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1930 US Census

northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

I know it's short notice, but is allowing access to the 1930 US census for free, through today, only. I've been trying to print out whatever I can from work.

Aragon, GA

Try going to

This is a free site that has been of immeasurable help to me, much more so than the paying sites such as Ancestry and Fold3.

I have found birth/death/marriage certificates, naturalization/immigration papers of my ancestors (not only in the US - its a world project), along with the normal census info. Many of these are the actual image. For the rest it is an index with all the information.

They have been of so much help that I now do volunteer indexing for them. They recently sent an email out telling us we can now begin indexing the 1940 census.

Magna, UT(Zone 7a)

WHich was just finished not too long ago. Apparently the 1940 census was completed in record time - lol. 127 days I think it was. I too index for Their site is invaluable to me too. EXCEPT they don't have anything for my Irish ancestors passed 3 generations. I can't get info from anywhere either. I guess those records are locked up in Ireland and I have to visit to obtain what I need.

Byron, GA

My brother is/was indexing the 1940 census for He has found our ancestors in that census including my mother, father, older brother, my grandfather with my father's siblings.


Magna, UT(Zone 7a)

Now, that is awesome. I think it would be cool if I stumbled upon a family member while I was doing extractions. I am currently doing WWI draft cards. BUT nothing like that has happened yet.

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