Whirlpool fail

Lake Toxaway, NC(Zone 7a)

Because of a tight budget, I have bought 2 whirpool appliances in the recent past. The most recent ones were a ceramic top cook stove and a wall mounted microwave with exhaust fan for the stove underneath. What sorry appliances. Pieces of plastic around the door of the mic began cracking, then falling off. While it was still sealed and I could savely use it, eventually the whole front broke off, then the handle. This all started just as the warranty ran out.
Likewise, the cookstove has problems. The area above the flat cooking surface, where the dials are, is merely painted with some sort of enamel paint. When you clean it, the paint starts coming off. I did NOT use steel wool or a copper scrubber, but a sponge with the rougher surface on the other side that is not supposed to scratch. Examining more closer with my husband, we saw that area was merely painted, not baked-on enamel.
I had trouble with one other whirlpool in the past so I will never buy their products again.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

I am glad your reported your sad experience. I am sorry you have had such difficulty with your appliances. What bothers me is Consumer Reports constantly puts Whirlpool or Kenmore at the top of their lists. I don't get it.

I have a Whirlpool side by side refrigerator, and although I don't really have any complaints about it being a Whirlpool, I hate the design: side by side. Everything keeps falling out. I have to keep my refrigerator very organized every day. The freezer is no better. I am thinking about selling it and replacing it with a refrigerator that has the ice make in the lower part of the ref. I had that design before I had this one, and it was much more usable.

I have the Whirpool front load washer and dryer also per Consumer Reports advise. The washer door has to be left open all of the time or it STINKS. They have finally made something to put in the machine to run through an empty wash load that makes the stink go away. Consumer Repts. did not mention the stink. But for pete's sake. Why does one have to buy something else to correct a stinky mistake?? The front load washers are very expensive and then you get stink and have to pay for something all of the time to keep the stink away!!

I bought both appliances per Consumer Rpts. I am now looking to replace my cooktop with an induction cooktop. Of course, Consumer Reports recommends Whirlpool. I am also looking to replace my wall oven. Again, Consumer reports recommends Whirlpool.

In conclusion, I am not going to take Consumer Reports advise seriously anymore. They must be receive kickbacks from Whirlpool.

(Zone 9a)

LOL, I too bought the Whirlppool Duet washer and dryer. On my first load of clothes the washer died. The dealer immediately replaced it and the second one never started. At that point I told them to take the washer and dryer (which did work fine but....) back. I bought Samsung set and have not had any problems other than the stinky washer if I don't keep the door open. Rather than buy the product they sell for the odor problem I just run the washer through a long cycle with a bit of bleach, I find it works just as well.

I also replaced my old Bosch dishwasher with a high end KitchenAid (made by Whirlpool) and have been disappointed with it also. The saddest part is Whirlpool is a USA company.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Oh man! Don't get me started on the Kitchenaide dishwaser. I too, have one. I bought it w/o even looking at other washers as I had one years ago. It was in there when we bought that house. It was old, but it worked like a charm. I was so impressed. Then, my mom had one, and it too was a workhorse. So, when it came time to buy a dishwasher in the new house, I automatically went to Kitchenaide----not knowing it had been bought out by Whirlpool,. I hate this dishwasher!

It takes two and a half hours to run it on "Normal" load. If I use the "Quick Cycle", it is short, but the dishes don't always come clean. If there's a dish that got turned upside down, there is dirty water in the dish. So, I never feel like my dishes are really clean. It also gets a nasty stinky odor. I know this "stinky" stuff sounds like I am not a very clean person, but I do a Lot of cleaning everyday. The entire dishwasher gets really nasty. I have to use Scrubbing Bubbles or some such and stand on my head to get in the dishwasher to clean it. I have also used some sort of stuff that cleans dishwashers, but I can't think of the name of it. It works, but again, my goodness!!! it's a dish WASHER!! Why should one have to buy stuff to "clean" a dish "WASHER". It's an oxymoron!

I have to be careful not to put a large handled spatula, or other utensil in the silverware area of the dishwasher close to the door, e.g. front of the dishwasher, or it will flood the bottom of the dishwasher and I have water coming out of the dishwasher onto my floor.

I am replacing so many appliances that are relatively new because they just don't do the simple jobs they are suppose to do.

My cooktop has one knob left: what you use to turn it on! The knobs have plastic shafts and when you take them off and put them back on, if you are not extremely careful, the plastic shaft breaks. Oh yeah, the cooktop is discontinued, and I can't buy more knobs. So, I have to buy a new cooktop. It gets real interesting when I am using three burners-----moving my one knob back and forth turning temps. down or up! I will say, the cooktop cleans up easily with a little Bar Keepers Friend or some such.

I have looked into induction cooktops and am real impressed with them. I have the stainless steel cookware that I love, btw. and the magnets stick to the bottoms of the pans. But, I am so GUN SHY, I am almost paralyzed in purchasing a new appliance. I have searched and searched on the internet, read CR, which I don't hold much faith in anymore, but am not finding out much about them. When I asked the Lowe's salesman recently, he said "We don't sell any of them here-people don't buy them."

Although they are rather new in the US, people in Europe have had them for a long time. Then, there's the problem of finding a tech. that will work on them in my rather rural area. Plus, there's three companies that actually make appliances in the US.: GE, Whirlpool, and Viking. Then, there's Electoluxe-a Swedish company.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

It really does not matter which brand your purchase. No new appliance will provide you with the service of your old reliable, thanks to legislation and federal commissions. The refrigerator that lasted 30 years will now cost you less money to run, but will not likely last more than 13 years unless it is a built-in or commercial refrigerator.

