The end of Summer Brugs in Australia 2012

Sydney, Australia

Well after 48 mls of rain in a big storm last night, some things still are ok but not many, buds dropped everywhere !
Cestrum asked about the size of poison, so I waded out there and put my hand next to it ...

We came from this last great thread ! thanks everyone who participated in it, great fun.

I hope this gives some idea of the size of this amazing bloom, it takes a couple of years to give this knockout performance but I am now very fond of it.

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Sydney, Australia

Sad and sorry scenes out there in the sodden garden this morning ...
At least we have some blue sky ...might even get a few hours of sun before the storms come back again.
The Pink Smitty crosses need the sun to do well ...they pale up in this weather and drop lots of buds. Heavy night rain and then warm sun is a no no for these and many blooms. More tips to nip I guess.

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

here is a comparison of 3 different suaveolens in size shape and length
'White Ruff', (White x. Pink) & suaveolens [1021]

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Sydney, Australia

The Axelrose blooms stood up to the rain well but paled up, I now also have bird poop all over the plants from the birds sitting on the clothes line and leaving purple presents from mulberry/ blackberry feasts, it is ruining the pictures.

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Sydney, Australia

Have you seen Poison bloom Shaun ?

Sydney, Australia

Love those shots ...the White x Pink looks a lot like Poison ...Poison has very short a very fat, really chunky calyx.

What background do you have on White x Pink ? If it's a very Large bloom then it may be Poison.

edited re question on W x P :)

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

No chrissy i have not seen Poison in bloom, it will be 1 to look out for tho being such a large bloom need it crossed with a pink or yellow & hope it stays that large

arn't these multi pic session great this is what im sure we all have been waiting for and your guys a lot longer
Thanks DG for the pic Boost

Sydney, Australia

Stopping for a cuppa and I raced out to take these ...the two Blooms have closed for the day (it's sunny) so I propped them up as best I could is Poison (they can be even larger when producing the 6 points) and Frosty Pink, I think everyone knows Frosty Pink.
Poison :Spectacular size is what makes this a Gotcha moment when it is in a flush.

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Dianne here i had a few visitors today you may know them

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Chrissy, when Poison opens again, could you measure it looks enormous beside FP....
What a funny little calyx for such a big flower...

Yes, Shaun....they will be relatives of my bees......great to have them in the garden, isn't it.

OT ....... I put this on the tearoom thread, so for those who don't go there, this is the latest in factory security in Geelong....
It certainly caught my eye as we drove past....had to take a pic.

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Sydney, Australia

I love the bees in the Frosty Pink Blooms because they are dusted in a pretty warm pink pollen ...I meant to say that earlier, the Frosty Pink has the pinkish pollen.

Ok Dianne I will try to measure it across and the length too (Poison), it was awfully hard trying to juggle the camera and the bloom because of the size. Depending on the weather I might be able to do it tonight, hopefully the water out in the driveway may have soaked in by then.

West of Brisbane, Australia

Haven't noticed any pink pollen on the bees--perhaps I don't have the right brugs? It's cute, though :-)
Great shot of Poison, esp. with Frosty Pink as a comparison. (Don't you wish you had another pair of hands when taking photos? Oh, and some extra inches of height!) I like the lineup of your suave suspects, Shaun :-) Of course, they would look fabulous when flared open at dusk.
Am I the only person who feels sorry for that chained rhino? I hope it's Photoshopped rather than real ... Hang on, you drove past??? Ah, it's a statue!
Here is Pink Smitty x Dorthea#2, first flush. Looks pretty much like #1 but it's been too hot to get a good whiff of its fragrance--like pollen, seems to dissipate immediately in this heat--but has the same recurved bloom as #1 although this one looks prettier--maybe growing in dappled light has been kinder to the bloom?

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Fibreglass, cestrum.......exact height and so realistic....the chain was inspirational I thought.....

Sydney, Australia

That looks pretty from what I can see ^_^ you should smell the place here wow !

Ok so I did the best I could in the rain, camera, measure etc and me sliding around, so make allowances for wonky shots.I could control the faces of the blooms because of the rain so I opened the skirts for comparison.

