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Changing Damper Gasket on VC Encore NC 1450

Guilford, CT

I have a VC Encore NC 1450, manufactured in 2009, which is installed in a fireplace. Because of the weight of the stove and its position in the fireplace it is not practical to replace the damper gasket through the flue collar opening as recommended by the manufacturor.

I wonder if anyone has ever changed the damper gasket by removing the Damper Housing through the inside of the stove?? From the diagram of the stove it appears there are four bolts holding the damper housing to the back of the stove and the gasket which needs to be replaced is on the back side of the damper housing.

Is this a feasible way to change the damper gasket or does the damper lever hold the housing in such a way that it canít be removed without removing the damper from the damper rod? Are there nuts on the end of the four bolts that will fall inside when they are remove or are the bolts going into tapped holes in the stove back? Is there gasket material between the damper housing and the stove back or is it cemented to the stove back?

Any other thoughts on how to change the gasket. Please see parts 10, 42, 11 & 12 for reference on page 32 at the link below.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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