Any gardeners here from North Dakota?

Salem, OR(Zone 8b)

Hi---my sister lives in North Dakota (Stanley - Newtown area). She lives pretty remote. I'd like to visit her sometime and build her a garden/landscape her yard. Closest big town is Minot......anybody know of good gardening places, nurseries, bedding soil suppliers, etc?

Caddo Mills, TX(Zone 8a)

I lived in Minot until December 2008. There are a couple of good nurseries there, but with the flood last year they may not be as good as they are normally. Lowe's is a good one, not the big box store, they are a local family. They are also opened year-round, although the selection is sometimes small. The other one that is really great is the Greenthumb Greenhouse. They are only open from May 1 to July. I think the closing date depends on weather and stock left. Good luck Tina

Salem, OR(Zone 8b)

Awesome info, Tina! Thanks! Greenthumb Greenhouse looks great!

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