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Sydney, Australia

I knew it was not real, but an eye catcher ^_^ Dianne, I wonder if the Rhino causes cars to run up the back of each other.
While I was out there I tried to do a bit more measured but the rain got so bad again ...I was worried about falling (rain in my eyes) and the camera getting too wet.
The last one is the Giant x Fire Fighter seedling ...some blooms finishing now after a whole week, too long for the thingy to measure, in all cases I tried to keep the top level with the tops of the stalks.Also as close to side by side as I could.

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy where did you get your Brugmansia Color chart i just got a ruler and it's hard to comprehend the colors as they are so close together
this is what mine looks like

dose BGI have the one that you have????? or is it a old version of this that i have

should i be concerned?????

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Christchurch, New Zealand

I wonder if the chain is to keep it from being stolen?
there used to be a really good rhino & gorilla above the Body Shop in town - until some moron vandalised them.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Thanks, Chrissy...I didn't want you to endanger yourself on the wet ground...the last fall you had was bad enough.

Sydney, Australia

It's an old BGI chart Shaun, I wasn't really trying to compare the colours just show it as a length really 12 inches all up if you include the ring bit at the top. I was just trying to give a perspective ...I don't have a ruler. Hubby nicks them.

So if you look at it being around 12 inches, then you can guessimate the size.
I must get a new colour chart soon. Dianne asked for measurements so that's what I tried to do because we might have further storms tonight and the blooms may be trashed.

Clifton Springs, Australia

.Ask them, Shaun.... they may have some left...
Everyone wanted a larger colour range so they produced a new one....

The chain probably serves both purposes, Teresa....though there is a very high chain fence around the business....

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Sydney, Australia

Shaun those leaves look like too much water and heat to me, I could be wrong. The cells swell up and look like spinach leaves. All dimpled. Let them dry out a bit.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy i do under stand that it was for measuring the bloom of POISON but iv seen it many times and would like have 1
i find that the colors on the currant ruler is to close together and i find it hard to distinguish

Dianne the Rhino looks so interesting i had to have a second look hahaha

thanks for the info on the leaves of my seedlings i will allow them to dry out a bit and then see what happens

Sydney, Australia

Shaun I had a look at those leaves in a larger picture at BGI, something is attacking or has attacked those seedlings, be really careful about fertilizing young seedlings, let them grow hard ...because lushness invites insects.
When they are bigger then feed them up. Just my opinion of course.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy you many have it with there fertilizing of them i have been feeding them since i put them in to the cups
Could this be the reason for it to much fertilizer ????

Clifton Springs, Australia

More pics of the's curving around and there looks to be a fat bud...
The scarring on the stem is from me pulling the leaves off so I can see what's happening.
I can't get to the other side of it, so the pics are only from the front and side.

The pic with the black line is meant to show how it has grown up and over at the back of those leaves and around.....

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Merino, Australia

Dianne, how much beer did you put in its feed ???

Strange growth, but looks healthy enough. Be interesting to see what develops with the flower.

Its amazing how much you see this going on with plants. I have had roses do it , also some flowers.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Is that why it's trying to stand on it's head,'s the

Clifton Springs, Australia

Everyone is obviously at the same stage....waiting , waiting....

Here are my Vulsas on the ground and young seedlings on the table....all growing quickly now.
Is it only me or do the buds seem to be very slow at the moment....not BF or PP but all the others.
Probably me being impatient.

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Dianne your Valsas are looking great mine are quite a bit behind but will be coming throu like yours in the spring

Talking about crosses::::
i have tried to cross aurea(form) X.Macedon aurea about 15 times and non have taken i have not tryed aurea (form) as the pollen parent at the moment as i dont have macedon aurea flowering so at this moment it looks like it could be 1 in the same. Still more investigation is to be carried out so if you can do some of the crosses also it would be appreciated and it would then be confirmed that it is or is not the same as just my conclusion is not satisfactory for the conclusion of this variety......

it also looks like ill get another flush from EP this season WOW i cant belive my eyes i have a cross with DP&G x.EP aurea (form) X.EP at the moment and just waiting on a few others to see if they have taken as EP pollen Donor


Sydney, Australia

hi computer yesterday, the whole area down.
back in a little while ^_^ Dianne that's mad looking ...I can see that bud is not normal, I wonder what it will look like ? Maybe shredded ...can't wait to see what happens.

