Broccoli Question

Dayton, WA

Some time ago, I came upon a short list of broccoli varieties that grew better in the Spring and those that did better in the Fall. I seem to have misplaced that list. You broccoli experts out there, help me out, please!

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

Lettuceman - use this link and then click on the Broccoli varieties comparison chart (it's a .pdf so I could not provide the direct link):

Dayton, WA

Thank you, HoneyBeeNC! That was exactly what I was looking for...Broccoli here I come!

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)


I just wrote this reply on another thread.

Dayton, WA

Thanks, Gymgirl! I'm going with Green Magic and Amadeous this Spring and then Arcadia and Marathon in the Fall.

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

I grew Marathon, it was the worst variety I've ever tried to grow. It didn't do well in fall, winter or spring. It had deformed heads and yellow beads even before the heads were fully formed. It did not have a virus or insect problem (I took samples to the soil and plant lab). Another vendor at the market grew it this year. I saw the heads and said "is that Marathon?" and she said "how did you know?"

Hutto, TX(Zone 8b)

Here is a TAMU newsletter that includes a section on Green Magic broccoli. It looks like A&M recommends it for fall, winter, and spring.


Dayton, WA

Thanks for the heads up on that Marathon variety of broccoli, Calalily. Based on your post, I think I'll pass on that cultivar. And I appreciate your information on the Green Magic, dreaves. In my zone 6, Packman does fairly well, but often doesn't over-winter like I'd like and it's more of a Spring variety in my experience. Again, thanks to both of you for your input.

Vashon, WA(Zone 8b)

Now I know why I had a hard time with Arcadia in the summertime a few years ago. My favorite Spring planted broccoli was Umpqua, but couldn't find seeds for it locally the last two years. My best plants last Summer were the offspring of a broccoli plant left to go to seed. I had several varieties, so I don't know exactly what it was, or if it was a cross.

Alexandria, IN(Zone 6a)

I agree with Calalily on Marathon. I love both Emerald Crown and Imperial for both spring and fall. My last fall planting made 11 inch heads down the row...and very setting {Stokes Seeds}

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

Indy, have you ever grown Coronado Crown? I bought seeds for that one, but haven't grown it.

Alexandria, IN(Zone 6a)

I tried it once...didn't like the heads.

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

Coronado Crown is okey but not the greatest. Heads separate quickly. On the other hand it is a great producer of side shoots.

Thumbnail by Farmerdill Thumbnail by Farmerdill
Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

Thanks Farmerdill. I should have checked it in plantfiles before buying the seeds.

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