bucket (and so reachable). Divine! I think it must be the best-perfumed of all my brugs--such a treasure :-) How does it compare with Clementine?

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy EP Is the longest bloom in my arsenal
It is about 18" long and about 6-8"across
I would say that the weather has done some
Thing as I have always had long flowers

West of Brisbane, Australia

It's been such a long time since I've had flowers on mine--other than an odd straggly one now and then--that I can't remember exactly how long the blooms were. I wish I'd thought to take a photo of a bloom against a ruler! Anyway, here's a pic from when it had good flushes, about two years ago now.

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