Shaun I don't feed mine anything but weak Seasol until they get potted on. Just my take on it.

West of Brisbane, Australia

Normally it quietens down here in winter but I can see that this winter it's going to be exciting down south when all those cold-climate seedlings start flowering: wonderful!
I had taken a backup cutting of Phanomenal x Superspot and planted it in the compost bin under the old clothesline, where it had the shelter of the overhead canopy. It's now flowering and the flowers look bigger than the original plant (which is the right brug in the third photo). The last photo compares this compost-bin brug with the Aztec Gold 2009#4 seedling.

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Sydney, Australia

Ok here is a quick look ...after the storms ^_^ around the swamp ...

Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Sydney, Australia

Here is Fifi ...much paler than I thought she would be ...similar to cestrum's but I think this is a bigger bloom ...lets see what happens, she dropped about half of her buds.

Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Sydney, Australia

Lovely to see it again cestrum, I think you will find a second year improves the doubles. That looks beautiful ^_^

West of Brisbane, Australia

I think it prefers the dappled light. Also, that bed under the clothesline gets watered a lot so the conditions there are much better than for the original. Which, however, is now looking good again--here it is this morning, back to its lovely form. (Sometimes the perfume is like sherbet but today it was like talcum powder.) I've sent out a lot of seedlings seeds with this as the pod parent so we should expect some good seedlings in a couple of years, fingers crossed.

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Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
West of Brisbane, Australia

Your Pink Smitty x Dorthea cutting should get darker, even in sun. This is PS x D#2, also growing under the old clothesline in dappled light, and it's gone very dark. Your Fifi should darken, too--this means you can compare your PS x D with Fifi. It should get about as dark as PS x D in this photo.

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West of Brisbane, Australia

Finally, here's Golden Butter#4 (left) with Musketeer.

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Merino, Australia

Heres Clementine today. She seems a lot darker than some of the BGI pics, but she does sit in the sun until about 1pm. This flower is right in the sun but hasnt sulked at all. The second skirt is not down this time. There is only half a skirt there.

Next pic is the orphan Iochroma I bought a few months ago, Hasnt stopped flowering, I. cyanea

Last pic .. my cold climate primary school kids. All down in the shadehouse now.


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Sydney, Australia

Jean wonderful ...don't forget to sniff around it tonight, you will just love that perfume !

Love your new little Iochroma, so happy they are now around the place.
The nursery is looking great.

You are right about the dappled light cestrum, they do prefer it. I guess that is why most people grow them under shade cloth.
Most of my plants are in full on sun (= gelato colours.) but sooner and more blooms, here at least.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

cestrum, you are getting a lovely collection...Aztec Gold 2009#4 seedling & PS x D#2 are beautiful...
goes to show, that we need singles and doubles........

I have buds on my Maya cutting from my friend......her's is the one that sits in the full sun in the middle of the lawn......I have 2 cuttings, only buds on one at the moment....I love them as feature plants in my pots.....the 3 colours in the leaf are beautiful...

Someone refresh my memory please, isn't Maya a sport from Axelrose, the flower looks the same....all the talk of other cvs and I've forgotten.....

Shaun, my Vulsas are a couple of months behind Colleen and Lucas........they are both very quiet about them, probably they are full of

Jean, that is a very fickle lady you are dealing with in Clementine....she only shows what she wants to...but she never fails with the perfume......wonder what you will get from MT x Ar?
Those pots are so organized and everything looks so good.

Chrissy, don't build up my hopes, wouldn't a shredded one be amazing.....that's something I would love...that's why I like Culebra......
Shaun, did you lose all your Culebra buds?

Thanks BGI for the loan of this pic....Shredded White

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