Anyone know about Eucomis?

Nashville, TN(Zone 6a)

I bought a bag of nine Eucomis Autumnalis at Costco. I read some info on a website that says you should snap off any daughters or bulblets before planting. Some of the bulbs have four or more daughters. Would you plant them as is or break off the daughters? Would you treat them with bulb dust before planting? Are these hardy in zone 6? I see a variety of opinions and I'd like to hear from someone who has grown them.

Thanks - Badger

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

They are hardy in zone 6. Mine also came from Costco—about 5 years ago. They come up every year. I would not worry about snapping off anything until they've been in the ground for a couple of seasons.

In the late summer of 2010, my neighbor had a tree cut down. They brought in huge equipment that drove over the spot where a eucomis grows, pretty much destroying the area. It came up reliably last summer. I'll have to look for a photo.

By the way, I am a faithful Costco bulb shopper with about a 95 percent success rate. The choiciest bulbs (most expensive and unusual) fly off the shelves almost as soon as they come in. Excellent results with lilies and allium as well. Not as happy with the bags with rooted plants as they are fairly tender shoots and a lot more work for me. The peonies, while a very good price, have only about 1-2 eyes, so they take a couple of seasons to produce significant blooms.

I only use bulb dust when I pull bulbs for winter storage.

Pontotoc, MS(Zone 7b)

I wish we had Costco here . I have some Eucomis I got from Brent and Becky's Bulbs. I really like them but they take up a good bit of space in my small beds. They are "different" ,though, so they are worth me keeping.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Corgimon, sorry you cannot partake. Our Costco is about 20 minutes away, and they just got their bulb order in, which makes them ripe for the taking. By next week, they'll be half gone, so I'm glad I went at the right time.

I was astounded to find there are no locations in Mississippi, but if you find an opportunity to get to one not too far away, it is definitely worth the trip. While they may be a bit more costly, I'm sure your garden centers can pick up the slack.

They only bulbs ordered this year were caladiums.

Morpeth, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

One of my favourite summer bulbs. I would just leave them alone and plant them as they are. They are lovely flowers.

Pontotoc, MS(Zone 7b)

here is mine. I guess the burgandy one died and it was my favorite.

Thumbnail by corgimom
Nashville, TN(Zone 6a)

Thanks for the info - I did not reply because my membership had lapsed.

The bulbs looked great. The foliage was a big plus. I will probably move some of them to the front yard.

When is the right time to move these bulbs?

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Badgertalk, did your Eucomis bloom for you this year? About 7 or 8 of mine came up and have healthy foliage, but not one snt up a stalk this entire summer. They generally bloom a bit late, but not this late. We did have a number of out of the ordinary heat waves together with other weather surprises, and that may have had an effect on them. The goofy weather affected everything else as well.

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