Birder, your water is not hot enough. No dishwasher will perform any better until you raise your hot water temperature to 120-125 degrees. No higher or it may cause burns. If the water in your dishwasher is 100-110 degrees, expect it to run and run and run.

(Zone 9a)

Cathy, you bring out a good point. I do keep my hot water at 125 degrees but the hot water heater is not near the DW or the washer. I always run hot water in the the sinks beside each appliance before using them but that will only bring heated water in for the initial, usually a rinse, cycle. Unless I stand nearby and frequently run hot water in the sink the subsequent cycles will not have the hottest water. I know there are tankless water heaters that provide instant hot water and there are recirculating systems for regular hot water heaters but for those of us who have not yet invested in those it is a problem to keep the water hot enough for a cycle that could run for well over an hour.

Lake Toxaway, NC(Zone 7a)

I have actually been very happy with Consumer's Reports over the years and I recommend them. I do not unstand this fail with Whirlpool though. In my case, I just went and bought what I could afford and didn't check consumer's report. Mea culpa.
I have used CR for probably 30 years and this is the only time I can remember a report on a particular brand being wrong.

(Zone 9a)

Same here, we have always relied on their information.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Cathy, thanks for your hot water recommendation. I had a repair man telling me that not hot enough water may be the problem as well. We've been out of town but will check the temp of our water. I will report on that.

I have always referred to Consumer Reports before I purchased an appliance. Lately, I have been disappointed in their recommendations I followed because I haven't felt the appliances have given good performance. I am thinking word of mouth may be the best recommendation.

It's disappointing the government interfered with the appliance standards. So, now, we supposedly save electricity but buy appliances more often and fill up the land fills. Where's the savings?

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Thank you so much for your whirlpool info. I need a new washer and the guy at Lowes said Whirlpool and Maytag were the best. It really seems like none of them are good brands. There are several comments on Consumer REports forum and Facebook about reports that just aren't correct.

I may go with a GE or Roper. The GE had a stainless steel tub and the plainer models don't have all the automatic bells and whistles. The last thing I want is a washer that tells me what temperature and how much water it will use. I'm also eyeing a Roper. I don't see any reason to buy a more expensive washer that won't last anyway.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Kathy, I checked my hot water that comes out of the kitchen faucet which is right next to the dishwasher. It was 129*. So, evidently, my water is hot enough. There must be something else wrong with it.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

I'd be careful with buying a cheap washer. If you would read the input on this forum, there seems to be more complaints about washers than any other appliance. My Whirlpool washer performs well, it just stinks from water setting somewhere in the pipes (I think). You have to buy some stuff to put in an empty cycle to keep it from smelling. It just aggravates me you have to buy something to keep it from stinking. Couldn't the manufacturers figure that out before they put the machine on the market?

(Zone 9a)

I use the hot cycle with plain clorox to clean out the moldy smell.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Birder17 I believe that smell is with front loaders. I have heard it is with all of them - something with the seal. My parents were told it had to be wiped out to dry the seal.

I am looking at top loaders and I don't want the new kind with auto - anything. I think the more bells and whistles, the more chances of failing. Actully I don't think there are any cheap as in inexpensive appliances anymore. Cheap as in poorly made - yes.

Consumer Reports reliablity report on washers- the least expensive Roper has the lowest repair rate - the most expensive Fisher-Paykel - has the most.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Yes, it's the front loaders that have the order. Roper sounds good!

Now, if I could just figure out what is going on with my dishwasher that washes for 2 1/2 hours and the dishes aren't always clean. Dirty residue water in cups that get turned upside down. I am using hot water: 130 degrees.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

The only front load washers that smelled due to the seal were the original neptunes because there was a flaw in design. That was corrected several years ago. It just makes good, common sense to wipe the residual water off the rubber and the glass door.

If your front load washer has an odor like mildew, you are probably using the wrong detergent or using too much detergent or there is something partially blocking the pump. We've found all kinds of stuff in pumps.

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(Zone 9a)

Cathy, there is a good bit of water underneath the gasket in my Samsung. I have to lift the rubber part and and wipe under there. It is a pain. The drain holes appear to be on the side rather than the bottom of the rim. Very poor design.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Ardesia, the rubber should be flat across so it does not hold water.

I agree. Not familiar with the washer, but doesn't sound like good design.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

My clothes washer is a whirlpool. I was told to leave the door open after use to let it air dry to keep it from having an odor. I use less than a tbs of liquid HE detergent. I was told the Whirlpool washers specifically have this odor problem. How would one check the pump?

Do you have any ideas about my dishwasher?

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Birder, when you start your dishwasher and it fills with water, after about 1 minute, open the door and put your hand in the water. If it isn't hot, it isn't doing its job, and you'll have to figure out a way to get hot water in there. If the tub is stainless, the water is often colder.

Use the table spoon of detergent in your dishwasher, and rinse the dishes before they go into the rack.

You can use more than a tablespoon of HE detergent in the washer, about half of what the detergent cup says to use, but it must be HE. He cleans without sudsing. Usually a suds block comes in when a user does not wash with high efficiency detergent. A Whirlpool Duet should not smell, but Whirlpool does make a cleaning tablet if necessary.

If yours smells, run a load without clothes and add 1 tablespoon of granular dishwasher detergent using hot water.

When your washloads are finished, wipe the inside of the door and the grey rubber to dry them. Leaving the door open doesn't work if there are small children in the house of if the house/laundry room is damp. Leaving the door open will always keep it fresher, even top load washers. The way any washer is designed means there will ALWAYS be some water left in the machine even if you do not see it.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Cathy: Thanks!

New York, NY

Repair whirlpool is a complex work

Springfield, VA

Although repair of Whirlpool is a complex work but I like Whirlpool ....

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